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Calvin has an appointment with the Wizard. Oh woe is he, until he finds out who he is dealing with.

Chapter 9 (v.1) - The End, and Beginning

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



When Calvin arrived at the Wizard's Castle he was a nervous wreck, despite the thrilling ride on the Dragon's back.

Calvin was sure Gravel, the Wizard, would do something terrible to him, like turning him into a Brawny Bull for the purpose of a Dragon's meal. After all, Calvin was profiting from the Wizard's property, namely the Brawny Bulls, Cows, and Dragon; plus, he was using the lower rooms in the Wizard's Castle without paying rent.


When the great Dragon landed in front of the Castle Gate and as soon as Calvin got off his back the Dragon said, "The Master waits in the great hall, go and be quick about it."

Calvin rushed passed the gates, across the courtyard, and into the entryway of the castle. Then up the stairs he ran until he could not run any longer, so he walked as fast as he could for awhile. And by the time he reached the doors to the Great Hall he was creeping along at a snail's pace; huffing and puffing with every breath.

When Calvin attempted to open the doors he could not bring himself to do so; it was as if he was frozen.

"I feel the presence of someone at the door," a booming and rather feminine voice stated! The voice was haunting to Calvin, raspy in an alluring sort of way.

"Enter and be recognized!" The voice thundered.

Just as that was said the hall doors flew open and a sudden wind knocked Calvin to the floor! Then, in a flash, the wind promptly delivered Calvin to the feet of someone; head first and face down.

"Are you Calvin the Cloverton, seller of Dragon Insurance?" the feminine voice queried.

Because Calvin's face was stuck firmly to the floor he could not answer very well, his lips produced only mumblings.

"Then the voice demanded, by saying, "Get up and answer plainly, I do not have time for such behavior!"And as soon as that was said, Calvin found himself standing face to face with a bewitching young woman.

Calvin was spellbound, but did manage to meekly say, "I was stricken with fear and now I am spellbound by your beauty, so I believe you will understand why I am finding it hard to speak. Please have pity on me and do not turn me into food for the Dragon!"

The young woman laughed softly, and then said, "I have no wish to turn you into food of any kind. Then the Woman thought for a moment and replied, "Hmm, but possibly you would make a fine statue for my Father's courtyard, or a talkative parrot for his atrium. But we will leave such ideas for later consideration. Right now, introductions are in order.

I am Tamera Newomin of Clover Island, daughter of the great Wizard, Gravel. And my Mother is the Temptress Witch of the seven gables, daughter of the Warlock Master, Cackleton."

Calvin kept his eyes focused on the bewitching Tamera while making a weak attempt at a bow, and then he replied, "I am so pleased to meet you Tamera Newomin of Clover Island. And as you suspected, I am Calvin Dawnonme, also born on Clover Island. I am the seller of Dragon Insurance.

However, dear lady, I am confused by the fact that I was told that your Father wanted to see me. Is that true?"

Tamera smiled a coy sort of smile and replied, "I told the Dragon to say that, at the time I felt that it would expedite your arrival. However, I am here at my Father's request and to transact certain business that needs to be done. The Wizard business is just as any business, there are times of financial ups and downs; this being a down time. And in an effort to acquire capital, my Father instructed me to sell all the surrounding land that he owns to the local farmers; of course the castle and surrounding castle grounds would remain his property because they will be part of my inheritance. But after arriving, and after conversations with the Dragon, I have changed my Father's plans. I do believe he will approve sense the change will be for his benefit."

Calvin was feeling more at ease and poured each of them some Wind-wine from a nearby bottle.

Then Tamera motioned to Calvin and they seated themselves at a table.

After smelling and sipping the wine, Tamera continued by saying, "Calvin, what I want is to strike a bargain with you; let me explain.

Bringing the Dragon to this island was necessary for safety of the residents of this island, but it soon became a burden to my Father. Having to care and feed the Brawny did not allow him to travel as much as he would have liked to. And when he had to travel great distances, time became a problem.

Father told me that he knew that the farmers would take some of his Brawny. And he also suspected that some Brawny might wander off, once he was gone for a goodly amount of time. But he never thought that those thieving scoundrels would be so stupid as to take all of his Brawny, leaving the Dragon to face starvation. I guess they thought that the Wizard was never coming back and the Dragon would just fly away."

Calvin interrupted and replied, "Yes, it is true that Gravel has been gone so long that most believe that he is sick, or dead."

Tamera took another sip of wine and replied, "The point is, I now know that you have solved our Dragon related problems and are making a profit while doing so.

I have seen that the farmers feed and care for my Father's Brawny. I like that! And the Dragon is feed regularly. I like that even more. And from the looks of the Dragon, he seems to be getting plenty of needed exercise; Father said that he was getting a little plump around the edges, if you know what I mean.

