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I'm in between, blinded inside darkness

Dread thought
Dried words
Onslaught thirst
Of died emotion

Are we living fullest?
Are we living to underlie?
Or we previously decayed?
Played until we tried

Tricked with own mockery
Reaching limit of life
Left with nothingness
But for an endless depth

Flourished lies
Hide among selfish being
Groomed within the tainted flesh

Are emotions real?
Are we meant to be like this?
But if we died early
Are we missing a lot of things?

Seeing thing
Ghost of other future
Seeing hollow prediction
Of being lied to

Flooded with emotion
Told it's a hollow being
Why can I reason it?
Why I'm leaving a mark?

Reality trap within the dream
Painted with lies and truth
How many reasons to be
To capture last life that left behind

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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