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Two girls are abandoned in the woods by their wicked parents. Waltor Taylor and Bonnette Taylor, in the woods. Waltor and Bonnette are polluting New York. Will the girls be able to escape? What
will happen to them and the Taylors?

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



When I opened my weak eyes, they focused on a young lady's face towering above me. Her face was kind and loving. But her skin was stretched out across her cheekbones and her face was pale. Her bony hands passed over my face. I knew she would always take care of me. But someone pulled her away. Someone with a glowering face and a deep frown. He radiated a sense of power. My mother stumbled away to another room coughing and wheezing. I assumed she was scared. Then my attention switched to the man towering above me ,his eyes bulging, his face turning a blotchy purple. “You shouldn’t be here,” he hissed, spit splattering all over my face. “My son should be here. But instead he DIED and you replaced HIM! You are a rainbow baby. You shouldn’t be here. MY SON SHOULD BE HERE!” For a second he looked like a maniac. “I will get rid of you, I promise, FOR MY SON!” he hissed, spit flying everywhere. My heart started pounding. This man was going to kill me, I thought. I started crying. At that my father pounded out of the room, and my meek mother came trembling in. “I’m sorry.” my mother said, gasping for air and her voice cracking and her eyes brimming with tears. “I’m really really sorry, Diamond.” Those were the last words I heard my mother speak. The next thing I heard and saw was my mother crumpling into a heap and a loud thud.


The next few years of my life was horrid. My father took me to the police and they said he could give me to the orphanage when I turn 10. I’m 9 right now. And my birthday is tomorrow as my terrible father kindly reminded me today. “Girl,” he said menacingly. “Your birthday is tomorrow. Go pack your bag girl.” He glared at my retreating back. I trudged up the carpeted stairs. My mind was exploding with thoughts. What’s going to happen to me? What’s life at the orphanage? Do I want to go to the orphanage? I answered NO WAY to that. I reached the first landing and turned into a small room painted pure black. Black because my evil father thought it would dampen my spirits. I looked into my wooden wardrobe. I pulled out my mother’s sports bag. I ran my hand over the words printed on it. ‘Property of Melanie Diamond Jean.’ But the Jean was crossed out and it said instead ‘ Property of Melanie Diamond Taylor.’ Taylor. My evil father’s name. My mother should never have married him! He truly was evil, I always wonder whether my mother married him because of love or his wealth. I also pulled out another 2 suitcases to pack my possessions, putting things in one by one, when I got to my mother’s bag a tear fell on it rubbing out the Taylor. I packed my most valuable objects, memories of my mother, first along with petticoats, pillows and more. I slept in a sleeping bag that night. The foam topper that I had slept on for the past 10 years was stowed away in my suitcase.


Morning arrived a few hours later. I was woken by my father who had a happy grin across his face. At that moment the doorbell rang. My evil father rushed towards it happily, at the door was a woman with three girls that I supposed were her children. My father introduced her to me, saying that he met her at his office a few months ago and now they were engaged. Because my mother died she would be moving in. She looked as cruel and selfish as my father along with her children. All except for one little girl about the same age as me. The girls had blonde hair, it was perfectly brushed and tied up into a bun with glamourous flowers threaded into the braided bun.  He then topped it of by also saying that they would be married in a few hours. That explained why he was so happy and why they were all dressed fancily. The women was named Bonnette but father called her Bunny. Her daughters were named Evelyn, Avery and Coral. Soon they got married and I had to clean up after them! That’s when Bonnette had an idea. She asked my father if I could stay for a bit longer because she wanted me to be their servant! Months past and that’s when they decided that I would be sleeping in the attic with all my belongings and my step sisters would be sleeping in their own room. Evelyn and Avery were twins and they were both really snobby, rude, selfish and mean. The only one I liked was Coral, unlike her family she was kind and liked me. She was also a rainbow baby and that she would be moving into an orphanage at the end of the year like me. Coral, unlike her sisters had silky brunette hair with natural blonde highlights. When we became closer she told me that my father was Bonnette’s third husband. The first husband died in a car accident. Back then Bonnette was actually nice. The death darkened her heart. He was Coral’s father. Then she married another man named Mason. He was the father of his two daughters Avery and Evelyn. Their mother and Mason had divorced. Mason too was an evil man. Coral started to sob. She uttered "He convinced Bonnette that I was wicked and that I reminded her too much of my father. One day Bonnette finished work early and headed home when she walked in she found him dead on the carpet. That’s when she became pure evil."


