Open Letter To The Warmongers Of Our World

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Revealing The Plan

Submitted: December 06, 2018

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Submitted: December 06, 2018



The Great Plan – Part Two

Revealing The Plan

Rays Of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – Revealing The Plan

‘The great plan provides that with the passing of time ever more of you will become aware of their real nature again. The human thinking and behaviour patterns in earthly life show us at any given moment how close any one of you is to being called a true son/daughter of the Highest. As the influence of the positive and constructive energies of your whole world increase, the negative and destructive ones decrease in direct proportion. The more of you learn how to work hand in hand with God, the Angels and us, the more powerful the energies created become. Eventually they will be so strong that they are pulling the rest of humankind along. In this way each one of you will assist Mother Earth until her transformation into a planet of healing and peace is complete. It will happen just as our Creator’s mind envisaged it when the great plan was conceived.

‘It has always been God’s will that with the passing of time the plan should be revealed to humankind, one small step after another. Our appearance in your midst is part of this disclosure and it’s for wise reasons that it is coming to you in the approach to the Christ Moon on 20th June 2016. The twentieth day of every month is under the rulership of Cancer and the Moon. Cancer is the caring and nurturing mothering principle of life. The sign and its ruler, the Moon, represent the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, who cares for and nurtures all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation. The Earth is one of Her manifestations and so is every female creature in our world. On this special day in the year 2016 the Great Mother is calling out to all Her children of the Earth to rise and come to the help of Mother Earth, to do everything that is within their power to assist her transformation and healing. She asks us to ease our planet’s burden by living modestly, refusing to over-consume and recycling as much as possible.

‘Throughout the ages, for a long time almost imperceptibly the response of your race’s consciousness to the energies of the Universal Christ’s has slowly been increasing, speeding up the vibrations of every aspect of earthly life. Like a child that is quickening in its mother’s womb, your planet and all its lifeforms have always been moving towards the Earth’s transformation into a Sun. We, the forces at work in the background of life, have always been working on spiritualising and etherealising Earth’s outer crust. Eventually it will be transformed into matter that is of a much finer substance and higher vibration than it has ever been before. When this process is complete, it will be impossible for souls whose vibrations are incompatible with the Earth’s to return to her in future lifetimes. These souls will be reincarnating onto one of the younger planets, to assist it with is spiritual development. You can find out more about this by following the links at the end of this chapter.

‘More highly evolved souls follow their inner guidance and listen to their hearts when it comes to finding out what is right or wrong for them at any given moment. Because they patiently and willingly accept what the Universal forces are presenting to them, their vibrations constantly improve, growing more refined and stronger. Life in general is made considerably easier when you know that the Universal laws of balance and compensation ensure that everything always turns out well in the end, no matter how dire things may look on the surface of things. These laws are responsible for turning all evils of your individual and collective Karma of all lifetimes into vast amounts of good that will come to you and your planet in due course.

‘None of these good things can be brought about without the help and the will of God, never by human beings on their own. To paraphrase the Jesus legend: ‘On my own I am nothing and can do nothing. It’s the Father/Mother who does all the work.’ It has been said that hand in hand with God, the Angels and us all things are possible and mountains of false beliefs can be moved and changed into peaks of new hope, faith and trust. This is true and another important point to be born in mind is that the more you work with us on the healing of your world, the more you absorb of our energies. This gradually cleanses, purifies and refines the cells and atoms of every aspect of your being so much that eventually every trace of your lower earthly self’s emanations have been eradicated.

‘This is how in the fullness of time every last remnant of the darkness of your whole world will have been absorbed into the light of the Highest. Through everyone’s own efforts ever more of the darkness of your world will gradually be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all life, making Mother Earth into a planet of healing and peace. And that’s how every human soul will eventually evolve into a Christed one in their own right, a saviour and redeemer of your whole world.

‘The most essential ingredient of the greater freedom of the Aquarian Age is the ability to believe and follow what your heart says is true. New knowledge is at present flowing with increasing abundance into your world. The hearts of those who are aware of their true nature prefer the wisdom they are receiving in this way to that which is written in ancient tomes. Although to this day some of the most learned people of your world insist that every word these books contain is true and should be understood literally, ask your heart. It will not hesitate to tell you: ‘Look for the esoteric meaning behind the surface words. They alone are true.

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