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This is an online story series that explore the realms of both religion and science fiction. Hope that I will get the support to continue with the series.



It was a bad day for Joseph. Late for class and forgot to submit the project was on top of his list of misfortunes and to top it all the weather was pouring down like nothing and obviously he forgot to carry an umbrella. That’s the beauty of Palakkad, one day it will be hot enough to cook food outside but the next day it will be raining like hell. But Joseph was calm, well calm until his music player runs out of power. Joseph belongs to that group of people who has the special ability to slip into a world of calmness when they are listening to their favourite track. He missed his bus because he had to stay back after school to finish some leftover work. He was able to cover half the distance back home due to the kindness of a random guy in a motorcycle. He put on his earphones and decided to walk rest of the distance. Now there is one thing that we have to keep in our minds. If you see a blinding light in the sky for no reason, be sure that your life, as you know it is going to, change.

The light illuminated the entire village and was ten times brighter than the sun. After a few seconds of creepy silence, the ear-piercing thunder followed. Joseph is that type of guy who would argue that playing lots of violent video games is going to come in handy some day and he was pretty sure that day is today. From a small age itself Joseph feared thunder storms but unlike the rest of the kids he was not afraid of the loud thunder but was petrified about the lightning that can burn a man to crisp. He learned a way to calculate distance between him and the lightning to comfort himself. It was pretty simple actually. Start counting as soon as you see a lightning flash and stop when you hear the thunder and just multiply it by 350 to get the approximate distance. This time the lightning or whatever that thing is happened only 3 KM away. Joseph tried to convince his mind that it was a big thunder storm and continued walking but this time a little faster. He reached the border of his town, but something was different. His grand mother always complains that their town was so crowded that they are not even safe to walk. But now there was not even a single soul present. First, he thought that the government has warned people to stay inside their house until the storm passes but he noticed that the gang of stray dogs that once tried to attack him was not visible. They never leave their turf but not even one single dog is seen. This freaked him out and forced him to run to his house. After covering a few hundred metres he felt like his lungs were on fire. He decided to walk fast and jog whenever he can. At last he reached his street and his house was visible. He ran towards his house and rang the bell but no response. He knew where his parents kept the key to the house and he entered the house. What he saw in the living room is going to haunt him forever.

To be continued…….  


Submitted: April 14, 2018

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This was an amazing story! It would be improved if some of the grammar was looked back on and edited, but I still wanted more. I can't wait for the continuation!

Sat, April 14th, 2018 3:02pm

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