Chapter 3: Looks Like Home. --- Not!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 199

Retuning home, Calvin found passage on a much bigger passenger ship and he hoped for a smoother voyage.

The only problem was that this ship had a shore-stop at Tangleton, a shipping port on the eastern part of the continent of All. But it was the only ship going to Clover, so it would have to do.

Now it wasn't until they arrived in Tangleton that Calvin was told that the ship needed repairs. They would be in port for a good length of time.

Calvin was upset but reasoned that he might as well see the local countryside rather than just sit around the city, so he and Doolittle took to the roads.

On the second morning they entered a valley covered in clover, which prompted Calvin to talk to his Karryme, "Doesn't it look like home in this valley, Doolittle? Just look at all the clover!"

By the time the two suns had risen over their heads they had made it all the way to the middle of the Valley.

Calvin saw a tree that had fruit on it and he was very hungry. He decided to try some so he went into the field and climbed the tree. Doolittle stayed on the road and just nibbled at the edges of the clover.

As soon as Calvin tasted the fruit he couldn't’t stop eating. He ate and ate until his belly was about to bust. All he could do was sit there; he was so stuffed that he couldn't’t move.

It wasn't’t long before he began to get sleepy so he leaned back into the branches and started daydreaming.

The clouds drifted by as a warm breeze was blowing, it was the perfect time for a snooze. Calvin fell asleep while rocking to and fro in the breeze.


“You’ve crushed our clover, our beautiful clover, you’ve ruined it! It will never be the same, (sob, sob), just look at how bent it is! It’s smashed, mutilated, squished, and kaput! Oh, our beautiful clover, (sobs, sob, and more crying)!

Whatever will we do, whatever will we do? (Even more sobbing)”, Moaning and wailing sounds came from a voice below Calvin's perch.

Calvin looked around for the one making all the noise. And suddenly, there it was!

There was a creature hanging onto one side of the tree trunk, yelling, and moaning, and crying like there was no tomorrow. It reached up and yanked Calvin out of the tree and was holding him by his shirt-collar; still scolding him about the clover.

Blah, blah, clover and yackety-yak clover smashed, blah, blah, blah… yackety-yak!

Calvin didn’t understand much of what the creature was saying, except for the fact that Calvin had smashed some clover.

That is when it dawned on Calvin that he had seen a sign, about two Karryme tall, that said to stay on the road.

Too late!

Calvin tried to calm the creature down by saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that the clover was so fragile around here. Where I come from the clover will spring back after being walked on, provided you do not walk on it forever.”

Then Calvin stated, with a pleading kind of put me down voice, “Look, it is not dead! And if I don’t keep walking on it, which I won't, then it will spring back.

“Spring back?” said the creature in a questioning voice. “You mean it will spring back? Oh thank goodness to my lucky star. It will really, honestly, spring back?” It questioned again and again, as it shook and tossed Calvin around like a puppet on a string.

“I’m pretty sure it will, that is if it is real, regular, clover. It should be starting to spring back already.” Calvin stated, with a please be springing back hope in his voice.

The creature bent way over and stuck its one big eye right next to some smashed clover; then it said, “It is springing back!

Just look at it slowwwly springing,” the creature said as it slammed Calvin so close to the clover that he thought that he was going to be pushed deep into the ground.

“Yes indeed, it’s springing all right,” Calvin replied, with a trembling voice.

“Oh Goody,” said the creature, “it’s going to be alright, it’s going to spring back!”

“Oh, yes sir, it is spring back for sure,” Calvin said again.

“Well I guess you know what this means?” The creature quarried.

While cringing, Calvin asked, “No, wwwwhat?” 

The creature replied, “Well this means that I don’t have to smash you and grind you into fertilizer!”

At that moment Calvin realized the creature had a sense of humor and was joking with him. Calvin was relieved to see a grin on that creature’s somewhat flat face.

“There you go,” said the creature, as he threw Calvin onto the road. 

Calvin was lucky to get away from that creature with just a few scratches and a real healthy burse on his right arm. 

“Are you sure that all this clover will spring all the way back?” The creature questioned Calvin.

“No problem, it should be good as new in no time at all,” Calvin replied, while hoping he'd be long gone if it didn't.

“By the way,” Calvin asked, when he thought that he was a safe distance away, “who are you?”

“I am Slag-12, a Clover Guard. There are other Slags like me under the clover, and all through the valley. Everywhere there is clover growing there are Slags burrowing underneath.”

Calvin was not about to ask what the Slags ate, he was more in a hurry to get out of that valley.

So onto Doolittle's back Calvin climbed and off they went looking for business ventures.



Submitted: April 16, 2018

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.


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