Open Letter To The Warmongers Of Our World

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Know Yourself And You Will Know God

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



The Road From Sinner To Sainthood - Part Three

Know Yourself And You Will Know God

Rays of Wisdom - ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’ - Know Yourself And You Will Know God

Rolling stoned, gathering no moss
nothing ever gained, so nothing lost
don’t stop to count the cost

Rolling stoned, feeling no pain
burned out memories, no shame
ready and willing to play your game

Rolling stoned, there’s nothing to hate
bad things happen, that’s just fate
can’t change the past, it’s way too late

Rolling stoned, can’t find peace
the needle offers no relief
still too many secrets to keep

Rolling stoned . . . maybe it does gather moss
I can’t count how much hell it cost
and how damned much I have lost

Julia WF

All you human souls in distress, the stone of the misery of your fears and anxieties about the future and the unknown, the fragility, uncertainty and precariousness of your earthly existence, has come rolling to My feet. Through the Jesus legend I told you in St. Matthew 11:28: ‘Come to me, all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ The figure of the man Jesus is but a symbolism for Me, the living God within you. Because I am part of you, not one of the tears you ever shed and your plaintive cries have been unseen and unheard. I have always been with you and I am now picking you up and taking you into My loving heart. Never again will I  let go of you and allow you to dwell in the misery of thinking that you are alone in the tests and trials of earthly life.

Bring Me your burdens. Tell Me about them and then listen within, so I can help you to work your way through and find resolutions even for the most difficult relationships and situations you encounter. Whenever you do not understand something, do not judge hastily and as a result of this react in the wrong way. Leave your problem with Me and wait until I show you intuitively how to proceed. Discrimination is one of the most vital lessons of Earth life for you at present. Take care to discern between advice you receive from Me, your Highest Self, and that which has its origin in your small earthly self, the small and frightened part of you that loves to jump to conclusions and acting in too much haste and without due forethought.

All of you are longing for safety and certainty. Yet, for as long as you search for it on the Earth plane, you are bound to fail. True and everlasting  security can only grow in you organically when you get to know who and what you truly are, what kind of a destiny awaits you, where you have come from and where one day you will be returning to. So that in the end you find your back to Me and my world and its values, your true home, Earth life has purposely been designed to keep you from finding the things you are longing for most there. And for as long as human souls lack the awareness that life serves a higher purpose to which they can and indeed are required to dedicate their life’s work, it is all too easy for them to get sucked into a downwards spinning maelstrom of feelings of futility and hopelessness.

When the going gets rough and you cannot see a way out of your misery, as it has to do for all of you now and again, Earth life may seem like a depressing dark and endless tunnel that seems to have no light shining at its end. You may seek oblivion in alcohol and drugs of any kind, but it does not take long until you discover for yourself that they are not the answer. The temporary relief they bring with time only pulls you deeper into the moods of despondency and despair. For all human souls there eventually comes a moment of awakening when you realise with ever greater certainty that you must be on a wrong track and that it may be time for looking whether life could have some higher things to offer you.

Eventually you go off in search for Me. For a long time during this quest, you may roll to the ends of the Earth and bark up any tree that looks promising, unaware of the fact that in order to find Me all you have to do is go within. There comes a moment when you wait no longer and look around inside you now, to see what might be there for you and come to greet you. After having tried all the wrong ways first, at last you are now on the right track. Now every step of your pilgrimage through Eternity consciously takes you back to Me.

Your feelings of being lost and alone on the Earth plane were part of My grand design of life, in which nothing anywhere happens perchance or by coincidence. This plan has always provided that some real progress on the evolutionary spiral of life can only be made by those who make it their business to find out who they truly are and who I am. Hence the old adage: ‘Woman/man know yourself and you will know God and the Universe.’

Those who to this day think of Me as some far distant force that is outside of you and beyond your reach, you could not be more wrong. Being part of you, I know you and your true requirements better than you will ever be aware of yourselves. I am familiar with all the suffering and pain that ever had to endured by you. On the long road from sinner to saint I am with each one of you, from its very beginning to the end. It is a long and demanding pathway, to be sure, but what else would you expect for aspiring young Gods?

Only when the demands of this section of your education have been satisfied and your vibrations have become sufficiently lighter, can the Angels and I move you forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. You then begin to experience its higher manifestations and from this point onwards you gradually proceed on to the highest levels of life. Bearing in mind who you truly are, it is hardly surprising that this thoroughfare, along which every earthling has to travel back home into the oneness with Me, is strewn with stones of all shapes and sizes. They range from the smallest pebbles to the biggest boulders and each one of them represents one of the obstacles you have to grapple with and learn to overcome.

Soren Kierkegaard spoke the truth when he wrote: ‘God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but God does what is still more wonderful: s/he makes saints out of sinners.’ As always, there is much more to this than meets the eye. No-one will come and make a sinner into a saint for you. You alone can and have to do it, for you are the one who is in command of the ship of your whole being. It is the God part of you, the living God within, who gradually pulls you forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. I am this aspect of your nature and I am the one who, in the fullness of time helps every last sinner of the Earth plane to evolve into one of its saints.

And if My words are speaking to your heart and soul and even if you only get a small amount of relief from them, if you know someone who is suffering like you, do not forget to share what you are finding here.

Dedicated to Julia, who inspired this new chapter of my jottings,
and to all those who are searching and suffering like her.

Six pointed Star

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