An Unbreakable Bond- A Reylo Fanfiction

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - When Nightmares Come True

Submitted: April 17, 2018

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Submitted: April 17, 2018



The next morning soon arrived and Rey was already awake but she was just lying in bed keeping warm but she thought to herself why everyone is asleep she would have a quick shower. So Rey got up quietly trying not to wake Ben and she walked into the bathroom and closed the door slowly behind her, she got undress and got into the shower and turned it on and began to wash.

Meanwhile Hux and his crew were on the way to Jakku to see who that was who landed on Jakku. They stopped the Star Destroyer not far from Jakku, Hux and four Stormtroopers took an Imperial shuttle and flew to where they had located the ship. 

Hux told the Stormtroopers."I want every part of that area searched until we find something or someone." 

The Stormtroopers agreed and they continued on to Jakku.

Meanwhile Rey had got out the shower and Ben was now awake but was sitting in bed reading his book. Why he was doing this Rey thought to herself she would go out for a walk, she walked over to Ben and said.

"I'm just gonna go for a walk." 

Ben looked up at her and said."Are you sure you will be ok on your own." 

Rey smiled at him and told him."I'll be fine I promise." 

Ben smiled back and Rey kissed him before leaving the room to get her shoes on. She grabbed her shoes, put them on and left. She walked outside and was greated by the sun shining directly in her eyes. She walked out not knowing Hux was on the way to Jakku.

Back on the Imperial shuttle Hux and the Stormtroopers had landed on Jakku not far from where Rey was. Hux stepped outside and ordered two Stormtroopers to go in one direction and the other two to follow him. They followed his orders and they began walking in different directions from each other. 

Hux and the Stormtroopers walked over a hill of sand and noticed someone walking, Hux ordered for the stormtroopers to stop and let him see who it was. Hux walked a bit closer to the person and he could now make out to be Rey and she was all alone. Hux siganalled for the stormtroopers to follow his lead and they began closing in on Rey. 

Rey noticed them and began to run but she couldn't run fast as she was pregnant. Hux told the Stormtroopers. 

"Grab that scavenger now." 

They obeyed and started running towards her, Rey was panicking and just as she was about to scream out Ben's name the Stromtroopers grabbed her and covered her mouth. Hux walked over to her and laughed and said.

"Where's your lover boy huh." 

Hux ordered the Stromtrooper to move his hand from Rey's mouth to let her speak. 

"I'm not telling you anything." She cried. 

"We will see about that. Take her back to the ship." Hux demanded.

As they were taking her to the Imperial shuttle she started to try and break herself free but she couldn't as the Stormtroopers held on to her tight but as they were walking she screamed. 


Hux quickly covered her mouth and said. 

"Shut up you scavenger scum otherwise i will kill you and your precious Ben." 

Back at the Falcon Ben heard someone scream his name and he quickly ran outside in a panic and saw an Imperial shuttle taking off. He fell to his knees and screamed. 


Ben's screaming woke everyone up and Leia ran outside to Ben's side and asked.

"What happened." 

Ben who was now crying said."Hux he kinapped Rey I heard someone scream my name and I ran outside to see an Imperial ship leave." 

Everyone looked at each other with worry and Leia demanded Poe to go and start up the Falcon. He nodded and ran straight there and Leia helped Ben up from the floor and said to him.

"We will get her back don't worry." 

But of course Ben was worrying not just for her sake but the babies sake aswell. They all got inside and took off in a hurry.

Back on the Imperial ship Hux had locked Rey in a room and she was crying and panicking she was hoping Ben had heard her. Just then she felt the ship come to a stop and she could hear Hux coming towards her. 

He opened the door and forced Rey out of the room and he cuffed her hands and lead her out the ship onto to the Star destroyer and they walked into a large empty room with no door and Hux pushed Rey to the floor making Rey hit her head, she shrieked in pain before looking at Hux and saying.

"What do you want from me I can't tell you anything."

Hux just let out a laugh and said."I need to make Ben feel as much pain as he made me feel." 

Hux then looked down at her and could notice her belly was bigger than he knew last time. He just let out a smirked and said.

"I see that you are pregnant with his baby."

Rey just nodded and said. "You will regret this." 

Hux looked at her with an angry expression and said."Oh will I. You can tell your little lover boy he dosen't scare me. Well thats if you get time to tell him because once I kill you he will be next." 

Rey began to cry in fear hoping Ben was coming to save her.

Back on the Falcon they were approching the same Star destroyer Rey was on but Finn looked at Ben and asked.

"Are you sure she's on here."

Ben looked at him with worry on his face and said."Yes i can feel it." 

Everyone knew they couldn't just land on the ship so Ben told chewie there was another way in underneath the ship. Chewie nodded at flew under the ship and Ben pointed to a small vent and he said to Finn.

