Open Letter To The Warmongers Of Our World

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Living In More Peaceful Ways

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



Living In More Peaceful Ways

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Living In More Peaceful Ways

Because on the inner level of life all is one, anything that happens in the whole of Creation has an affect on everything else. As a result, when we are healing the whole of Creation heals with us and slowly begins to recover from the stresses and strains our race with its presence in a far distant corner of the Universe has inflicted upon the rest of life. The lesson of patriarchy with is dominion-seeking and warmongering has had a disturbing influence on the rest of life. Slowly but surely, this part of our race’s earthly education is drawing to its natural conclusion.

Every small step each one of us takes to conduct their lives in more peaceful ways is another step forward on the individual and collective healing journey of our world. It brings all of us that bit closer to our new and peaceful world where hunger and pain, suffering and wars are no longer known and we live together in harmony and peace. Even the tiniest effort any one of us makes in this direction is noticed, valuable and treasured by those in charge of us. At all times, the Angels and Masters are by our sides in total and unconditional love, ever ready to assist those who are in danger of giving up in despair and falling by the wayside. They are the ones who ensure that no soul will forever be lost in the snares and traps of the illusion that is their present physical existence or left behind anywhere without their support. Every aspect of life is taken care of by these wise ones with the greatest diligence and love.

I would like to share with you the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of guides from one of the Lodge’s Monday Thoughts on 19th May 2014:

‘It may seem to you that the great truths of the Universe have no relevance to your daily encounters and experiences. You will find that your consciousness expands when you focus your attention on the wider perspective of eternal wisdom and truth, instead of on the obstacles of your earthly existence. You then begin to realise how very small  the problems of your earthly existence truly are, even those that at times seem to threaten to overwhelm and destroy you.

‘When you reflect on the evolutionary journey your spirit and soul have travelled down the ages, your mind begins to understand the grandeur of life and gets a better perception of its past, present and future. With time this helps you to become more tranquil and placid, joyous and humorous, about some of the only apparently overpowering difficulties you still have to encounter in the course of paying your karmic debts and balancing your spiritual bankbook. Your faith and trust in the basic goodness of life increases steadily through the knowledge that God and the Angels never leave you and are constantly with you. Call upon us, so that we can show you that it is true that we can be approached any time of day or night to show you ways of solving even the knottiest problems and issues that are still demanding your attention.

‘Do not think that we, your guides and helpers in the world of light, together with the Angels and Masters in charge of us, fail to understand how important your human problems are. We appreciate that to you they weigh just as heavily as for example the birth of a new civilisation would. Never forget that even civilisations are born, exist and play their part in the grand scheme of life and then pass away, so that a new civilisation can be born, one that will be more grandiose and beautiful than any of those that came before it. Never mind civilisations, whole worlds and Universes with all their inhabitants have come and gone in the long evolutionary history of God’s Creation, and kept safe by us. Such cycles will forever continue, because one gigantic Cosmic breathing in and out follows the other in an orderly fashion. That, dear Friends, is what evolution is about.’

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