Self Appreciation

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A piece explaining, informing and guiding you through your own path of peace and self love and appreciation. One shouldn't discover who they are, but who they want to be.

There is always a first.

Whether that be a first name, a first change or a first step.

A first step into your mind, the only mind you can truly create. and grow through.

Society. The most dangerous virus.

It lives as meer as can be in anything living. 

It talks to you,

It tells you how to feel, what to wear, how to smile.

When to talk.

Freedom. Something people feel they need to earn.

How to earn something that isnt real?

Corrupt systsems decomission everything that brings them down -  general people ignore what pushes them down.

Free speach. A ralley of opinions.


Free speach means stepping into another mind and seeing from their view.

Don't ask for free speach and then spit on the things you don't like.

Never be shocked.

They love your look- they hate your look.

They  enjoy your opinion- they dispise your opinion.

They appreciate your presence- they hate you.

Appearance. Appreciate. Aprove

You don't need to please society by not wearing bold lips with bold eyes.

But you don't need that bold lip to speak and get attention.

You don't need that bold eye to draw them in.

You don't need to follow a trend to fit in.

You don't have to fit in.

You do you.

Be you.

Look in the mirror and evaluate everything about yourself.

Take your time to compliment yourself.

You don't need to be amazing to be strong, and you don't need to be strong to be amazing.

Celebrate life, living and humanity.

Self appreciation is the key.


Submitted: April 13, 2018

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