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A simple short story with a hidden technique to control stress

Submitted: April 11, 2018

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Submitted: April 11, 2018




Tightness surrounds that apartment. Birds hesitate to come there. No reason, that peoples appear very busy. Busy for nothing... The cold of the night is still there in that morning. The man living on the first floor was sitting in the balcony. He was looking outside.His eyes seems fixed on infinity. He was waiting for the school van for his son. Ground was wet. Two three mothers are in ground with their children waiting for the school Van .Nobody speaking each other. Even wishing a Good morning.Peopls looking downside and walking to their car opens the door, same like in film, starting and run away. Not looking anybody evens their neighbors’. One cat coming from somewhere reached the gate. He stopped there and maybe he sees the face of that old man, he returns back through the side of that road.

“Hoyy your son running through our backyard. Tell him to not play there” The mother of the beautiful lady living in the Ground floor complaints... There is sound of footsteps, steeply through the stairs; music teacher was rushing to her scooter. Her husband was holding tightly their son as he is crying and trying to running behind her. The girl was looking at me and walk two three steps forward slowly and then stops, look back to somewhere by twisting her body, then put down her school bag over the bikes. Her eyes were wandering. Taken the bag and slowly walk back to the stair case and return the same place again. She is in tension. Nerves are easily visible on her face. She was also waiting for the school van. Today her exam. She was studying in 10th Standard. The school is just a walking distance. Again why going on school van..? I don’t know...

“Scrap, Scrap….Hoyyy…”A three wheeler cycle stops in front of the apartment. The young man in that cycles loudly making sounds ...” “Scrap, Scrap….Hoyyy…” One lady brings some newspapers bundle and asks him to measure the weight. He did that and gives her a small amount. And his attention catches the school girl, he look at her and continues his job... Three ladies was waiting there to give him the scrap. One lady with a damaged aluminum pot, another with a bundle of cardboard box and third one with a bundle of soft drinks bottles... He clears the lady with Aluminum pot. He was so spontaneous not thinking .Just doing his job in a rhythm. He was looking at the girl in between. He said the other two ladies just to wait and walk towards the girl and murmured “Are you in tension..?”The girl nothing said, and aired a big question of “why” to him. He start speaking, “look if tension ...Stop your breath for 15 Second…Just stop your breath for 15 seconds...then breath out. Your tension will not be there…Try it…”He moves back to his cycle... He continues his job spontaneously and completes.

The cycles move away from that apartment. He turns his head back…, he saw a change in the face of that girl... The cycle keeps moving…

(Ratheesh Vidyadharan,

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