The thirst of life is the thirst of knowledge


When I think of water and its many gifts of surprise

Such a marvelous given blessing in disguise

Spiritual showers from the majestic skies

Hydration to quench, it’s the bodies’ ultimate high

Liquid, steam, or gasses

A treasured commodity enjoyed by all masses

Pure in its element

Irrigation for field crop developments


When I think of water I think of unfiltered knowledge to gain

Umbrellas to combat, during life’s stinging rains

A thirst to know where my seeds were once sown

Crowns of glory unbeknown

Cleansing of the internal soul

Baptism through its rebirth, God’s earthly ultimate goal


When I think of water, is the glass half full, or half empty

Theoretically speaking, interpretation for the mind applied simply

Christening in faith with a drop to a baby’s head

Moses departed the Red Sea and led

Pharaoh’s army expired in its depth

Money, Stones, can never be compared to its wealth

Beautiful Ice Glaziers sculpted upon a watering freeze

Oceans, Rivers, and flowing Lakes settling during a gently breeze

A Swan, Geese, or Duck’s gliding dream as they navigate downstream

Fish swimming in sunken watery schools

Michael Phelps diving into his second home, an Olympian swimming pool


When I think of water and the weightless of its groove

The bubbling current in my Jacuzzi, relaxing muscles, thoroughly soothed

Nourishment of my skin tone to keep it appearing Butter Rum smooth

Beautiful Nile Lagoons

Playfully throwing water balloons

Navy Ships’ Missiles fired in an underwater seize

Torpedo direct hit, no watery escapees from a tight cabin squeeze

No one is mightier than the water, not even the sword

Refugees sailing, the high seas, in the mist of their freedom, American passageway as they explore

Slaughter of the innocence in its angry watery path

Tsunami, Typhoons, Floods, its wicked wrath

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Sunshine was overruled until the Heavenly Creator advised us to get it right


When I think of water, its freedom as it flows

Where it ends its journey only God truly knows

Free for some, however money now is its contributing culprit

You cannot live without it

In stores, unfortunately it costs to get

Water comes in so many flavors

Africa murky depths, their thirst is always wavered

Cannot even dip into a well to retrieve sanitary water to savor

Victimized by standards, I cannot tell you why

Rain dance ceremonies, Spiritual Healers, not helping the villages, no lie

There is water, although, transported by women’s head supporting their jugs

Miles to walk, baby secured on one hip, no comfort in the journey, no nation for a thirstless love


When I think of water, Queen Bithia in the Midrash comes to mind

Drew a basket baby from the Nile, who was later ordained to free the labor of woman and mankind

Therefore, the next time you take a thirst quenching sip

Be thankful you have water to move pass, your lips

Some nations do not have that filtered purity of such

Third World countries’ bottled water sources, is not great as much

By the laws of nature, spiritually drink on

Your kingdom come, your will shall be done, on earth as it is in heaven

Always at life’s discretion




Submitted: April 10, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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