beauty inside me

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beauty inside me????

chapter one(1)

the couple ahmad and amina were waiting for the arrival of their first child, a boy or a girl. this was the fetus that did not come out alive until now. it was their great dream, which was a good
beginning to continue their love and live forever. when the time came and the wife gave birth, the surprise was that the child was a disabled child suffering from some congenital malformations in
his body. the parents looked at the boy between joy and feeling bad, but at that moment i thought that the joy had taken hold of them no matter how important it came to this life

he gave the child aziz's name and a year later the mother died and the child remained with his father. the father tried to save his son in his upbringing and did not make him feel any shortage and
kept him from harassing people, but aziz dreamed that he would not be discriminated against.or describe him as ugly-looking

aziz's mother was a skilled artist with many paintings in the house aziz returns to go to his mother's drawings and see another world a world made of beauty there were many drawings of different
personalities and different views it always draws aziz a distinctive painting of a beautiful little boy followed by a small girl like peanut they ran towards a beautiful land. that painting had
acquired the feelings of aziz and she felt that the painting was addressed to him

on one occasion aziz was covered by paintings and drawings, aziz was covered in a deep sleep deep in his depths. at that moment, aziz found himself in a dark place. aziz was afraid. he saw no
outlet and no place to escape. and if a light came from a distant direction, but just a small girl the size of a peanut came close to a magic halo was very beautiful voice magic ring looked in the
eyes of aziz and pointed to him to come with her

aziz went with her and the earth turned from black to beautiful land trees and water stagnant sun and drag the air and nature that land was like the ground in which his mother painted by aziz ran
with a grain of peanuts until he found a big city and there stopped aziz and disappeared peanut bean

Mohammed Ibrahim

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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