Wolf girl

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through the darkness, she comes to me..

The wind blew through the darkness and opened the window before another minute or so. As I stepped out of the opening window, I stepped over my window to close the window. But when I was about to close the window, I saw a small shadow of a girl's shadow beside the molten temptation from the distant darkness. She was directly at the window, and her eyes fixed on the opening window. The footpath to the jungle that started from the garden's garden was at that point. I felt a little awkward in the rhythm of my heart and I could not even close the window. But remembering the torch on my desk in the room, I ran away quickly and took it into my hands to find out who was in my garden. When I was shining in the trees among the massive trees outside the window, I saw the shadow moving along the footsteps to the forest. Clearly that was a girl, and her short hair was scattered around her shoulder. She seemed distant from a black shadow and thought that she was about twelve years old. I ran into the door of the room at the door and opened the locked door of the house and went down to the entrance to the girl walking towards the road. By that time, there was Madison in the middle of the night. The nightmare towards the forest was dangerous, but I wanted to know why this little old girl was walking alone alone this night alone. I could see her from the light of the light emitted from her torch, hiding in the distance, and she walked fast into the woods. I called her and called her, but she did not. When I was fast, I too grew faster, and when I was in trouble, she escaped from me. Due to the darkness surrounding the surrounding area, the walk in the woods was very difficult and dangerous, and I was worried and frustrated with her. But I no longer had the courage to search for her. Turning my back, I opened a lightbulb from the window where my room was opened in my room. I wanted to run to my house right away, but I was stuck in a park. I was struggling to extract the vortex's blades so that I could not see the light on my hand. After a few more minutes, I was not able to imagine what to do next. At that moment I heard a scream of a wolf from the forest. I did not delay for a while, and I took a quick step towards the house. Then I heard how the hell broke down and ran a path toward me. I was horrified by my guess that it was a wild beast. In a moment I fell to the ground and caught the foot in front of me. I saw an animal with a flaky collar lurking in front of me. I came to the ground on the ground, sniffing and walking around me. Then again, again, the noise from the dungeon, and an uproar, made me afraid of it. It was a wrinkled wolf. I was confident that I would become the victim's wolf just another minute. I closed my eyes and felt my whole body flowing. It took a few minutes, and it felt like a lapse. During that time the wolf remained in front of me. As I opened my eyes, I could see that the wolf lay barefoot on my face in front of me on the ground. In a moment, I saw a change in his mind during his mom's whispering. With the full eyes of my eyes, the wolf turned into a human being. The girl I saw before me is before me. Although this was unbelievable, I saw it in front of my eyes. She was trembling and scared. I wanted to embrace her. I stretched out my hands to her. In a moment, she thanked me with her eyes. Her hair was messed up for a long time. She was very weak and fatigued. I wanted to take her home and care for her. She was exhausted from animals and animals. In the future, I will protect her. She is a real wolf child. It's like a meteor. There are many secrets hidden behind her in nature.

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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