More months past and eventually we moved into the orphanage. When we found out that we would be staying in the same room we were head over heels excited. But when we looked into the room our smiles were wiped off our faces. It was a boring normal room. Two hard beds on each side of the room complete with two identical small chests of drawers and a plain rug on the floor. Even worse, our parents hadn’t even paid for a radiator so we could keep warm. The window was cracked so the room was always cold. The wallpaper was peeling grey paint with a large red stain in a corner which looked horribly like blood. On the floor in that corner were more red stains. The staff never bothered to clean anything. That’s when we found out that someone had died in this room! We wanted to escape badly. Then Coral came up with an idea. “Diamond!” she whispered excitedly. “I have an idea how to escape! We could become really naughty so they would kick us out and as father and mother don’t love us so they would just dump us somewhere and we can live together!” I was jumping with glee. “What a great idea!” I whispered ecstatically. “Let’s start now! Let’s turn over one of the drawers!” Coral and I heaved the heavy drawer over onto its side. As we had not unpacked yet, we were surprised to see a number of clothes still left inside. I picked one of them up. Coral looked at the blood stain, then at the shirt. Wondering who the shirt belonged to, and how he or she died. Curiosity led us to asking the staff, the staff replied by saying that a boy named Caleb was killed by someone who had the name Bonnette, she was sent to 5 years in jail and was released. We stared at each other, eye to eye, horrified. Both of us were think about the same thing. We trembled with fear. Was Coral’s mother a murderer?


We caused mayhem over the next 2 months and that’s when the orphanage staff decided to kick us out. They sent a letter to our parents saying we were kicked out of the orphanage. Our parents came in their car and when we saw Bonnette we shuddered. What if she was the person who killed the poor boy Caleb? So we decided to ask about it. “Um, Mrs Taylor?” Coral asked timidly. We weren’t allowed to call them Father or Mother. Bonnette turned around in the passenger seat and glared at Coral. “What girl?” she snapped. “Well, Mrs Taylor when Diamond and I were in the orphanage, our room had a red stain. We asked about it and it turned out that it was someone’s blood. Someone had died there 10 years ago. A boy got slaughtered in his room and his name was Caleb. The murderer got sentenced to 5 years of jail but got released 1 year ago. The murderer’s name was Bonnette.” Coral finished her story in a squeaky voice. I squeezed her hand. We both looked at Mrs Taylor. She was pale and shaking. “That was not me,” she hissed. “Whatever you think about, it was not me. I did not kill Caleb.” Mr Taylor interrupted. “NOW LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” He roared with rage. “YOU HAVE SCARED POOR BUNNY!” Coral and I shrinked back into our seats. “I AM GOING TO DROP YOU MISBEHAVING, RUDE AND STUBBORN GIRLS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST AND ABANDON YOU THERE! YOU WOULD BE WHERE YOU BELONG!” he bellowed and finally came to an end. He panted slightly as he drove to Celestial Forest, which was in a rural area. I looked at Coral in horror. Coral shrugged. This is what we wanted, her look said. I shrugged back.


The following 20 minutes were silent, no one dared to speak to each other. When we arrived, he threw us out of a car. With a thud we fell to the ground. They drove of leaving us with all our possessions. We were horrified as we walked towards the forest. Growls and hoots were everywhere around us as we walked through the dark forest. It was only 2 pm but the forest was really dark and shadows created menacing shapes. Searching the forest for a perfect place to stay was challenging but eventually we found one. I took a lamp out of my bag. But Coral grabbed it out of my hand and said “We have to make a fire and build a shelter first!” So we started grabbing hundreds of large sticks. Coral had read lots of books on how to survive in the wild. So I let her take charge and boss me around. We got long sticks and piled them against a huge tree to give us shelter from the wind. “Right,” said Coral. “We tie the sticks together until we form a roof shape, then we make walls by digging the sticks into the ground. After that we must find big leaves and clay to fill in the gaps. Over time we’ll improve it.” I saluted. “Yes Ma'am!”.


