Chapter 6: Settling Debts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Calvin stated, "Really, I have never heard of a manipulating Mud-nipulator before, and I am very interested. Please continue while I take a seat, I want to hear all about you, --- oh, --- wait, I forgot, there are no seats."

"Seats, what are a seat," Burp asked.

Calvin tried to respond by correcting Burp's sentence with, “No, it is (What are seats, or, what is a seat?)."

Burp replied, "That is what I said, what are a seat?"

Calvin could see that correcting Burp's sentence was just confusing the situation. And sense Calvin understood what Burp was saying then it really didn't matter how Burp said it.

So Calvin took a different approach and stated, "OK, look, a seat is something you sit on. Like this", (Calvin climbed aboard Doolittle and said), "see, I am sitting on my Karryme so my seat is my Karryme. Understand?"

Burp took several hands full of mud and tossed them into the air, then before the mud could hit the ground the manipulating Mud-nipulator slapped it, spun it, hacked it, carved it, and somehow formed it into a replica of Doolittle.

And that wasn't all! As soon as the statue was placed on the ground Burp blew on it with a very hot flaming breath and the statue of Doolittle was hard and dry as a bone.

Burp pointed at the statue and said, "There is your Seat, but it could never be my seat, it is much too small for me."

Calvin realized that he still had not done a good job of getting his point across, so he thought that it might be better to take another approach. After all, trying to help someone understand what a seat looks like is a lot harder if they have never seen or used one before.

So Calvin asked, "Well, Burp, if you were going to make a seat to use for yourself, then what would it look like?"

Burp thought very hard, you could tell because Burp's face was changing colors and often glowed during the process.

Burp asked, "Does it have to look like the Karryme?"

"No, it can be any shape you want it to be," Calvin stated.

Again, Burp took several hands full of mud and tossed them into the air and the forming and hardening process was repeated.

"Ah, a bench," Calvin stated after seeing the finished product. "Benches are the most versatile kinds of seats because you can set on them, or even lay down if you wanted to."

Burp replied, "Manipulating Mud-nipulator's do not sit, we stand or we lay down. Sitting is too uncomfortable when you have such a big upper body and such a small bottom end."

Calvin responded by saying, "Well in that case the bench is an excellent design. Now, can you make one for me?"

"Do Manipulating Mud-nipulator's Manipulate Mud?" Burp replied.

And Walla, Calvin's bench was done!

"Wow!" Calvin stated, "You are a true crafty creature. I am impressed with your Mud-nipulation, very impressed!"

Burp replied, "Thank you for those kind words, (ah, ah?). I'm afraid I do not know your name."

Calvin smiled and said, "My name is Calvin Dawnonme and I am from the island of Clover.

My transport ship is docked at the bay, just over those hills. And because I had some time I thought that I would take a look around this island. But I'm afraid there is not much to see out here."

Burp laughed and replied, "You know what they say. Don't you? That beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You look at this valley and see nothing worth seeing, but we see everything we could ever hope for. We have fields of dirt available for the making of puddles, and an underground aquifer that supplies us with water for the same purpose."

Calvin thought for a moment and asked, "You mean that there is more of you out here?"

Burp stuck his fingers in his oddly shaped mouth and whistled loudly.

Suddenly Calvin could see hundreds of manipulating Mud-nipulators rising out of their own mud-puddles. Calvin was astounded.

Then Calvin inquired, "You said that you have everything you could ever hope for out here in this wasteland, but I see no food. So what do Mud-nipulators eat?"

Burp replied, "Razor-toothed Gobbling Lizards are our favorites, but they seldom come out here unless they are chasing something. Thanks to you two, some of us ate well today.

As for our regular food source, we eat worms; that is why we make mud. Where the mud is, worms gather at the outer edges of the soft moist dirt."

Calvin took a very humbling stance and said, "Well I certainly appreciate that you, and your neighbors, saved Doolittle and I from certain death today.

And I have only your best interest at heart when I say that you should be eating other things, like fruits and vegetables, maybe? How about fish, have you ever tried fish?"

"What are a fruits and Veg-ah-tables?" Burp questioned.

Without further explanation Calvin walked over to Doolittle. Opening his food pouch he removed one Papple, a Corange, and some Karrates. Then Calvin gave them to Burp and said, "Here, try these and see if you like them.

Once again, Calvin had forgotten that Burp had never eaten things like this before, you know, things with seed inside, stems sticking out the top, and things that one might want to peal the skin off before eating it.

So Burp ate everything and then said, "Oh, I like that stuff! How do I get more?"


Well, Calvin said he was sorry that he didn't have any more, but that he would ask those in the city if someone could deliver some to Burp. Calvin could see in Burp's one big eye that Burp knew that no-one would come out that far.

Calvin was kind of sad, but told Burp that it was time for him to return to the city. They said goodbyes.


When Calvin returned to the city he did not go to the ship, he had better things to do.


The next sunrises Calvin returned to Burp's mud-hole, actually, Calvin went to several mud-holes before finding Burp's mud hole; it seems that Mud-nipulators do not number their mud holes so it is a bit difficult telling one from another.

None the less, Calvin returned with a Hitch-n-pull and in the Hitch-n-pull was one Papple tree, a Corange tree, some Karrate and Photato seeds, a shovel, and half a Hitch-n-pull full of Brawny-cow manure.

When Burp came out of his mud-hole he asked Calvin, "What are these things that you have with you?"

"I have brought you presents for saving our lives; it is the least that we could do on short notice.

In this carrying wagon, which is called a Hitch-n-pull, is one Papple tree, one Corange tree, some Karrate and Photato seed, a shovel, and half a Hitch-n-pull full of Brawny-cow manure.

I will show you how to plant them and teach you how to care for them. Then you will have more and better things to eat. And from the seed of these trees you can grow more trees. Soon your valley will be full of good things to eat for you and your fellow Mud-nipulators. All you have to do is care and water them, and they will give you good food in return.

But be forewarned; do not eat the worms that gather around your plants and trees. They are a benefit to them and they need them to survive. Got that?"

"Yep, don't eat the worms that gather around the trees and plants. I got it!" Burp stated proudly.


Well Calvin showed Burp how to plant the trees; and the seed, all in nice simple rows.

Then Calvin had Burp memorize the methods of caring for them, which he did rather quickly and happily.

And as the two friends said goodbye Calvin took a tall rod  from the Hitch-n-pull and stuck it in the ground near Burp's mud hole. The rod had a flag on the end that said, "Burp's Home."

Calvin told Burp that three people, from the city, were going to come to visit him and other Mud-nipulators about making lawn and garden furniture for them and their export businesses. One would be the woman from the Farm and Garden Center where Calvin bought the trees and all the other farming stuff. She could supply all their future gardening needs.

It would be up to the all the parties involved to decide the rate of exchange; furniture for fish; or furniture for farming essentials, or both. It was their choices to make.


Thus, Calvin and Doolittle left the Mud-nipulator Valley feeling good about their chance meeting and its final outcome. Actually, Doolittle was happier about the fact that that Hitch-n-pull was empty; the poor beastly almost didn't make it up the long hill the last time.


With the Hitch-n-pull returned to the Farm and Garden Center, Calvin and Doolittle boarded the ship for home.




Submitted: April 25, 2018

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.


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