An Unbreakable Bond- A Reylo Fanfiction

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A new beginning

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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Submitted: April 10, 2018



Rey had just finished talking to Leia about building a new resistance when she saw Finn comforting Rose. This took her straight back to when Kylo saved her from Snoke. She started to feel guilty about leaving him behind at that rebel base and wished she never closed the door on him. A tear started to fall down her cheek and it didn't take long for Leia to notice. But before Leia could ask her what was wrong, she walked away into a bedroom. Finn noticed and wanted to go and talk to her, but Leia stopped him.

She shook her head, "its best if we leave her be."

Finn agreed and went back to comfort Rose.

Meanwhile, in the bed room, Rey couldn't hold back her tears. She was wishing that Kylo was beside her, that she could be in his arms. Suddenly, she felt the same feeling she felt before - the force… it was connecting them, and when she turned around, she could see Kylo sitting right beside her with tears in his eyes like he had just felt everything she had. Before Kylo could say anything, Rey interrupted him –

"I'm sorry’’ she said in a heartbroken voice.

Kylo looked down at her, a sullen look on his pale face, "I know, I'm sorry too’’

But before Kylo could speak another word, Rey fell into his arms, hugging him tightly as tears continued falling from her eyes. She then felt his arms slowly wrap around her, and as he hugged her back, he sighed quietly.

Soon, Rey managed to hold back her tears and pulled back from Kylo's arms, "I'll come back for you, I don’t care what anyone says!"

Before she could say anymore, he shook his head "I can't… but come to me, and I will protect you"

Rey wanted to say yes, but before she could, their force bond came to an end. Then, the Millennium Falcon came to a sudden stop, coming out of lightspeed. Rey felt an anger build up inside of her, clenching her fists tightly, "why did we have to stop here - WHY!’’ she thought to herself, but then, she paused, thinking to herself again. She realised that she could easily go to Kylo by leaving in one of the escape pods… but she would have to do it without being seen by anyone.

Meanwhile, in the main lobby, Leia was sitting in a chair thinking about her brother Luke. He was gone forever… but then, she started to think about why Rey suddenly started to cry. However, she was more focused on the fact that Luke had sacrificed himself to save the resistance from the first order. She knew that her son was gone, but deep down, she hoped that there was still light in him, and that one day, he would turn back to Ben Solo.

While Leia was thinking about Luke and her son, she noticed Rey leaving the room she had gone into earlier. But she noticed her doing it quietly, clearly hoping that no one would notice, and it seemed like Leia was the only one who did.

Leia wasn't going to let her walk away without answers, so she quickly followed behind her until she knew where she was going. Leia called out to her, making Rey panic, fearing the worse. She turned around to see Leia standing there with a confused and concerned look on her face.

"Where are you going, Rey?" Leia quickly asked.

Rey hesitated before saying, "I'm not going anywhere"

But Leia could tell she was lying. She frowned and started to walk towards her, "come on Rey, you can tell me. I swear I won't tell anyone else, I can see in your eyes that something is bothering you’’

Rey let out a gasp knowing that she couldn’t get out of this one - "Leia," she said in a shaky voice, "I'm going to Ben"

Leia looked at Rey and Rey could see that she was shocked.

"Why?" Leia asked as she started to realize what was going on.

"Because I- ‘’

Before Rey could finish her sentence, Leia interrupted by saying, "you love him, don’t you?".

A worried look appeared on Rey’s face as she replied, "yes" 

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