Paper and Ink

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Why do we love others?

Is it love that keeps two people together,
I believe not,
It’s the thought of loneliness that makes them wanna stay together.
Loneliness can drive someone crazy,
It can make someone feel depressed,
It can even make them cut their wrist or hang themselves.

But, then again is it really loneliness?
I believe not,
It’s the thought of being ignored that makes them wanna stay together.
Imagine a life without any attention or acknowledgement ,
Our existence is so much dependent on the opinions of others.
We please, try to fit in with others just to get that attention,
We even go beyond our limits to get others approval.
Even the things that gives us pleasure have the outcome of pleasing somebody.

Ever wondered,
A life without being loved?
It’ll be just like a blank paper on which you tried to write something your whole life but unfortunately the pen had no ink.

So, again is it really the fear of feeling ignored?
I believe not...

Submitted: April 15, 2018

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