Entire family brutally murdered at own house

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl runs away to Hollis, Oklahoma, to get away from her past. But can you ever out run your past?

Finally, I was there. My new home. My new house. After all these years it was finally over. Now I could start over the way I wanted to. No more questions, no more looking over my shoulders. I sighed relieved and unlocked the door. I'd been in my house before to put the furniture in place and decorate some more. The house wasn't big, but it was big enough for me. The hall was narrow, but as I said, narrow wasn't bad. I continued walking in and entered my living room/kitchen. I had bought a new yellow couch with a matching chair. In between the couch and the chair was a little light grey side table with a vase and a flower. I had no TV, but I had a wide closet filled with my favorite books. The room consist not only a couch, chair, closet and table, but also a diner table for 2, though I knew that I was forever alone. No one would want to be with me. Everyone is the same and they all think that I did it. Nevertheless, I had more time for playing music, writing and reading. The refrigerator was also a fridge and on top of the small fridge there was a microwave. Specially made for an old single lady as myself. Although, old, I was only 25. Satisfied I sat down at the diner table and made up my mind what to do first. Either making diner or unpacking my last bag with clothes and family photos etcetera. I knew that I didn't want to do the last one, so I grabbed my coat and went shopping for diner. I moved to a small town named Hollis, Oklahoma. Approximately 2000 citizens was more than enough for me.

"Hello young lady, what can I do for ya". An old man with dark skin and glasses, which were too big for his face, looked up from his newspaper when I entered his store and waited patiently for my answer. It was a shop with few groceries, but I saw that he had what I needed. "I want a small bag of potatoes and 2 cans of spinach, please". He stood up and got the things I asked for. "Anything else?"

I looked around and saw no meat or drinks I liked, so I just answered: "No that'll do". He started typing in the prices and showed it to me. I got my wallet and gave him $10. "Keep the change". I started walking towards the exit when he asked: "Aren't you the new girl? We don't get many visitors ya see, just wondering". I didn't want a conversation, I just wanted to go home and finish my last task on my to-do-list. "Yea, I moved in today in the apartment two streets away".

He nodded, welcomed me to the neighborhood, asked if I wanted the receipt and said his goodbyes at last. I wanted to get home as fast as possible and not bump into anyone else, but I saw it was too late. A police car stopped a few feet away from me and two officers got out. They were drinking a cup of coffee and when they saw me they looked at each other and walked towards me.

"Good day, lady. We've never seen you around here, you lost?"

I almost started laughing. They really didn't know who I was and it was amazing. I could finally be myself again.

"Hello officers, no, I just moved here. At East Eula street". They looked at each other again, but gave a different gaze this time. "Are you the girl who moved from Fallon, Nevada?"

Oh no, they do know me. They did their research. I can never ever move on from whatever happened to me in that cursed Fallon. I wanted to cry and just run away and never stop, but I knew I couldn't. they already think I'm suspicious and that would even make it worse. I decided to stay as calm as I could and answer their questions. "Yes officers, I am, but I'm glad I'm not there anymore. Everyone kept asking questions and they still think I had something to do with it. I just want a normal quite life, so if you'd excuse me now". I was being as polite as I could, but I know that they thought I was strange.

When I got home I went upstairs and unpacked my last bag. I opened it and saw my family. It was the only thing I had left from them. It was the only thing I was allowed to take with me. I still see the blue lights from the ambulances and police cars. It was the worst night of my life and it has haunted me ever since. I just wanted my mom and dad to comfort me and my brother to tell me to suck it up. I wanted the cat to purr in my lap and I just wanted everything to go back to normal. I didn't even know what that was anymore.

Under the family picture was the paper from that day. I memorized the headlines, but I read it anyway. 4/4/18 ENTIRE FAMILY BRUTALLY MURDERED AT OWN HOUSE. I shuddered again and felt Goosebumps all over my body. I still couldn't understand why the police think I did it. I was fast asleep in my bedroom and the killer skipped me. Maybe it was his tactic to make me suspect number one. The forensics and the detectives had told me that they really were brutally killed. Some of their limbs were removed from their body and my mother even missed her head. Fingers were jerked of their hands and knees were broken. It was a very gruesome crime scene.

I felt tears and puke welling up inside me and I felt exhausted all the sudden. I got dressed for bed and decided to get some sleep.

A terrible headache woke me up. I slowly moved my hand to my head and rubbed my head and eyes. Slowly and steady I sat up straight in bed. When I opened my eyes I was completely overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses were running up and down and a guard stood next to my bed. I only now found out that my right hand was handcuffed to the bed and that I was in the hospital. I looked down and saw that I was covered in blood. The guard and doctors saw that I was awake and they all started asking me things. I couldn't concentrate and couldn't understand anything they said. I doze off and fell asleep again.

When I woke up again, there was only one man sitting next to my bed, but he was busy on his phone. Both of my hands were cuffed this time and the man looked up from the phone and grinned.

"Don't you like the cuffs, honey? Sorry, it's necessary, and especially for you, two!".

I wanted to slap his face very hard. I still didn't understand what was going on. "Free me! I didn't do anything wrong. Why am I in the hospital?"

"You think you didn't do anything wrong? You're even crazier than I thought. You're not gonna be free in a very long time. You're gonna pay for what you did to your beloved family."

I couldn't follow, but I gasped for air when I saw the calendar on the wall next to my bed: 4/5/18. A day after my families death. This isn't possible. The man grinned again and got a laptop out of his bag. He looked up a movieclip and showed it to me. What I saw next was the most horrific clip in the history of movies. I saw myself. I saw myself slaughtering my family. I saw myself smiling into the camera.

Submitted: April 11, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Willibby. All rights reserved.

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Miss Midnight

Goodness, gracious! What a delicious tale. You clever little minx, you drew me in, made me hope and then brutally squashed it, lol. Well written, with just enough of everything. But now I want to know why she doesn't remember anything and why she had that elaborate dream. Great Piece!

Wed, April 11th, 2018 2:35pm

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