For The Love Of Money

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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Submitted: April 12, 2018




A penny saved by many

A nickel for a tickle

A dime for your time

A quarter to ask a reporter

A dollar to make you holler

A very funny introduction

Just mental foreplay seduction

The lure of Money

The sweetest of such compared to the taste of having Honey

The syrupiest reward given or ever received

Some have sold their soul for the price to be relieved

 In the end untimely deceived

Most say it’s the root of all evil

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle

Than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God

That concept is much harder to digest than sparing the rod and spoiling the child

But wait, you cannot get any goods without cash

For the ones who do not have access to get it

Robbing for it, embezzling it, or shamefully selling their ass

If the world did not have money as the tool to survive

Would so many people still be able to thrive

The rich, and wealthy’s stance in life will take a nose dive

The Have and Have Nots cannot feel as elite

What you bring to the table for your family is what you eat

Share only if you have a spare

Grow it, trade it, or Barter

I’m just telling you like it should be

Honest lines from the mind of a universal martyr

The pyramid and almighty Seeing Eye

Ask the founding forefathers and adhere to bicentennial lies

Watching intently the Masonic Eye of Horus

Many meanings of this dollar bill icon, not even listed in a thesaurus

What an interesting symbol

I am well read and intellectually nimble

Gold, Silver, Bronze precious metals for what it’s worth

Money within the economy

A paper chase hell on earth

Paper, Coins, CD, stocks and bonds

 Investment portfolios soaring, returned legal tender from the magic paper wand

What shall be first shall be last shall be first again

Moneyless, Penniless

Bargaining with a pig, chicken, or even a hen

Payment rendered and served

I wish that concept was still preserved

It keeps everyone’s mind on a straight universal road

It’s only from what I’ve been told

Slow your flow, Kemy

While you are writing your dogma someone else is money dreaming

The cream of their crop

  Hustling is their primary money prop

What about a day’s work and compensation

Well of course, it’s one God under one nation

Such a shame money seems to be our greatest fixation

I have no pig, no chicken, and certainly no hen

I tell you this now, but remember this was way back when

I wish that concept was still preserved

If you listened intently you would have heard

From what I’ve just stated

This was true values before money was ever created

Therefore, go to work

By the sweat of one’s brow does bring in its everlasting perks

Do as you should

And what you could

No money No bank account

Don’t ever count yourself out

Just remember, to give, and appreciate when it’s received

No concepts too low to ever conceive or believe

 The green paper does earthly rule

Stay mentally equipped it will always be your barging tool

You would have thought this jargon was taught in elementary school

© Copyright 2020 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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