They encompassed one another completely.

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They encompassed one another completely.

For Emma Jeanne Stewart and Ricardo E Rosales

Cover by Brooke Yavitz

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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Submitted: April 09, 2018



They encompassed one another completely.

Defiant of what could possibly be conceived as two but They were.

Spirit. Light.

Slowly They separated into White and Indigo.

They wrapped and intertwined and existed within one another.

A form came to be of Inigo.

From crown, to chin, to neck, to body, to limbs, to hands and feet.

This being Was in vast nothingness with the White within, moving throughout, and radiating.

The hands moved along the waist, giving hips, and across the chest, giving breasts.

She held Her hand out.

The White concentrated in Her finger tips.

She was covered with flesh and skin as the White left Her body.

And He was before Her, palm to palm, a being similar to Her.

For the first time they opened their eyes together and Saw one another.

Lips plumped and parted as She spoke, You.

Her other hand came to Her chest and she spoke, Me.

He lifted His hand to his chest.

Me, He spoke.

He moved his hand from His chest to caress her cheek.

His thumb moved gently across Her lips.

You, He spoke.

As His hand wandered, His eyes followed.

Down Her neck.

Across Her breasts.

His eyes came back to Hers.

Beauty, She spoke as Her brows and long hair came to be.

He wrapped His arms around Her waist and held Her close resting His head on Her bosom.

Beauty, He spoke.

He heard Her heart beat.

Love, She whispered to Him.

She ran Her fingers over His crown and ringlets came and wrapped around Her fingers.

He pulled His head from Her breasts to look up at Her.

Love, He spoke.

Her hands came to His cheeks.

His beard came in under Her palms.

Her fingers traced atop His eyes leaving His heavy brow trailing.

He put His head back to Her chest, tightening His embrace.

Her hands went over His back and arms and She felt them swell and harden and there Was beneath His feet.

He placed Her down but kept grip of one of Her hands.

He dug His toes in, feeling the grains.

He knelt and grabbed and filled His fist.

She knelt across from Him and spoke, Earth.

He reached out His hand and presented it to Her.

Earth, He spoke.

She took the soil and returned it to the earth and kept Her hand pressed.

He covered Her hand with His and a flower of a thousand petals rose up between Their fingers.

They stood, Her holding the flower between Them in the palm of Her hand.

He stared at the flower.

Beauty, He spoke.

She opened Her mouth, pushed from within and out of Her lips.

He closed His eyes and took it in.

Air, She spoke, as he filled His lungs with Her breath and the scent of the flower.

Air, He spoke.

He lowered His nose to the flower.

His eyes met Hers and He moved close to Her.

He inhaled taking in Her scent.

Beauty, He spoke.

He pulled Her close.

He caressed Her.

He kissed Her.

As They went to lay, grass blanketed the soil.

They kissed one another.

They caressed one another.

And as if recreating a memory, They merged, coming as close as possible to each other while still remaining Themselves.

Love, He spoke.

They looked into each other’s eyes.

She smiled and spoke, Love.

More flowers bloomed around them giving children.

They let go of each other’s hands to hold them.

The children clung to them and climbed on them and laughed.

The children wandered over Their bodies and noticed theirs were the same.

He noticed the children which were boys and looked to Her.

Me, He spoke.

She smiled.

He noticed the children which were girls and looked to Her.

You, He spoke.

She smiled and took His hand and spoke, Us.

Curling His hair around Her fingers She leaned towards His ear and whispered, Life.

The children ran out with one another in laughter, leaving Them.

Life, He spoke.

They walked to the one child who stayed lying on the ground.

He knelt to lay His hands on the child.

There was no heartbeat in the child’s chest.

There was no breath coming from the child’s lungs.

He lifted the lifeless body up into His arms and looked up at Her.

She fell to Her knees across from Him and placed Her hands on the child’s chest.

She looked into His eyes and said, Death.

He laid the body back onto the earth.

He placed His hands over Hers.

The body began to glow.

Fire, She whispered as the glow rose to flames.

They pulled Their hands away and watched as the flames turned the child’s body to ash.

Some of the ashes mixed with the soil.

Some was taken by the wind.

She placed Her hands on His shoulders.

He caressed Her cheeks.

Her eyes began to fill and She spoke, Water.

He watched the tears fall from Her eyes and onto the ashes.

She sobbed quietly and spoke, Hurt.

A single tear crept from His eye and landed on the ashes.

The ashes washed away with Their tears and sat before Them as the sea.

He stood and looked at the world around Him.

The ashes gave life to beings unlike Them.

Creatures of earth.

Creatures of air.

Creatures of water.

Their children had created flowers of their own.

Beauty, He spoke.

He looked to Her and She rose with tears still in Her eyes and took His hand.

Again He looked at the world around Him.

The creatures of the earth fed on one another and also the children and the flowers of the children and the creatures of the air and water.

The creatures of the air fed on one another and also the children and the flowers of the children and the creatures of the earth and water.

The creatures of the water fed on one another and also the children and the flowers of the children and the creatures of the earth and air.

The children fed on one another and also their flowers and the creatures of the earth, air, and water.

Tears came to His eyes.

Hurt, He spoke.

Death, He spoke.

He looked above at the vast nothingness.

His eyes went to Hers as He rose off the earth.

The white within Him began to seep through His skin.

She wrapped Her arms around Him and put Her head against His chest.

Come with Me, He spoke.

The lips of His mouth disappeared as She spoke, Stay with Me.

His eyes closed forever as Hers began to tear and She spoke, Stay with Me.

She held Him tighter and His body became billions of grains of sand of White light and She spoke, Stay with Me.

She could no longer hold the light and it rose out from Her arms, leaving Her holding Her own bosom and She spoke, Stay with Me.

Her arms dropped and She fell to Her knees, the echoes of His last words sounded in Her head and She spoke, Stay with Me.

She opened Her eyes to look up at a sky filled with stars and She spoke, Stay with Me.

She buried Her face in Her palms, She closed Her eyes and She saw White and She spoke, Stay with Me.

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