An Unbreakable Bond- A Reylo Fanfiction

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Looking for somewhere new

Submitted: April 15, 2018

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Submitted: April 15, 2018



Ben awoke the next morning to the feeling of the Falcon moving he got up and went to investigate. He walked out the room to find his mom sitting at the table. Leia noticed him and signalled for Ben to come and sit with her.

"Where are we going mum." Ben asked. 

"We are going somewhere better as there's nothing else hear to look at." She replied

Ben was curious to see where they were going so he asked Leia.

"And where's that." 


"Why are we going there." Ben asked.

Leia sighed."Its the safest place for now."

Ben just nodded before he got up and went to take a shower. Leia asked him where he was going and Ben told her. 

"I'm just going to take a shower." 

Leia laughed."Make sure Rey dosen't know otherwise she will rip your back open again." 

Ben's face turned bright red before angrily saying."Mum why do you have to be so embarressing."

Leia just shook her head."Thats what mums do."

Ben rolled his eyes before walking of into the bedroom to see Rey sleeping. He quietly walked over to the bathroom and opened and closed the door slowly. He took his dressing gown off and got into the shower. He only had a quick wash as he knew they were landing on Jakku soon. 

He finished washing, he stepped out the shower and grapped a towel and wrapped it round his waist and stepped out the bathroom to get his clothes. He noticed Rey was awake she was lying there keeping warm. 

"Rey you better get up sweetheart as we are going to Jakku." Ben whispered.

Rey sat up and asked."Why are we going there."

Ben sigh."As my mum wanted to go somewhere else as we had discovered everything on that other place and she thinks Jakku is the only safest place."

Rey just gasped before getting up walking over to grab her clothes. Ben and Rey began to get dressed but then they felt the Falcon come to a stop they looked at each other knowing they had landed. Ben told Rey he would go and have a look Rey nodded. Ben kissed her forehead before leaving the room to go and investigate.

Ben walked out the room to find everyone gone. He went to look outside and saw everyone relaxing in the sun. He turned to his mum and said.

"Really mum." 

Leia laughed saying."What its a nice day come and join us." 

Ben sigh before going back inside to tell Rey. He entered the bedroom telling Rey everyone was outside relaxing in the sun. Rey laughed and said.

"Why don't we join them." 

Ben looked at her shock but he agreed. Rey smiled at him saying thankyou. Ben grabbed a pair of sunglasses he somehow kept for no obvious reason but the were perfect for a day like this. Rey grabbed his hand and rushed out the bedroom to go outside. Rey and Ben got outside and Leia smiled at them. 

"I knew you would come and join us." 

Rey giggled before her and Ben sat down not far from Leia. Ben put on his sunglasses and looked at Rey. 

"How do i look." He laughed. 

Rey looked at him and smiled. "Adorable." 

Ben smiled and put his hand round Rey pulling her close to him. Leia looked at them knowing how happy her son was and that he had changed. But she knew deep down she could never forgive him for his past and killing his father.

Meanwhile some distance away on a Star Destroyer Hux was disturbed by someone knocking on his door. He emerged to see a troop standing there he looked at him and said.

"It better be good news."

The troop smiled."Yes it is well atleast we think so. A ship was spotted landing in Jakku but we don't have confimation on who it is yet." 

Hux smirked."I don't care if its them or not tomorrow we will go to Jakku and hunt them down."

The troop nodded and walked of down the hall.Hux closed the door and laughed.

"Say goodbye to your Rey Ben as I will take her from you."

Back at Jakku everyone accept Ben and Rey went inside. Ben was just resting when he felt a negative energy he sat up and rubbed his eyes trying to focus on this negative energy but it didn't show anything he just felt it. He put it off as his mind playing tricks on him, he laid back down next to Rey but looked at him and could see the worry in his eyes. 

"Whats wrong Ben." She asked.

Ben looked at her. "Nothing Rey I'm fine." 

He couldn't tell her as he didn't want her to start worrying about him again. Rey looked at him still worried but listened to what he said.They continued to lay there for a little while but Rey started to get hot she told Ben and they headed inside to join everyone else. 

Ben left Rey and went to talk to Leia about what he felt. He knocked on her door. 

"Come in." Said Leia. 

Ben entered the bedroom and asked if he could talk. Leia nodded and Ben sat down. 

"Whats the matter Ben." Asked Leia. 

He looked at her with panic in his eyes. "Mum i felt a negative energy but i couldn't see what it was. 

Leia held his hand. "I'm pretty sure its your mind playing tricks on you as you have a lot of things on your mind at the moment."

Ben nodded and told his mum he was going for a nap. Leia let go of his hand and Ben got up and walked out the room to his bedroom but before he could get there Rey stopped him. 

"Is everything ok." She asked. 

Ben smiled at her and said. "Yes I'm just going to take a nap." 

Rey smiled back and let him through and he continued to the bedroom. Once he entered Rey went straight to Leia and opened her door. Leia jumped before asking Rey.

"Rey you made me jump is everything ok."

Rey apoligized and then asked her."Is Ben ok his acting different what did he tell you."

Leia stood up and walked over to her and sighed. "He just told me he felt a negative energy but I just told him its his mind playing tricks on him as he has alot on his mind."

Rey let out a small grin."Well he has been worrying about me alot."

"I know he tells me all the time how much he gets worried about you and he can't loose you." Leia added.

Rey's smile grew bigger before saying."His so sweet I'll better go and see if his alright."

Leia agreed and Rey left the room and headed to her room. She entered to find Ben already sleeping she smiled and got in bed next to him and rested her head on his chest falling asleep herself not knowing what Hux was planning. 

Ben woke up about an hour later to find Rey beside him he carefully got up and walked to the bathroom to clean his face. He looked in the mirror and he could see something but he couldn't see it as it was blurry. But the image began clearing and he could see two people he looked and froze he saw Hux hitting Rey. 

"NO!" leave her alone dont hurt her." He cried. 

He continued watching and then saw Hux shoot Rey and she fell to floor. Ben fell to floor in fear and started crying out aloud. 

Rey woke up and went rushing into the bathroom to see Ben on the floor shaking and crying. 

"Oh my god Ben what happened." She cried. 

Ben stutted his words and cried."I looked In-Into to mirror and saw Hux hu-hurting you and then i saw him shoot you." 

Rey hugged him tight with concern on her face she couldn't believe what she heard. She was beginning to get worried herself. Leia came running in the room and went into the bathroom to see Ben in tears and Rey comforting him. 

"What happened." Leia cried.

Rey looked up at Leia and said."He looked into the mirror and saw Hux hurting me." 

Ben controlled his tears and told Rey. "I can't loose you Rey i don't know what i would do without you." 

Rey smiled at him and helped him of the floor and walked him out the bathroom. Leia followed behind and told Rey she will leave them in peace. Leia walked out the bedroom and left Rey to calm Ben down. 

Ben and Rey got into bed and Ben placed his arm round Rey and they both smiled and closed their eyes going back to sleep.


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