Open Letter To The Warmongers Of Our World

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - The Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



The Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life

The Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life - Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

Until you know who I truly am and where I dwell, and who you are, you cannot find Me and come to Me. You cannot even begin looking for Me. So, who am I? I am the Christ Spirit, the only born Son, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun, and I dwell in your own heart. Until the moment has come for you to discover this, in a superficial sense you will be lost, even though spiritually you never are. At the right moment, the Father, the masculine aspect of the Divine, whose gifts of wisdom I once brought you through the Jesus myth, begins to draw you towards Himself again.

The concept that a saviour and redeemer would appear in your world, to set you free and release you from the chains and shackles of your earthly existence has been with your world for a long time. Over the ages, this idea has been presented to you in many different forms. None of the stories that came to your world were lies. They were not intended to be deceptions, not even part truths. It is merely that only as much of My truth could be revealed to humankind at any given time, as its consciousness was capable of grasping and digesting.

Rejoice, beloved children of the Earth! You are now reaching spiritual adulthood and are therefore ready for increasing amounts of My truth. It will continue to come to you, until finally each one fully stands and lives in its light. I am your Highest Self and I am waiting for you to call upon Me, so I can show you how to be the saviour and redeemer of your own soul and that of your world. Your time has come for being completely lifted out of the darkness of the prison of your spiritual ignorance into the light of all My knowledge and wisdom. I am coming to you to tell you about your own true nature and Mine, and also the character of My relationship with you and your world.

The main purpose of your earthly existence is that eventually each one of you should develop into a seeker of wisdom and truth in their own right, My wisdom and My truth. More than once I told you through one of the prophets I sent to your world from time to time that in the end all shall be taught by Me, your Creator and God. Through St. John I again drew the attention of your world to this fact. Each time I brought you this messaged it was intended to reassure and comfort you. You have to bear in mind that at any given moment I gave through the prophets only as much of My truth as you and your world were ready to receive. Yet, now that you are entering into the Aquarian Age, ever more of you are ready to receive My wisdom directly from Me, the Source of your being.

When you wish to find truth, you no longer need to look for it outside of you. Instead, look into your own heart, where I dwell. I am your Highest or God Self, your inner teacher and guide. I am alive in you and through quiet reflections, prayers and meditations you are now required to re-establish your inner connection with Me, so I can again teach and protect each one of you, the way I once did. I alone know what is right or wrong for you in any given situation. Listen to the feelings that rise from within the very core of your own being into your conscious awareness and let Me guide you, in this way, into right thoughts, words and actions. Through your intuition I have always tried to guide and protect you. The only difference between past lifetimes and the present one is that you are finding out about that your intuitive wisdom comes directly from Me.

Time and again throughout the ages, parts of My knowledge, known to your world as the Ancient Wisdom, were given to humankind. Over and over they were interpreted, re-worked and translated from one language into another. Although the words and languages in which My messages were presented constantly changed, their basic contents remained the same. As soon as sufficient numbers of you had spiritually matured sufficiently to be able to grasp their meaning, if only superficially, another aspect of My wisdom was revealed to you through a multitude of different sources. Alas, the words in which it was presented frequently were hard or even impossible to understand. But now that many of you are ready to perceive their hidden esoteric meanings, even the oldest of My communications are beginning to speak to you and your world more profoundly than has ever been possible before.

However, receiving My teachings is one thing. Understanding and unearthing the esoteric higher wisdom hidden behind the surface words is quite another. Since time immemorial this has presented your world with problems. That’s why many of My words in the past appeared to you like the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle that were well nigh impossible to put together to reveal its picture. Many quotes from the teachings of all the religions of your world were hidden references to the law of Karma. I hope that this realisation will help you make a great deal more sense out of at least some of them now, so that the puzzle’s pieces fall into place and an ever more beautiful picture emerges before your astonished eyes.

To give you but one example, to this day many are mystified by quotes like ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ With the understanding you have found, you know that they contain a reference to My Universal laws, in particular the law of Karma. The above words and others like them were never intended to represent instructions of behaviour telling you to go out of your way to cause pain and destroy each other. From where you stand now, you can see for yourself that such interpretations were as much a gross injustice to your true nature and Mine as they are of the sacred texts I gave to you through the scribes of their time. 

All life is subject to My Divine laws and every soul has always been responsible for every one of its own thoughts, words and actions. Being unaware of the existence of these laws has never protected anyone against having to live with its consequences. Whenever you are saddened by inexperienced souls in your world, who to this day are taking the teachings of their sacred texts literally, using them as excuses for hurting and killing those who do not share their beliefs, do not despair and refuse to sit in judgement over them.

They too are learning valuable lessons. Both of you are – yours is the one of tolerance and patience with younger souls. Never forget that they are your siblings in the great family of humankind and all life. In the fullness of time, My time not Earth time, they too will wake up to their true nature again. They will then be given the same opportunities for finding the understanding you are gaining now. Each one of you in the end finds their own way back into the loving union with Me. You will then have learnt from your own experiences that all life always has rested safely in My loving hands and that this will forever continue.

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