Weeks past and we were exhausted from all the work we had done. It improved everyday. Our shelter was awesome. Every night we didn’t even feel any wind or rain. We had even managed to make doors! Coral had the idea to make windows so we left squares for them. Today we were going to go find something transparent so we could make a window. We set off together looking for something transparent, gathering fruits from the plants along the way. I had brought along a basket so we could harvest things. I reached for a coconut on a palm tree when suddenly a strong wind blew up and sent a coconut onto a ground. “Weird.” I said to Coral. “I was reaching for a coconut but suddenly a weird strong wind just blew the coconut down to the ground.” Coral shrugged. We kept on walking. After a while, we didn’t find any transparent things so we headed back to camp. We decided we were going to fill in the squares for the windows tomorrow. We tried to light a fire but it was starting to rain. Coral picked up a match struck it and suddenly there was a huge crackling fire burning merrily as if it had been there for hours. We stared at each other. It was raining heavily but the fire didn’t go out. “There’s magic about.” whispered Coral. As she said that, the squares in our shelter turned to glass. “HELP!” we screeched.


Suddenly a flash of light appeared metres from us and turned into a beautiful woman. She had dark wavy hair like Coral and green eyes like me. She was wearing a long silver dress. The most outstanding thing was she had wings on her back. She was mumbling something but we couldn’t understand. It was almost like she was saying a spell. Right we were, there was a force pulling us towards a tree. Our heads bumped the tree, and it made weird noises appear around us. Our feet lifted off the ground. Our clothes changed from drags to a fabulous green flower french couture dress and our hair turned into the colour of ivy and braided with flowers. Then the woman explained that we had became goddesses of nature. We stared at each other. This was beyond our wildest dreams. She smiled. “You must use your powers to protect Earth and this forest. Soon, a man called Walter Taylor and his wife Bonnette Taylor will soon make a company that will destroy our Earth and particularly this forest. It is up to you guys to save it.” Then she disappeared. We stared at each other again. We couldn’t believe it. We were up against our own parents.


We tried out our powers. Amazingly they were so easy to control. We got so happy that we suddenly started flying. Afraid of being so high in the air, we grew a tree which stopped us from getting too high. It took us a long time to get use to the feeling of flying. Soon after a couple of hours we got used to it. We returned back to our shelter when I had an idea. “We’re nature goddesses, so why don’t we grow a treehouse or a house made of plants?” Coral gasped in excitement. “What a great idea!” she exclaimed. We closed our eyes and concentrated on growing a huge oak tree with a huge treehouse at the top. When we opened our eyes, we were filled with joy. There stood a huge tree with a door in it’s trunk. I opened it and saw a long winding spiral staircase made of wood, leading up to the top of the tree. “Diamond, your idea was the best!” exclaimed Coral. We ran up the steps, 2 steps at a time. When we reached the top, we became speechless. It was such an amazing treehouse and the view was ineffable.


We stepped into a large spacious area. Two identical beds stood at each side of the room. The pillows and blankets were made of something glittering and reminded us of the moon. It was like silk but even softer and lighter. Coral thought it was moonbeams. There were plant decorations everywhere. The light itself was a glass dome with a flickering light in it. Coral leaned closer and exclaimed “There’s a Lightning Pixie in there!” There were chest of drawers and two wardrobes made of beautifully tarnished holly wood.There were two desks, side by side in front of a huge floor to ceiling window with curtains made of spider’s silk! I looked out of the window. It was a beautiful sunset. The colours mixed in with each other creating a wonderful masterpiece. But something caught my attention. On the ledge of the window, something was encased in ivy, like it had been there for years! It was a chest. I closed my eyes and concentrated on transporting the chest inside of the treehouse. When I opened them, I looked at the chest carefully. It was beautiful, made of acacia wood and had silver patterns on it. Coral headed over to me. “What is it?” she asked. “I don’t know.” I replied. I saw it had a lock. I ran my hand over it and suddenly a beam of light shot out of the keyhole. The chest lid lifted up magically and on the inside we saw what looked like two boxes.


