Every Love Brings Along

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Every night brings along with it; perpetually ghastly darkness hideously descending down,

Every storm brings along with it; exuberant carpets of boisterously handsome breeze,

Every morning brings along with it; brilliantly mesmerizing and
optimistic rays of light,

Every wave brings along with it; scores of bountifully tangy and vivaciously tantalizing salt,

Every flower brings along with it; a fragrance that truly captivates every corner of
the pathetically dwindling soul,

Every dream brings along with it; an inexplicable feeling of excitement; that propels you to surge forward; always rejuvenated in life,

Every toy brings along with it; an immaculately bouncing child; wholesomely oblivious to the salacious vagaries of this manipulative planet,

Every wind brings along with it; an inevitable attitude of holistic change; triggering you to relinquish your past miseries; and uninhibitedly march towards your ultimate goal in life,

Every shadow brings along with it; a cloud of unfathomable mysticism; that irrevocably compels you to abdicate the chords of pragmatic reality,
Every idea brings along with it; a spirit of profound newness; which keeps indefatigably culminating into a fountain of marvelously everlasting creation,

Every devil brings along with it; a wave of treacherous devastation; which try had as it could; eventually succumbs against the stupendously Omnipotent light of God,

Every coin of currency brings along with it; an atmosphere of maniacal savagery; people diabolically sucking the blood of their own revered kin,

Every smile brings along with it; an overwhelming degree of cheer; profusely enlightening the lives of those engulfed with incomprehensible pain,

Every yawn brings along with it; an irrevocable concoction of laziness; an unhealthy desire to snore; when infact the world outside needed you desperately,

Every star brings along with it; a voluptuously velvety shine; which intrepidly maneuvers you undaunted in your mission to save humanity; even in the heart of
the invidiously sinister night,

Every breath brings along with it; an augmenting ardor to survive; extract your right to exist amidst a pack of savage toothed wolves,

Every heartbeat brings along with it; an unrelenting passion to express the thoughts flowing with your crimson blood; the inexorable tenacity to make you a better human in every aspect of life,

And every love brings along with it; an unsurpassable power for the earth to live beyond its destined times; immortally fortifying its chord with the Almighty Lord; annihilating the demons best attempts to finish off his planet; like a pack of cards.

Submitted: April 12, 2018

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