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Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



I extracted curd from pure cows milk; after sequestering it for marathon hours from light,

I extracted stupendously sweet honey from catacomb beehives; after adroitly wading the stinging bees away,

I extracted scintillating pearls from the corrugated oyster shell; after fetching the same from fathomless depths of the ocean,

I extracted poignant salt powder from the sea; after stringently drying the water under the dazzling sun,

I extracted succulent fruits from the towering tree; after many years of planting its inconspicuous seed,

I extracted royal skin from the ominous persona of leopard; after decimating his long whiskered body,

I extracted crystalline water from the belly of earth; after digging to unsurpassable distances below the ground,

I extracted lethal poison from the slithering reptile; after severing its hideous pair of toxic fangs,

I extracted tones of stench and prurient debris; after profoundly squeezing the skin of a rotten vegetable,

I extracted a plethora of hidden insinuations; after attentively listening to the bureaucrat's flowery speech,

I extracted a bountiful ocean of redolence; after assembling a cluster of lilies in the flower vase,

I extracted robust supply of air completely encompassing the squalid room; after I merely caressed the conventional plastic switch labeled as fan,

I extracted compact cubes of triangular ice; after wholesomely freezing the large pitcher of water lying solitary on the slab,

I extracted gold from mundane land cultivating a fleet of crops on it; after onerously digging the soil with my gleaming pickaxe,
I extracted naked electricity from loosely dangling wires; after touching them with my profoundly wet hands,

I extracted a battalion of brilliant rays from the sun; after unrelentingly staring at it for several minutes,

I extracted sparkling foam from the rotund bar of soap; after vigorously kneading it into fine lather with my bohemian palms,

I extracted scores of raw minerals from the gargantuan body of rock; after delving deep and distantly far into its crevices,

I extracted loads of uninhibited love from my mother; after taking birth from her sacrosanct womb,

I extracted unparalleled empathy from my beloved; after making her the one and only queen of my heart,

And I extracted an omnipotent spirit to exist from life; after having being bestowed upon the form of a human; inhaling gallons of fresh air; by the divine Creator.

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