"Go and open the hatch I'm going to save Rey." 

Finn agreed but before Ben could go Leia grabbed his hand and said. 

"Be careful please I don't want to loose you." 

Ben smiled at her and gave her a hug and assured her he will be fine. Leia let go of his hand and he walked over to the hatch and told Finn to wait for him here as he already knows where Rey is.

Finn nodded and Ben entered the Star Destroyer through the vent and started crawling through until he reached the end. 

He reached the end and kicked open the hatch and crawl out into a dark empty room. He went to the door and opened it and stepped out into a long hallway and he could feel through the force Rey was nearby. 

Back in the room Rey was in Hux was still intimidating her, he kept asking her questions but she ignored him and this made him angry and he kicked Rey's leg and said.

"If you don't answer me it will be your belly next time." 

Rey shriek in pain and said."I'm not telling you anything, you don't scare me anymore." 

Hux got really angry and raised his gun at Rey and said. 

"Fine I'll just kill you instead." 

Rey started to cry and she closed her eyes knowing this was the end and she just thought of the happy times she had with Ben.

She then heard the gun fire but she was still alive, she opened her eyes to find the bullet stopped right in front of her. Hux looked in confusion and turned around but before he could say anything he saw Ben standing there and Ben said. 

"Hello there." 

Just as he finished saying that he ignited Luke's lightsaber he took through Hux's chest making Hux drop his weapon to the floor.

Before Hux fell to the floor he said. 

"I hate you." 

Ben then pulled the lighsaber from his chest and Hux fell to the floor. Rey could now see Ben and she moved out of the way of the bullet and fell into his arms kissing him and they both started to cry. 

Ben let go of the bullet and it created a loud bang as it hit the wall, this drew the attention of some Stormtroopers and Ben could hear them coming. He grabbed Rey's hand and they ran to the room he came out earlier.

He opened the door and locked it behind him and told Rey to crawl through that vent because Finn was waiting on the otherside. Rey nodded and she began crawling through the vent with Ben following behind. 

Rey made it to the end and Finn noticed her and quickly helped her on board and then helped Ben.

Ben then ran to Chewie and said.

"We need to leave now." 

Chewie quickly started up the Falcon and left but it didn't take long for Ty-fighters to spot them and they began firing.

Ben ran to one of the Falcon's guns and starting firing at them trying to loose them.

He just finished firing at the last one when he saw Chewie heading back to Jakku. 

He got up and ran over to Leia and asked her. "Why are we going back to Jakku." 

Leia sighed and said."Its the only safe place we know." 

"Safe place. Hux managed to find Rey." He cried.

"Don't worry Ben we will be fine we will land somewhere else." Leia uttered 

Ben just nodded and went to comfort Rey who was in their room resting. He walked in and saw Rey sitting on the bed and he went to sit next to her. He sat down and held Rey's hand and asked her.

"What did he do to you did he hurt you."

Rey took a deep breath and said."He kicked my leg and was going to kick my belly but he didn't." 

Ben put his other hand on Rey's belly and said."No one will ever hurt our baby otherwise they will pay. But i guess Hux did pay as i did kill him." 

Rey laughed and rested her head on Ben's shoulder and said. 

"I'm so glad you heard me scream for you. I thought that was it. I was done for." 

"I will always be there for you and I always hear you." Ben whispered.

Rey looked at him and smiled and she told him."I will always love you." 

Ben smiled back and said."I will too." 

Ben kissed her and left the room leaving her to recover. Leia walked over to him and asked. 

"Is she ok." 

Ben nodded and said."Yes she's fine she's just resting." 

Leia smiled and told Ben they had landed back on Jakku. Ben just nodded at her and went to sit down to get his head round what happened but it didn't take long for Finn to notice Ben and he walked over to him asking if Rey was ok. 

Ben sighed and said."Yes she's fine she's just resting. So leave me be I need to get my head round thing's." 

Finn nodded and went outside with Leia,Poe,Chewie and Rose who were relaxing in the sun. Ben sat at the table with his head in his hands thinking about those nightmares he had came true but he managed to stop the one of Hux killing Rey happening. 

Ben decided to go to bed to rest his mind so he got up from the table and walked into the bedroom quietly just in case Rey was asleep and she was. He walked to his side of bed and tucked himself under the covers and closed his eyes making all the worries go away for a while.

But no longer than an hour later he awoke to Rey being sick in the bathroom, he got out of bed to comfort her but before he could get to the Bathroom Rey come out and said. 

"Don't worry Ben I'm ok." 

Ben smiled at her before getting back in bed, Rey cuddled up to him and closed her eyes going back to sleep but Ben couldn't sleep so instead he grabbed his book and began reading.

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