The Prince And The Girl

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There was a girl. Who is poor? And She married with the prince.

Submitted: April 09, 2018

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Submitted: April 09, 2018



The prince and the girl

There was a girl. She is 18. She lives in a Tumbag jungle. She is very beautiful. She lives in a small hut. Her name is Sita. And she knows the magic with the help of magical crow. Magical crow has many magics. With the help of magical crow she talks with other animals.

One day one prince came in jungle. He came in Tumbag jungle to hunt the animal. Then there is shot an arrow near the hut of girl. One deer wounded by the shot of arrow. So Sita saw the condition of deer. The deer was wounded by the arrow. Then prince came infront of Sita to take the hunt.

But when prince saw the beautiful Sita. He becomes her lover. The prince said,” Helllo girl, what is your name. I am Maku prince. “ The girl answered her name is Sita. And she lives in small hut. Then Sita said don’t kill the animal. He/she has life like us.

Then Maku prince followed the Sita. The prince wants to propose Sita. but he fails. She thought that she is pretty and charming off course but she is poor. So if he says i love you then there will be a naughty talk for her.

So prince decided to cement friendship first. So he came another day upon his white horse with a gift doll for Sita. Sita accepted the gift. Then prince again looks for luck when he will say i love you?  The whole second day passed but he was useless to say i love you.

Then third day, when prince Maku came infront to meet with Sita. Sita was in deep problem. In real she has been captured by a demon. The prince Maku was brave fighter. So he decided to attack on demon. The demon was strong sprit. But then also he defeated in the war. Then prince Maku says,” I love you to Sita and Sita became the princess of Mebu prince.  



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