The City of The Bells (Vol 1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

The plan had begun eons before and was still moving fairly steadily toward its conclusion. What that conclusion would be was still unknown. What was most surprising of all about it was not its duration, but, rather, that no one other than the four beings who had been present at its creation had learned of it since.
Now, as it entered the final few centuries of its existence, beings from across the galaxy were recruited to play various roles. Truth be told, learning that they would be placed on a technologically backward world where the use of magic was commonplace surprised them at least as much as learning the goal of the plan. It must also be mentioned that every one of them had such strength of character that they barely hesitated when informed that, in order to preserve the secrecy of their missions, their memories would be temporarily blocked.
Their valiant efforts were such that a carefully edited version of their exploits was even now, in the 25th century, being used to teach a particular class in a certain university.

Please join me for the journey.

This is the first volume of Part One of The Clocks.

Table of Contents

Prologue - Chapter 1

May 08. Revised the beginning of chapter 1.
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History of The City

  "Well boy, it's like this.  As near as can be told, about 720 years ago a great battle was almost fought here.  It w... Read Chapter

Chapters 3-4

Nearing the end of basic world building. Just one more chapter after this before we begin the main story.
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Chapter 5

At approximately the same time, Aldus was finally waking up.  His head was still not all there, but he was feeling at least somewhat... Read Chapter

Wheels Within Wheels

Although Paolo had developed a certain skittishness whenever he saw Sara in places where he usually wouldn't, he felt no such thing at sc... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

What with there being well over 1,000,000 ducats wagered on the results of the exams each year, there were at least a tiny number of peop... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Over the next three days, Sara and Paolo collected their winnings.  Each time, they waited until someone else had claimed a much lar... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

On Friday, as it was a semi-formal dinner, the only ones present in the dining room were the two sets of parents and the two oldest child... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Hiroshi took a slow, deep breath then even more slowly exhaled.  It had proven to be a most enlightening and interesting day.  ... Read Chapter

The World Shifts

Saturday, May 24, in The Year 721 After the Founding Shortly after breakfast the next morning, Robert appeared at Paolo's door.&nb... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

I probably should have made this part of the previous chapter. Which would you prefer? Leave it separate or merge it with chapter 12?
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Chapter 14

Sunday May 25th in The Year 721 After the Founding Paolo began the next day with a certain determination.  Since he had no id... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Breakfast at the Donetti's was the usual subdued chaos.  This was mostly because the youngest children were wide-awake, full of ener... Read Chapter

chapter 16

Paolo threw himself down on his bed.  His mind was, to use a ridiculously overused term, "whirling."  He'd always thought that ... Read Chapter

The Founding

The Day of The Founding Emil awoke to the sound of rain hitting the canvas of what his lord, Baron Childers, called a tent.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

To a casual observer it would have seemed as if Father Elias Townsend was indifferent to the sounds emanating from the waters behind him.... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

"That's enough for now.  The rest of the story is mostly what you were taught in school.  Take some deep breaths and focus your... Read Chapter

Interlude and Chapter 20

INTERLUDE Professor Ptica drew herself to her full height, "Well, I suppose I should answer your question now rather than later.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

The same "day," around midnight.  Location: Unknown "All right, I know you're there...somewhere.  Show yourself and expl... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Eugenia Donetti observed the goings on over the next three weeks with rapt attention, not that anyone would have noticed.  Even at 1... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Later that evening, Eugenia positioned herself in her mother's study with her field wrapped around her.  After her mother had sat do... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

The next two weeks were extremely busy.  As soon as spring break ended, Eugenia felt that she was flying through the days.  Her... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

At Paolo's and Sara's homes, things proceeded with much less difficulty. Sara's younger sibs were obviously upset to see their bel... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Two weeks after the wedding, things finally calmed down enough that Miranda and Blair had caught up with the work they'd had to put aside... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

As she progressed the newlyweds' training, Miranda found that Sara had a particularly interesting skill.  She couldn't manage Eugeni... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

One night Sara and Paolo were in bed, and, as they usually did, they were reviewing their day before they fell asleep.  They were on... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

The Year 50 After The Founding Damn!  For some reason I had a rather nasty headache.  I lifted my head and looked around... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

As we got closer to "home" we unconsciously matched our paces to each other and were managing a rather sedate walk by the time we entered... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

When Lily was asleep and cuddled up to my chest, I was still wide awake and staring at the ceiling.  My mind drifted off to the firs... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Life proceeded as life does, and it seemed like only a few weeks had passed, but I'd somehow become 11 and Lily was now nine.  It wa... Read Chapter

Interlude and Chapter 33

INTERLUDE The being who was currently called "Lady Blue," and who was also known as Mistress Moon, and who knows how many other hundred... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

July 12, In The Year 47 After the Founding When she was about 18, the Duke had called Raven to a very private audience.  Only... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

July 23, In The Year 47 After the Founding Spring planting was long over, and harvest time wouldn't be for almost three months yet, w... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Rachel seated Raven on a stool in the middle of the room and bustled around her, collecting herbs from various containers.  She plac... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

The next day Raven sought out the Duke and Abigail.  "I've thought it over, and I've decided.  I'll serve you, and the town, as... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

For the next two years, things were essentially calm, and the year 49 AF had arrived.  The town had expanded enough that some folks ... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

The Year 50 After the Founding One afternoon in late March, Raven arrived.  She was soaking wet from a spring squall that had... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

The year 54 After the Founding Lily plopped the twins into Johann's lap then spun back to the stove to continue the process of man... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

The Year 56 After the Founding It had been discovered by the time he was 13 that Johann had an exceptional aptitude for staff work... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

The Year 57 After the Founding It was early summer when Raven crawled back into town.  It was late enough that, even though d... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

The morning light on Raven's face woke her.  She tried to sit up and stretch, but she found her left arm caught under something.&nbs... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Raven never did leave town to go on a mission again, though by the time of her death it was in truth finally large enough to be called a ... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

End of the first major story arc.
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Chapter 46

Beginning of the second story arc.
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Chapter 47

December 03 in The Year 721 After the Founding "Mother, I've finally decided on my first choice for my secondary school." "... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Thursday June 12th in The Year 722 After the Founding Annapurna Abbot was one of the three Homeroom teachers for the new students ... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

September 2nd in The Year 722 After the Founding Akane brushed a tiny speck of lint off of Jason's shoulder.  "There we are.&... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Monday, November 16th in The Year 722 After the Founding Blair and Miranda had finished their usual weekly business meeting and we... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Genie didn't remember going home, or even entering her room.  Her shock was far too great for such mundane things to affect her cons... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

During lunch the trio sat as usual, with Jason flanked by the twins, who were having a private conversation.  There was something th... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

Ptica shuffled her papers together, stuck them in her briefcase, then addressed the class:  "Well, that's it for Applied Sociology V... Read Chapter

Comments/Commentary/Class Supplements

This part consists of comments on some topics, a glossary, some definitions of terms (and names) and some extracts from Professor Ptica's classes on subjects that are important to residents of The
CIty, but are not necessary to understand the story.
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