River of Red

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a tale that begins with a Vampire befriending a vampire-hunter and the woman they are so desperately trying to find.

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Submitted: April 14, 2018

The bartender sat behind the stream of all the people that are coming and going. He is busy cleaning the glass with h... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 14, 2018

Val on that same night left the former vampire hunter’s apartment with the smell of something in the air. He has to deliver t... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 14, 2018

Fred at this moment when he stood behind the bar again on the next night, he didn’t see the writing on the wall – literally... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 21, 2018

Fred glanced at the nine of them that are sitting around the table. He did not feel the pressure of fear in his heart when he considered ... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 21, 2018

“What do you see in the distance?” Val peeked out of the corner of his left eye to Fred that didn’t turn his head. “I see not... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 02, 2018

Donnie’s Docks have a smell about them. It is not the smell that is coming from Val when he beamed the headlights all over th... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 03, 2018

Val stood over the body of the near deceased. His eyes are started to glow red while Fred sat in the chair that was once behind the desk,... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 11, 2018

Val knew of this pain. It did not equal the pain that is in his heart when his baby sister is ripped away from him. He knew that it would... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 11, 2018

“How did you do it?” Fred asked Luka that is still sitting in that same stance. Her blade which is a custom made katana sat between h... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 19, 2018

In the three miles of where it is going to go down, Luka started to get nervous about something. It was something in the back of her mind... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 31, 2018

Fred continued to walk up the driveway with the sound of the crickets chirping all around him. He found himself walking towards a deep sp... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 31, 2018

“Stop!” A woman screamed from some stairway that Fred have not ventured yet. The boy was on Fred’s leg with his fangs protruding al... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 31, 2018

Val found his blade in the backseat of Hubie’s Honda, pulling it out to see the symbols that are on the hilt of his blade. He thought a... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 11, 2018

Fred sat in the living room now, waiting for Clara to come down the stairs. He looked for a phone in the living room but there is no phon... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 11, 2018

Two guns cocked in the enclosed space, first the shackle of the shotgun and then the piece of an old revolver. She had the shotgun levele... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 21, 2018

The children are left upstairs with no creaks upon the boards. They are hiding behind closed doors. The lights are on outside from the To... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 21, 2018

Luka felt the ropes unwrap around her. The duct tape came off last when she swore that she can taste the copper in her mouth. When it cam... Read Chapter

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