Lament of the Heart

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Abstract look at a hurt person.

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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Submitted: April 09, 2018



Lamenting of the Heart

Feet scampered along a worn out road

to a place only a few know.

Where there was once a fork

but now is a knife

inside a still beating heart.

And blood was erupting

from the sky as the heart

started to wail in the night.

And the ghosts of the present

started to dance.

And you can feel the lament

of the hearts ever increasingly

faster beating.

And the once yellow striped, grey lane

looks like it was hit by a red hurricane.

While the story starts to unfold.

You see shades of the past

for just a second, as they shatter like glass.

And peering down at the millions of shards

you see the dreams of the future in the stars.

And the present skate over like meteors

crushing them under the infinite

weight of anxiety.

And you can see the light leaving the stars

all the while leaving mental scars.

With every passing present the heart gains a few stitches

until there is nothing left but the thread

that so desperately hoped beyond hope

that one present would bring about a change for the better.

But in the end even it too had to move on from the present

with only a shard held in its hand

of times it wished it could relive.

And in the other a shard of times it wished

It could forget.

And around its neck it wore all of its heartbreaks

hoping it would lead it to clues on how to

cure past breaks and ones in the future too.


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