myth project

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There was a dull empty planet. A star fell from the skies above and landed on this empty planet. The star that landed became human. It was be the first human to be on this planet. The star was a beautiful girl, she woke up where at landed. She did not like the cold dull place she was in. She thought of light, and a bright yellow light appeared in her hands. The beautiful star threw the light into the sky where she fell from. The bright yellow light shined bright on the land. The land started to grow greens. There were beautiful flowers, trees, and different types of plants beginning to grow from the dirt.The once dull became a green beautiful place to be in. The girl was pleased and happy. The girl started to make clay figures and they came to life when she was done. The positive energy that was coming from a her made them come alive. Animals roamed the land. It was all beautiful but the girl was sad because she was lonely. She made a clay figure of a boy but it did not come to life like the others. Once again she was sad. Since the beautiful star was sad she started to cry. Her tears were flowing and began the lake and rivers. When she was done she roamed around the place she made. She played with the animals beginning to have fun. The star began to think and she thought about her heart then, she took out her heart out ripped in half and put into the half in clay figure baby and the other half in herself. She then hugged the clay figure baby. The love she put into the baby, worked and created the first ever baby boy existed. The star was now a mother and named the little boy Kai. The place the mother created was now complete. She had a home to call her own with the beautiful baby Kai, and called her home Earth.

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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