Chapter 2: Nowhere Like Home

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 116

Calvin took the King's rock road to the western shore-town of "Slipaway". It was a place where ships came and went, carrying all sorts of foods and products to almost everywhere on this planet.

When Calvin arrived at the Ship-Center he had a sudden change of thinking. So he thought it best to evaluate his future over a cup of Glug and a bowl of Twiddle.

At a table that sat just outside a tidy little Glug Brewery Calvin ate his Twittle and sipped his Glug as he thought about his future.

"I have always thought that I might like the life of a Ship-Rider; going here and there, seeing strange and fascinating places."

It was during Calvin's second cup of Glug he suddenly jumped to his feet and shouted, "But I will never know unless I try it! Will I?!?"

Calvin searched the docks for a ship that needed an extra hand on their next voyage.

Now Calvin is not the strong burly sort of Cloverton, he is more the thin, physically weak, sort. So Calvin sought a position that would allow his brain to do the work, instead of his back; and it just so happened there was a Storekeepers job available on the good ship "Overboard".

Soon the small cargo ship was loaded, Doolittle was secured, and Calvin was sailing to the Island of "Rupture".

But the trip was not a smooth one for Calvin, or Doolittle. Three storms meet the ship head on and it was between bouts of sickness that Calvin decided that the Ship-Rider's life was not for him, or for Doolittle.


But the planet looked brighter once they docked and the ship was unloaded.

Calvin was paid a paltry sum for his ship's service and was sent on his way. So as he strolled along the main road, with Doolittle in tow, Calvin saw a tavern. It offered such services as hot meals, rooms to lent, hot soaking-baths; and there was even a stable attached.

"I am in need of a soak," Calvin stated, "and a soft bed for a night would be a healing trend for my aching body.

What about you, Doolittle, wouldn't you like a good brushing, a warm stable, and some fresh Clover to eat?"

Doolittle waved her four-eyed head up and down, as if she was agreeing, and then snorted at Calvin.


After Calvin had his soak and while his clothes were being washed and hung by the fire to dry, Calvin was given a Softy-robe to wear.

Calvin was skeptical and somewhat shy about wearing a robe in public until he saw that everyone else in the tavern was wearing them too.

Soon Calvin was belly-up to the bar. A Brawny Steak and mashed yams, crinkle bread, and a flask of Glug were set before him; he began to eat. And as Calvin ate his meal he listened to the frightening tales of other island travelers that had just arrived from the Island's interior.

There was war in the native’s minds and it did not sound like a safe place to be!

Now Calvin is not the sort of Cloverton that settles for just who wants to fight. He has to know possible causes and history.

So the Center-leaning Tavern Keeper supplied the particulars. He said, "It seems that many generations ago a storyteller arrived on this island. Her name was Moon and she was from the Continent of "All". Moon had been traveling to many continents and islands studying the inhabitants and their cultures. But by the time she reached this island she had taken ill. 

Moon liked the island because the weather was mild and made her feel better; so she took up residence.

Years passed and the sickly Moon died. And after her death the islanders found a book among her belongings. The islanders considered the Book Sacred, no-one knows why now, and after another generation there was disagreement about its teachings.

So the island residents split into three groups, those who took the books words as literal, The Literal-ists.

Then there were those who felt that the stories were teachings, like parables, The Symbol-ists.

The third group thought the book was a book of interesting and inspired thought, but nothing more, they are the Central-ists; we are also called unbelievers. 

So, after eons, we still kill one another over the words in a book," said the Tavern Keeper.

"What a sad tale," Calvin stated, "these people on Rupture seem kind and industrious. Why can’t they just Live and Let Live, as they do in Clover?"

Well, no sooner had Calvin asked that question, life and a few natives of Rupture answered it

One of the patrons told another patron that she was holding her Glug Flask wrong. The other patron said it didn't matter how it was held as long as the Glug got in her mouth, which was the point to drinking Glug. Then another said that Glug should be sipped, not gulped, as the other two were obviously doing.

Soon there was a big argument among several patrons of the Tavern, some had taken sides and joined forces. The Tavern Keeper had to take their Glug away by brute force, he was very big and scary, and they were locked in their rooms until morning.

The next morning Calvin thought, “I will not find anything in this land but trouble,” and he booked passage on the next ship home.



Submitted: April 16, 2018

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.


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