Business Add-Venture

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Getting to know the main character, Calvin, and what the story is about.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Introduction

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



On the planet of Wishes and in the land of Clover, strange, even odd, and sometimes wonderful things happen.

Clover is an island kingdom of great size and wealth, so it is not surprising that the Island's King prospers, as well does the Island's Masters and Mistresses of Regions.

It is well known and often quoted by the King, "It is from the farmer's table that My kingdom eats!"

And by that saying it was easily understood that the citizens of Clover were mostly farmers. And fine farmers they were, renown in all the planets kingdoms for their foods and spices.

The land of Clover had a few giants, living here and there among the farmers. They were a hard working and an industrious breed, as were the Clovertons.

The giants generally made their living as Well Diggers, Road Pavers, and builders of anything made from heaftystone. All of the stone walls, fences, and most of the stone houses were built by the Stone-Mason Giants.

Now there was a minor scourge in this land of the hard working. It was the dreaded Foul-Dragon! At least, that is what I've been told and that is the name I was given.

Don't get Foul-Dragons confused with Fire-Dragons; they are not nearly the same by any stretch of the imagination.



In the county of Gimcrackel was a young male Cloverton of 20 Ferrules old; a want to be business entrepreneur by the name of Calvin Dawnonme.

He had tried several business ventures, but alas, they all failed due to the lack of logic. But Calvin doesn't give up easily, and it wasn't long before opportunity knocked again.

One sunny morning Calvin heard tell of a Foul-Dragon Strike; it had happened just a few farms down the road.

Calvin had never seen a Foul-Dragon, but he well imagined how the terrible dragon might devastate a farmer’s possessions and livestock. And now that one had struck a farm nearby, well, that gave Calvin an idea.

He jumped on the back of his trusty Karryme, a sway-back old Whinny that he had acquired for a hot cup of Glug and a bowl of Twiddle, and then he headed off to the stricken farm.

Once there, Calvin found that he had a readymade crowed of farmers to pitch his idea to. They all had come to see the carnage brought about by the Foul-Dragon's attack; at least that is what Calvin thought.

Calvin, still aboard his mount, yelled to the crowd, "Fellow neighbors and good farmers, I have come to provide you a product that you can no longer afford to go without! It is a product that will assure you that your property and livestock will be replaced if Dragons come and devastate your possessions and livestock.

Dear neighbors, I am talking about Dragon Insurance! A product for your future security and peace of mind!

Well, the farmers looked at one another, then they looked at Calvin again, then they began laughing hysterically.

"Dragon Insurance, are you mad?" asked the stricken farmer, Darcy. Have you ever seen a Fowl-Dragon, boy? They only eat chickens, ducks, and other such feathered creatures!"

Calvin's face turned a light shade of green, which is normal for a Cloverton while embarrassed, and then he asked, "Are you saying that they are Fowl-Dragons, as in bird eaters, and not Foul-Dragons, as in Dragons that are big, mean, and smell bad?"

"That's right!" Darcy replied, as the other farmers continued to whisper and snicker among themselves.

Calvin scratched his head and then stated, "Well, wouldn't they still be very dangerous due to their enormous size and all the fire breathing that they do? I would think that one could flatten a house and set it on fire at the same time!"

The farmers started laughing again as farmer Muller stepped forward and said, "Look Calvin, Fowl-Dragons are no bigger than a Billy-goat, actually I have Fetcher-dogs bigger than some of those dragons. Oh, and they do not breath fire.

They are Cold-Weather Sleepers, Calvin, in the winter months they don't eat at all. And when they do feed, Fowl-Dragons only eat one or two chickens during their feeding cycle, it don't take much to keep them alive.

So you see, Calvin, we don't need your insurance because there isn't a farmer around who can't afford to lose a chicken, or two, ever so often."

"What about Fire-Dragons," Calvin questioned, in a pleading sort of way.

Muller quickly replied, "Son, I'm nearly 50 ferrules old and I've only seen one Fire-Dragon in my lifetime. I saw it in the north quarter of this island and that was about 30 ferrules ago. As far as anyone around this valley knows, that dragon is dead."

With Calvin's business hopes dashed, and the embarrassment by his lack of Dragon understanding, Calvin went home with his head held low.

But as I said, Calvin is not a quitter. So at the very next sunrise he decided to travel the island in search of adventure and new ideas for a business. So he sold his farm, packed his belongings, and climbed aboard his Karryme; Doolittle.

Off with the old and on with the new!


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.


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