Coral and I each chose a box and lifted the lid. They both held sticks. Or what we thought were sticks. When we lifted them, red and gold sparks shot out of the ends. “WOAH!” gasped Coral. Woah was an understatement in my opinion. I thought it should’ve been “Oh my goodness, it’s so fantastically awesome it’s the best, I love it, I wonder if it could produce unicorns?”  I waved it and the curtains flung open, revealing the now dark inky sky and the huge forest. I waved it again and the curtains bounced back. Coral waved her wand (which she had named it) and created food out of nowhere. “Awesome!” she exclaimed. We wondered what else these wands could do.


The next day we woke up to find out that we had slept in. We sprang out of bed and dressed, today in matching white silver gowns and emerald sashes we had found in the wardrobe. I opened the curtains and was met with a horrible sight. The sky was gradually turning a pale red and there was a huge truck in the distance, we could see even from our treehouse, miles away. “This must be what our angel told us about.” I whispered to Coral. We looked around the house for something to let us view what was happening around the city. After hours of searching we found a crystal ball in a hidden cupboard. “I wonder if it’s a Prophecy Ball?” I wondered. All goddesses knew that a prophecy ball was a crystal ball that allowed people to see the future, the past or what was happening in other places of the world. We placed our hands around the smooth, transparent sphere and thought of the city, where we grew up. Visions started coming into our minds. There was the Empire State Building filled with dynamite and TNT waiting to explode. Clouds of toxic gases were visible hanging in the air. People ran for cover, stumbling and coughing. And there standing on a raised platform in front of the seagram building was Walter Taylor standing with his wife Bonnette Taylor and her daughters. In Walter’s hands was a small, glowing object that was producing a shield around Walter and Bonnette but creating the shield created more pollution. Police cars came roaring up and the fearless men fired bullet after bullet at them. But they bounced off the shield and stabbed countless, innocent men who was just trying to protect their city.


Tears splashed down our cheeks as we rid our minds of the awful visions. “How can they be so horrid?” Coral sobbed. “They’re destroying our Earth and killing everyone, one person at a time!” We had to find a way to stop this. The truck we could see in the distance was probably Mr Taylor’s. Coral continued to sob while I stared out of the window at the ever nearing truck. It was tearing down trees and wrecking the forest as it made its slow progression towards us, but we were sure that they would never know that we were here. We decided to do something. We couldn’t just sit and do nothing. So I grabbed the prophecy ball and we jumped out of the window. We zoomed across the forest using ivy that pushed us forward rapidly. It took no time for us to reach the city. I zoomed down but Coral grabbed my hand which stopped me. She muttered in my ear  “We have to make a plan first.” We thought of everything we had learnt about throughout our life. Our faces lightened as an Idea popped into our minds, we stared at each other in the eye we wondered if we had the same idea. Correct we were, I guess the saying ‘Great minds think alike’ is true. The plan was truly brilliant. We knew that trees give us oxygen so we would grow trees in the forest and gather people to stay there. We wondered who was going to help us evacuate everyone to the forest while we try to distract and capture Walter, Bonnette, Evelyn and Avery. Suddenly the angel who had turned us into nature goddesses appeared and said “I can help!” and she zoomed down and started evacuating everyone towards the forest.


We swished our wands, we grew several trees in seconds. A truck came rumbling out of nowhere. It was owned by Walter! We freaked out than we suddenly changed to the colour of the leaves. We camouflaged with the tree. We stared at each other with glee. Thinking the same thing, ‘yay we can camouflaged’. We hurried towards the ‘Taylor’ family. Coral zoomed across them, snatching the ball from Walter’s hand, then I grew long vines which covered the Taylors. In just a few minutes the angel had already herded all of the citizens into the forest. We speeded up to the forest and grew trees as fast as the speed of light. When we secured all of the citizens in New York , we fled to the now empty city and increased the fresh air with the help of the angel who was named Anahita. When the city was pollution free we unleashed the vines towering the Taylors and guided the citizens into their city. Walter and Bonnette was taken into court for their crime and Avery and Evelyn were placed in a foster home together. Coral cried tears with many emotions from Joy to Sadness as she watched her mother finishing trial and heading to 50 years in prison. Then Bonnette did something extraordinary. Something no one would have thought she could do. “I love you.”...


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