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A series of letters to all groups of youth and people out there but also random philosophical thoughts. Enjoy with an open mind. Please don't just come here to pick a fight. I wrote these to be
heard out, not to fight, okay? :)

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Author's note

Hey everyone! So This is a series of letters to different groups of people, and me sharing things I've learned through observations, rese... Read Chapter

Drugs, Alcohol, and the Youth

Dear underaged drinkers and drug users, How do you do. No, I'm not going to waste an entire letter bashing you telling you what a hor... Read Chapter

To Those who are Suicidal

Dear reader, You may be in a crud hole in life right now, wondering if it's worth going on. You look around you and all you see is da... Read Chapter

To the LGBT and Christians

Dear LGBT+ AND Christians, How do you do. I see this war is still raging quite strong. This is getting ridiculous, people! It says in... Read Chapter

The Problem with Being Easily Offended

As an emotionally sensitive person, I tend to take things personally very often. It's a bad habit of self-hatred that I'm working on. How... Read Chapter

The Problem with Self-Pity

I see it everywhere. Self-Pity is becoming an American epidemic. It affects mostly young females (3rd wave feminists, be be exact...) the... Read Chapter

We're All Mad Here

Soooo I've noticed something that may be obvious but maybe not so obvious. I have seen tantrums thrown by the young and old, by both fema... Read Chapter

Heaven on Earth

I once heard in a theology class that God intends to bring heaven down to earth. I do believe this to be true, but I also believe we ca... Read Chapter

Naivety, Pessimism, and Optimism

Naivety is a thief. He wants you to believe that everything is alright. Naivety whispers, "just relax and hold still, this won't hurt a b... Read Chapter

Why are Stories so Important?

So here is my reasoning as to why stories are so important, even the fictional ones and why writing should be taken seriously.... 1. ... Read Chapter

What Love Is

So I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of different definitions of what "love" means. Well, I'd like to share what love is to me. Lov... Read Chapter

Victims of Abuse

Dear victims of abuse, How do you do. This one is a bit difficult for me to write, being a victim of abuse myself. I'm not even sure ... Read Chapter

Big Deals VS Little Deals

I think some people have trouble understanding the difference between something that is not a big deal and what is. So this is how the te... Read Chapter

A Question for You...

Dear readers, I'd really love to hear from you all! So here's a question I have for you all....   Can you tell me about ... Read Chapter

The "New You" Challenge

Dear Reader, I have a challenge for us. I'm going to call it "The New You Challenge". It's time for us to close the gap between who w... Read Chapter

Confessions of a Former 3rd Wave Feminist

It makes me cringe to even have to use the term "3rd wave" now. Let me first say that I'm not referring to those who are reasonable and a... Read Chapter

Confessions of an Attention Seeker

Yes, I'll come clean right now; I love attention. I always have, and I think to a certain extent, I probably always will. I think it stem... Read Chapter

A Few of my Favorite Things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may not be on my list, but these things are some of the things in life that make me glad to be... Read Chapter

About Consent (rant)

Okay for some reason this has been bothering me for a while. Today's definition of "consent" for sexual activity is so messed up. You sho... Read Chapter

How to be Free and Happy

Here are my tips on how to live a freer and happier life: 1. Let go of anger 2.Have a cup of posativi-tea (think on the bright si... Read Chapter

I Can't Believe It!

Okay so I discovered something shocking about myself: I'm actually an INTROVERT! My entire life, I've mistaken my restless angst around... Read Chapter

To the Overwhelmed

Dear reader, How are you? I hope you're fine. But you might not be. You may be stressed out right now. Something in your life may jus... Read Chapter

A Cup of Hospitality

So for some reason I just remembered something awesome that happened to me in 7th grade. So I went to this youth after school hang ou... Read Chapter

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So All of this content and more is going to be posted on my new blog  ... Read Chapter

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