Every Heart Dreamt Of

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Every kite; whether gigantic or diminutively short; incessantly dreamt of soaring through the blanket of mesmerizing clouds; melodiously embracing the
panoramic festoon of glorious paradise,

Every frog; whether monstrous or harmlessly tiny; irretrievably dreamt of swimming in the morbidly cloistered well; croaking to the fullest of its nimble heart's content; as torrential tumblers of water descended from the sky,

Every grass blade; whether lanky or pathetically withering; dreamt of being compassionately kissed by a blanket of unfathomably glistening dewdrops;
voraciously tingling it till times beyond realms of marvelous eternity; every majestic dawn,

Every lion; whether gargantuan or minuscule cub; relentlessly dreamt of  sucking satanic rivers ofcrimson blood; surreptitiously hoisting the impeccable infant; to profusely titillate its taste buds; at the crack of sinister midnight,

Every butterfly; whether huge or infinitesimally babyish; dreamt of mischievously flirting in magically Omnipotent beams of poignant sunshine; disseminating a
wave of unparalleled jubilation in every puff of wind; that it exuberantly caressed,

Every wave; whether mammoth or ludicrously infantile; tirelessly dreamt of passionately smooching the silver streaked shores; culminating into rhapsodically froth; after handsomely blending with the vibrant sands,

Every mosquito; whether big or irascibly inconspicuous; indefatigably dreamt of hovering around the silken angel's eardrum; ominously stabbing its pernicious hood in robust skin; salvaging even the tiniest of opportunity when the master fell
transiently asleep,

Every leaf; whether colossal or miserably parsimonious; intransigently dreamt of swinging in ebullient draughts of vivacious breeze; royally experiencing the ravishing winds piquantly tickle its pristinely barren periphery,

Every army; whether Herculean or meagerly paltry; immutably dreamt of kicking the viciously diabolical traitors forever from its sacred motherland; patriotically sacrificing its life for its soil; to be immortally crowned as valiant martyrs,

Every magician; whether towering or frigidly gawky; inexorably dreamt of enthralling his audience with an endless flurry of spellbinding tricks; solely diffusing simply insatiably inimitable artistry from his dexterously gifted fingers,

Every egg; whether colossal or sullenly cramped; dreamt of beautifully evolving into a magnificently scintillating fledgling; being the darling of all race and tribes; with its innocuously blissful mannerisms,

Every snake; whether long or ludicrously tiny; dreamt of savagely slithering its way through the cradle of shimmering innocence; stealthily devouring new born
offsprings; lethally swishing its abominably poisonous hood,

Every writer; whether imposing or rustically bohemian; marvelously dreamt of diffusing the impregnable essence of his cherished words to the most fathomless
corner of this Universe; be recognized by every color; religion and age; alike,

Every eyeball; whether expanded or despicably half shut; unendingly dreamt of witnessing exotically resplendent beauty; assimilating the unsurpassable multitude of eclectic flavors; wandering celestially upon the trajectory of this boundless planet,

Every mountain; whether domineering or obsoletely extinct; continuously dreamt of basking in the full and profoundly untamed glory of the flamboyant Sun; enjoying the ferociously sizzling rays full throttle; before they eventually reached the lackluster earth,

Every cuckoo; whether towering or timidly petite; eternally dreamt of inundating every particle of the gloomily desolate atmosphere with its fragrantly blooming tunes; ecstatically enshroud the air with supreme enlightenment; as vespered beams of light
crept from the east,

Every cloud; whether enormous or ridiculously insignificant; timelessly dreamt of fulminating into tumultuous blankets of golden rain; deluging every single cranny of dreadfully sweltering soil; with the unbelievably soothing magic of heavenly liquid,

Every demon; whether massive or incongruously muddled; insurmountably dreamt of parasitically annihilating holistically harmonious living race; placating his treacherous gluttony with honest fountains of; unerring blood,

Every soul; whether impregnable or lackadaisically wandering; irrefutably dreamt of tracing back its fascinating roots; having a blessed glimpse into the space; from where it mystically emanated,

And every heart; whether young or miserably old; invincibly dreamt of finding the most immortal love its life; engendering it to survive as the richest entity alive; triggering it to spawn a civilization of astoundingly optimistic light in the absolute center of death and malicious demise.

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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