Distance Lovers

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Submitted: April 12, 2018

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Submitted: April 12, 2018




Dedicated to the many people who have a computer love affair

Pounding their emotions away not coming up for air

Touch me from afar, entrap me with invisible arms

Milking my emotions with your sweet typing charms

Since you cannot see me, feel me

A distance love as a Male trapped to a Queen Honey Bee

Feel my true emotions

As I swim deep in your mental ocean

I’m breathless as my hands glide

Fingers poised side by side

The Enter, Backspace Button our cosmic guide

I may never feel your touch to my cheek

The stars will move us closer for two star-crossed lovers to meet

I’ve got you, so I’ve been told

As we journey on an unknown road

A princess in waiting to kiss her magical Toad

The glass slipper what a perfect fit

All this came about without feeling the lips of that first kiss

There is love in the world no matter how it finds you

Feeling, touching, it will all feel brand new when it’s due

So keep the faith, when you look at your screen

The words you are typing, will uplift someone’s else dream

My computer is now down. How long will you stay

Wait, please remember those emotions we shared as I typed away

The test of love, in person or unseen

Have you found another Honey Bee online to share in all of those mental dreams

My computer is now fixed

No response thus far, it’s been days, I guess my feelings have been nixed

I love this person, but now, my computer is down

She didn’t respond, now I feel like a male clown

We bled our emotions the keyboard was our platform

Words unsaid, now as we mourn

Reach out to me just once again

Mind to soul as we slowly begin

Thank goodness my computer is now up

Did she take a sip from someone else’s computer cup

An idle blank screen. A fatal blow to the heart

Now, where do I start

Closing my eyes in dismay

Words not seen, what more can I type and say

Are you still out there? A creed of our code

Yes my love, my computer has been sheltered and housed in the cold

Reassurance words dancing across my screen, capital letters, all in Black bold

Two lovers once again rekindling that bonding mode

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