No this isn't another lovestory, allthough it is. But it isn't a good lovestory. It's a stupid lovestory.

Yeah yeah, this is yet another sad lovestory. Well, not exactly, it's more like a stupid lovestory.

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Shana. She was no extraordinary girl, she was just a teenager filled with dreams and believes. They might not even all been her dreams and believes, but that doesn't matter. 
She fell in love with an ordinary boy, from the same small town as her, and they lasted for a year or so. 
She was in her first year of university and everything went down smooth. She even had a job in the weekends, so she could go out once in a while.

Now you think, what's so interesting about this story? This could even be my life, that's not impressive, but that's about to change.

You see, this girl looked normal and quite, but deep down inside, she was a beast. She was obsessed...

"Honey, could we drive by the Pilkingtons on our way home? We still haven't returned that game we borrowed." Oh my God, sometimes he drives me nuts. Always calling me honey, or pookie, and all that. Just call me Shana and continue living. 
I already had a shit day. This morning started with rain, that's not even the worse part, I was just at the beach when it started pouring. A friend of mine called if I could pick her up. She was buttnaked and dumped by her boyfriend. I liked him though. She told me that he wanted to break up with her, but she refused and started undressing herself. That way they could have sex and he'd forget what he was about to do. Well, they did have sex but they also did break up. After the deed was done, he got his clothes and hers as well and took off. That might have been fun, it wasn't funny at all when I had to take off my sweater and give it to her. I was wearing a white blouse and the rain made sure that everyone could see my freezing nipples. 
After I dropped her off at her place my car broke down. I surely couldn't fix it, so I had to walk all the way back home. Not the worst part you think, well it is when you have to walk 12 miles. No, I couldn't have called anyone to pick me up, because my phone died in the flood at the beach.

"Baby, you listening?" Derrick was now standing right in front of me.
"Yes, of course, but we can't stay long, I have to be home early." He just nodded and got his carkeys.

We got back home 20 minutes later. "Dear, we could play another game if you want to? I have a new idea." I know that he is talking about sex, but I was so not in the mood. Ah well, who knows, maybe after a few great kisses I might feel excited. He is already on his way to the bedroom, when I see his phone ringing. He didn't hear it, but I see an unfamiliar name: Katherina. What the hell, who is she? Normally I wasn't jealous at all, but I recognized her name from somewhere. I decided not to take the call and simply ignore it. Just go upstairs, go to your man and please him. And yes, I did please him. 
Still, that call is bothering me. Something is telling me that this is wrong news. Nevertheless, even I need sleep, just like any other human being, so I closed my eyes and dozed off.

Where the hell am I? Everything around me looks dark. I don't even know this place. I am in some sort of park and the trees are at least 50 feet tall. I can only see a few feet ahead of me. Suddenly a girl shows up. She just stands there. She doesn't speak, she doesn't move, she just stands there. Something is not right. I can feel it in my bones.

"Shana, you weren't to find out about us. You shouldn't have been so nosy." I immediatly turn around and see Derrick. He is holding his phone and the caller-id is showing. It's the same girl... Derrick starts walking towards me and as I turn around I see that the girl is doing the same thing. I run away in the oppossite direction of those two. They follow me and they are even closing in on me.
I don't want to run. Come on, one: this isn't even real and two: why am I afraid of my boyfriend? The moment I turn around there is no one left to see.

I wake up with cold sweat on my back. That was incredibly weird. Why would I dream about some strange chick and my own boyfriend. There is nothing to worry about.

Submitted: April 11, 2018

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