So you see? I am delighted with what you have done and I'm sure my Father would be delighted too, except for the profit.

It is my Father's Dragon, my Father's Brawny, and your business idea. Sounds like two-thirds profit for Father and one-third of the profit for you. What do you think?

Calvin surprised himself by immediately making a counter offer, "I do the collections, I manage the Dragon's feeding schedule and locations, I do all the sales, and keep the books for the King's Taxes. How about I get two-thirds of the profits and one-third goes to your Father?"

Then Tamera surprised Calvin by countering back, she just said, "But I could turn you into food for the Dragon and my Father would have all the profit."

"How about a 50/50 split? Calvin said as fast as he could.

"Done," Replied the feisty young Tamera, "50/50 it is! Then she laughed with a soft and gentle laugh.

Calvin always kept some extra clothing at the castle and that was good because he was invited to dine with the Wizard's Daughter. Tamera suggested that they had other matters to discuss involving the dragon and coming events.


That evening Tamera told Calvin that the reason her Father was delayed and running low on funds was because of problems he was having while trying to bring another Dragon into their world. And after four failed attempts Gravel ran out of funds to pay the dragon-taggers. Soon after that, Gravel found out why they were failing at their quest.

You see," said Tamera, "the Dragon's mating cycle is coming upon him and he must have a mate. Without a mate in this world he will be drawn back to where he came from."

"The Dragon likes it here on the island," Calvin stated, "He told me so."

"That is true," Tamera stated, "but instinct will not allow it unless he has a mate here on the island."

Calvin questioned, "So where is the potential mate now?"

"On the Other-Side," stated Tamera, Molnar must lure her to his nest or she will not come."

"Who?" Calvin questioned.

Tamera smiled and replied, "Molnar, that is the name my Father has given the Dragon. Do you like it?"

"Was Blaze, Streak, or Devastation considered?" Calvin asked with a snicker.

Tamera frowned at Calvin and replied, "No!"

"Oh well, Molnar is a fine name," Calvin sheepishly stated.

Then Calvin asked, "How exactly is, ah, Molnar is going to lure this mate?"

Tamera took on the look of disgust and stated, "With the smell of smoldering meat, I'm afraid. We will need lots of meat for the lovers to share during the mating cycle, and who knows how long that will last."

"Is Gravel going to do the Opening Thing, to the Other-Side?" asked Calvin. "And how many Brawny does Molnar need to get the job done?"

Tamera looked Calvin in the eye and stated, "Father has taught me to Open the Way, but I need your help in acquiring the Brawny; Father said to acquire ten to be on the safe side.

You know the Brawny keepers and you can reach bargains with them that I would not be able to. And let's face it, we need those Brawny if this island is to keep its Dragon."


Tamera and Calvin spent many days and nights traveling from one place to another, acquiring Brawny. And during their travels they warned everyone that they talked to about coming too near the castle, at least until the "All Clear" was given.

They told everyone that there was a insect infestation and they were going to use the Brawny blood to trap and kill the blood-sucking bugs. It was a good story that covered all the reasons for the buying of Brawny and the commotion that might be going on during the mating cycle.


When the time came to do the deed Molnar took his place near the Castle, in the woods. There he stated the process of the Brawny offerings. And Tamera, with little fanfare, opened the way to the Other-Side.

In a short time the smell of the burning Brawny found the noses of several Dragons who were on the Other-Side; unfortunately not all of them were female.

But Molnar was strong and well fed, so he was quick to beat back the males while letting a certain female slip through, then Tamera closed the way again.

From a Castle balcony, Tamera and Calvin stood watching while the two Dragons seemed to dance together; a swirling and weaving dance in the sky above the Castle grounds, then ending as they drifted into the woods.

Suddenly a sort of hypnotic sound erupted out of the woods and spread across the island, just as fog spreads inland from the sea. It was not a deafening sound, it was low and mellow with the soothing effects of water trickling in a stream.The sound lasted all through the night and well into the next day, and everyone on the island was touched by it.


In seven months the she-dragon laid three eggs, in a makeshift nest a-top the Castle. And in another month Missy-dragon, Dinah-dragon, and Molnar Jr. were hatched.

There were other surprises too, all the critters on the island were having offspring.

And something even stranger happened one month after that, nearly every married woman on the island gave birth.

They all said that it was the Song of the Dragons that caused it all, but Calvin and Tamera are not sure that is the case. However, Tamera has just given birth to twins herself. Their names are Tameka and Calvin Jr.; Daddy Calvin is very proud.

And on the business side of things, it is true that Insurance Rates went up due to the increase in Dragon feedings and Brawny replacement claims. But requests for Dragon Insurance were soon sought by nearby islanders and as Insurance sales increased the Rates went back down.

So you see, everyone lived happily ever after.



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