Binding Transaction

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Table of Contents

A Day in the Life of Yvonne Dennison

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF YVONNE DENNISON by Ernest DeSchoening Trembling with shame and rage, I hang up the phone. I have barely put down... Read Chapter

A Prophet Dishonored

A PROPHET DISHONORED by Ernest DeSchoening (AUTHOR’S NOTE: In order to appreciate the author’s intent, it is necessary NOT to rea... Read Chapter

Act Locally

ACT LOCALLY A Parable in Real Life by Ernest DeSchoening AUTHOR’S NOTE: It would amount to self-righteous stupidity for anyone to r... Read Chapter

At Sea No Longer

AT SEA NO LONGER A Further Meditation on the Mysticism of Douglas Harding by Ernest DeSchoening It was the shock of hitting the cold ... Read Chapter

Binding Transaction

BINDING TRANSACTION by Ernest DeSchoening It’s him. I spot him at once in the throng. It has been a full decade and a few years mor... Read Chapter


PESTILENCE Or THE SCARLET(-FACED) MASK by Ernest DeSchoening Not yet a full decade into the new century, there had come…the Pestile... Read Chapter

Pilgrimage to Tengri

PILGRIMAGE TO TENGRI by Ernest DeSchoening The economist’s world-view is fundamentally inverted. He sees the environment as a subsy... Read Chapter

Feast of Freedom

FEAST OF FREEDOM by Ernest DeSchoening Free! No one who has never been in prison suspects the meaning. Free! No one who has not been ... Read Chapter


FIDELITY by Ernest DeSchoening “Ed?” Army worms were best, the boy decided. He nudged this one here with a not too-clean finger. ... Read Chapter

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