A moment of Sincerity

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never ask for sincerity if you are not prepared to get the answer.

Submitted: April 10, 2018

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Submitted: April 10, 2018



- Darling, can I ask you a thing?
- Sure.

- But you have to very sincere. Do not lie.
- Well... OK.

- Do you thing this dress makes me looking fat?
- Of course not, honey.

- Really? Do you really mean that? 
- Sure, what makes you looking fat is all the donuts you eat everyday.

- Excuse me?
- ...You eat those junks, and then you are always trying those crazy diets.

- Alfred?
- ... dragging me to eat those tasteless food to accompany you. Thanks God I can get lunch outside to compensate it.

- Alfred?! 
- ... and yet keep binging sweeties hidden from me.

- Alfred! What is this? I am not understanding you!
- Yeah, that too. I never knew if you are just a bit slow or just pretending it.

- What?! So, not only am I a fat lier, now am I stupid too?
- "Now" isn't the correct tense. I have been noticing it for a while.

- Alfred, why are you talking like that to me?
- This is the first time you allowed me. And you asked me to be sincere, do you remember?

- So that's it? What's more, you stupid bastard?!
- Well, just because you asked, you could stop accusing our poor Toby. I know the difference of dog's poop and people fart, and when the smell comes from under the sheet it is pretty hard to deny it, you know? And, I already said about the food, right?

- Alfred... you idiot! If you always thought of me like that, why are you still with me for so long?
- That's because I love you, my pretty dumb.


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