RICO - Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization

Thank you Friends for your divine encouragement.  You flatter me immensely with your generous compliments.  You are truly wonderful, I shall always sing your glorious praises.  The "Spin Doctors" denote Pink Slime by an acronym LFTB, which allegedly stands for Lean Finely Textured Beef.  According to "advertising" as long as we stay away from meat labeled LFTB, then we aren't getting Pink Slime, but anything ground whether it's beef or sausage or canned goods, TV dinners, and most definitely "fast-food" from restaurant chains will most definitely contain reject waste byproduct.  The idea for "salvaging" the waste product is that it makes it possible to offer consumer “meals” at a reduced price making them more affordable, but the reality is consumers (people) are being tempted to purchase cheap food substitute which is in reality garbage.  There is no nutritional content in "food" which has had its volume increased by "fillers" such as Pink Slime.  You're right, it is gross.  Do you want to know what is really terrifying?  How do we know Pink Slime isn't people?  Think of how many people go missing every year.  FBI missing persons list is only a fraction because by far most of the people who disappear never to be seen or heard from again are not reported to authorities.  Human trafficking, terrorism, runaways, boat-loads of people who vanish at sea - who knows what Pink Slime really is?  When it comes to commercially processed "food" , who knows what we're really eating?  Fruits and vegetables, unless we grow them ourselves, are sprayed with growth hormone and pesticide.  How do we know that mind-control substances aren't being sprayed onto food during cultivation or processing and packaging?  What is in the water we drink?  Of course, there's well-water option to bypass city water.  A person can grow their own food to eat.  Do you remember that flick Charlton Heston was in, the futuristic dystopia, Soylent Green?  I say that Soylent Green is eerily prophetic of Pink Slime.  Far too eerily prophetic to be mere happenstance.  Soylent Green was dead people ground up and canned to provide cheap affordable sustenance for a starving overpopulated future Earth.  There are over seven billion people on this planet now.  You can watch a population clock literally flickering with increasing population growth.  What is Pink Slime, really? 

According to publicly disclosed information as presented in a controversial ABC News report, former undersecretary of agriculture Joanne Smith was on the payroll of Beef Products Inc.(makers of Pink Slime) for in excess of one million dollars.  She rushed Pink Slime through USDA approval which resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in business for the South Dakota based company.  BPI filed a $5.7 billion dollar defamation lawsuit against ABC News for calling LFTB “Pink Slime”.  Litigation resulted in an “amicable settlement”, the terms of which were not disclosed to the public.  With obvious corruption involved, Lean Finely Textured Beef, a/k/a Pink Slime is sold with USDA approval to meat packers and grocery stores to be added as a “padding” or “filler” to ground meat and commercially processed and packaged “foods”.  I don’t think the lawsuit really occurred.  I suspect the lawsuit was merely a publicity stunt, propaganda meant to diffuse and undermine public outcry over poison being put in food to be sold to consumers.  Do you remember in Clear and Present Danger when Harrison Ford’s character says that instead of denying press allegations that the president was friends with the yacht owner who was murdered by the drug cartel, the president should not only say he was friends with the murdered yacht owner but very good friends so as to quash the scandal by giving investigative reporters nowhere to go with the story.  This is what I suspect the lawsuit filed by the makers of Pink Slime against ABC News was, a publicity stunt meant to “vindicate” Pink Slime and give naysayers or whistle-blowers nowhere to go as far as instigating public demand that Pink Slime be outlawed.  The entire Pink Slime conspiracy is aimed at saturating the public with unhealthy diet so as to stunt and inhibit intellectual growth via malnutrition with the aim of exploiting the general human population as low-wage slave labor.

This is what the Department of Justice calls RICO - Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization.  I wonder why DOJ isn’t protecting us from Pink Slime?

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Pink Slime!!!! Brilliant!

Tue, April 17th, 2018 2:27am


Thank you so very much, glindagail77, for your spirited complimentary encouragement! It's great to share ever-expanding cosmic conscious awareness with you!

Mon, April 16th, 2018 9:08pm

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