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Deat mother.

Help me 

the walls are still caving in 

i can still see her in the corners where i have been

and now im laying on the floor

can i please just get better


To drunk to sober up 

but why wont my mind let me

the walls are still caving in 

and the co-codermal just wernt enough 

ill just let it run into my bloodstream 


I guess its just in my blood 

she left i was never enough

and my love was a barrier 

she just never had her oyster 


But now she sits in the park happy

just happy wasnt with me 

1 little shot she says as her mind 

copes with the pain 

but then again and again 


What a mess he said, as he saw her lying on the bench that they once lay looking at the stars 

then she hears his vioce 

"hey your going home" 

And as he picks up the near lifeless body of his wife 

And as he picks up the swipe card off her premier inn hotel room and lays her down 

he wispers in her ear 

"you will still hate me for this as the drunken dream passes i never brought you home" 

as he leaves her with a kiss and shuts the door 

the last breath she will ever take inhales itself into her lungs 

but then the vodka takes over her breathing 

and as the last breath realeses itself she says his name for the last time 

"luke im sorry" 

as she lay on the tear filled pilllow. 



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