Breaking the Ice - Chapter 7

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Submitted: April 10, 2018

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Submitted: April 10, 2018



When reality first came to her, Breccia kept her eyes closed.

I'm in bed.

I'm going to wake up, start a pot for dad, then go out on the porch.

She could already see him on the deck. She'd venture out, maybe offer him a mug with hers in hand. He'd make a passing remark about how he preferred tea, but would drink it regardless. In the later days of his life, he'd cough between sips, assuring his daughter he'd taken his medication.

Their move to Lavender was for the air. It was easier on the lungs.

In truth, he went off the meds months before he passed.

Shale never came by...not until my court date.

Her father did what was right, stepping down at the gym. It made more time for the clinic and her brother was eager to take over.

You got what you wanted brother.

“Finally, some good news.” The nurse, a woman with two extra chins and a ghosting mustache, appeared at Breccia's bedside. She turned to her Chancey as it sat at her desk. She muttered something before going to her patient. “Your fever broke last night. I was hoping you'd come around at some point today.”

The room Breccia awoke in was sterile, completely white with very few decorative fixings. (Save for an electronic Luxio clock flashing zeros on the wall and the marigold tint of her bed sheets.) “Where am....” She sat up too quickly and swallowed her sentence when the world spun around her.

“The infirmary dear, you've been out for a while. Try not to strain yourself.” Letting her head soak into the pillow, Breccia took a sharp breath in. As she did so, an exasperated cough escaped. It was almost as if her lungs were made of delicate paper. A single inhale was enough to floor her. “And to think, you were worse off when they dragged you in here.”

“They-” It came back to Breccia: the accident, the miserable trek through the cave. “M-Morris, Nessa, where are they?”

He's already back on duty.” The nurse plucked a pin form her bun, nibbling on the end before scribbling on her clipboard. “Quite lucky in the grand scheme of things. Only a concussion and few bruised ribs.”


“I'm not at liberty to say.” Adjusting the saline bag attached to Breccia's IV tree, the nurse shrugged.”I only deal with minor bumps and scrapes. You're the most excitement I've had all year.” Tugging a lever on the side of the bed, she helped prop her patient into a sitting position. “You aren't at one hundred percent yet. We'll keep you over night. You can report to Riker later.”

“So-” Breccia muttered. “On a scale from one to ten, how bad was I?”

The nurse paused for thought.

“Well, coughing up blood, hundred and three temperature. I had to peal you out of your clothes...”

Upon realizing this complete stranger had seen her ion the nude, Breccia felt a heat break out across her face. “Hold on, you... stripped me?”

“Honey, I was nothing. I've seen shit that'll turn a Jynx white.” The pudgy woman chuckled. “We'll say nine and call it square.” Any other questions asked about the issue near Verandi were shrugged at. Clearly this woman wasn't permitted to answer anything beyond basic health questions.

It would be a few hours later before the infirmary received any information pertaining to Caleb, Lars or the others.

Ms. Morre, on her way home with a full casserole dish in hand, stopped in per Riker's request. Setting the plastic Tupperware container on the desk, the Nurse had little time to thank her. As soon as the container hit the table top, the Nurse's Chansey ripped into it with the fury of a starved child.

“Well. I'd thank you for the dinner. But it looks like I'm having ramen again tonight.”

Fastening the last two buttons on her red, fur coat, Ms. More brushed her finger tips through the gray strands that fell from her ponytail. “I made more, but the boy refused to eat it. I'll wait until tomorrow to gripe at him though. Today's been stressful.” She sighed. “With the funeral and all.”

Breccia heard this and turned her head to the woman. Deep down, she felt her heart flutter with confirmation that all was not right. “Caleb?”

Ms. Morre was able to make out the faint uttering and frowned. The lines in her forehead deepened as she did so. “Best lab worker we had.”

Cupping her face in her hands, Breccia tried to calm herself with deep breaths. This was more than losing an acquaintance. Back in Pewter city, when her old man was alive and well, Caleb was an apprentice of his gym. She and Nessa spent their days in the grass lands near Mt. Moon. She had no friends in Saffron where her mother lived, so when the weekends and holidays came around, she was frantic to get back.

The Carter's home life was about as functional as she was currently sick. Their father was a pathetic drunk and their mother made Breccia's look stable.

Even after Caleb was caught breaking into the museum and was banned form the gym because of it, her father kept a close connection with the both of them.

Then Breccia's mom took off for Alola with her in tow. By the time the courts dragged her back, her friends were long gone. Nessa sent letters saying they found a “better position” elsewhere. It wasn't until Breccia herself was in trouble that they spoke up and got her where she is now.

“He'll want to hear from her.” The Nurse and Ms. Morre's conversation cut into Breccia's grief. “He should be getting a call from....” Ms. Morre cleared her throat. “The Boss. I doubt he'll be kind.”

“Surely he knows it isn't his fault.”

“I've known the man since my youth. He doesn't care if it's the boys' fault. He expects responsibility and poise.” Picking up her plastic container, now licked clean, Ms. Morre gave the Nurse a friendly pat on the shoulder. Before turning to go, she sent Breccia a two second glance.

From there, the door closed behind her and the waiting game continued.


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