My Teacher, Death 2: Lost memories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

After barely escaping The Celestial City, class 3-f is back to school, completing missions and such. Once more, Erick and Elise are the teachers. This is the continuation of My Teacher, Death
featuring more revelations and unlikely allies.

Table of Contents


It was a hot summer day and a boy with white and black hair stared, with his black and blue eyes, from a window in his house a group of k... Read Chapter

An Errand from Erick

  Erick woke up from his bed, rubbing his eyes and had a confused look. “What was that dream?” he asked ... Read Chapter

Freya's Attitude

  Earlier that day   The bell for recess had just rang and Meleek was grabbing his books. “need help with those?... Read Chapter

Joseph's seal

    A boy with orange hair and green eyes was on an outside field playing with some kids. The group of kids mainly cons... Read Chapter

Joseph's seal pt. 2

Flashback   It was a crescent moon, the sky was clear and a loud howl can be heard below. The howl soon turned int... Read Chapter


Dismissal   3-f was still at the classroom. Diana was up in front, wearing a smile while most of the girls and som... Read Chapter

The Amusement Park

A few days had passed, and all that time, the students had been preparing. Some were actually pla... Read Chapter


A long time ago   It was the Celestial City’s castle and there was a party to celebrate Ariana’s coronation. Angels and ... Read Chapter

Lydia's Play

    Monday   Lydia was walking to school alone, her hair tied in its usual ponytail an... Read Chapter

Lydia's Play pt. 2

For a month, they have begun practicing. Every day they went to Lydia’s house to practice. Raniel was, at first, ne... Read Chapter

They're Alive!?

The day after midterms   Class 3-f was sitting quietly as Erick pulled out papers in his desk. It was after midter... Read Chapter


  A long time ago   “I’m sorry what?” Erick called, a shocked expression on his face. In front of him was Ari... Read Chapter

The Purple Wizard Of Issarat

The purple portal swirled open into an open field, the grass and leaves on the trees rustling loudly as their trunks swayed gra... Read Chapter

Kelly Joins The Party

“a Telepath?” Isabella called, an intrigued look on her face. While everyone was surprised at her revelation, she remained ... Read Chapter

A Fallen Angel

The Celestial City   Ariana was sitting on her throne with her elbows resting on the arm rest and her head resting... Read Chapter


Ariana trembled in fear she watched in horror at what’s in front of her. It was Erick, his scythe plunged in a dead angel’s... Read Chapter

Wait, What!?

Their carriage came to a halt in a forest far from Isabella’s hut. Quickly, they evacuated the carriage, looking around for e... Read Chapter

The Small Barbarian King Of Issarat

A green portal swirled open at a rocky field, the wind coming out of it caused some of the smaller rocks to fly away. Coming ou... Read Chapter

Helping Darryl

Hearing this, Cassandra smiled, “that’s great to hear” she said, slowly closing her eyes and falling to the ground, and p... Read Chapter

Unlikely Enemies

  “Freya! Freya!” Coco called, running towards Freya who was still cracking her whip at the Barbarians. After obse... Read Chapter

An End To The War

“Lydia!?” Diana called, blocking Lydia’s right sickle with her sword. She stared at her vile grin, it wasn’t Lydia, but... Read Chapter


A golden white portal swirled slowly on a bed of white fluffy clouds. A boy with black scruffy hair with br... Read Chapter

The Balcony of Horrible Memories

  After a few hours, Luke and Ariana were walking down the hallway. Luke had trusted Ariana but he was still... Read Chapter

A Rematch

  Luke laughed softly, “honestly, I don’t know what to feel. I hate you yet somehow I’m glad I helped you sort y... Read Chapter


Ariana stood in horror, her eyes making a glare and her mouth wearing a serious frown. What she was staring at were Valkyries, thousands ... Read Chapter

A Complete Heart

  “here you go!” Raniel said, handing down a cup of coffee to Emerald. She smiled, staring at him as he sat down, ... Read Chapter

The dark planet, Transylvania

  A black portal swirled at the side of the road, three figures varying in size walking out of it. Those figures being... Read Chapter

Family Matters

  “this is a story that I think you’ll like, it’s about a Vampire that befriended an angel” Kathrina said, keeping the b... Read Chapter

Our Lost Memories

Meanwhile, Richard had driven Audrey to the city and at a clothing store. He sat at a bench as Audrey went into one of the fitt... Read Chapter

Going Home

    The pair left the park and were driving home. As Richard set his eyes on the road, Audrey looked down at ... Read Chapter


An orange portal opened slowly in a barren dessert in a reddish color. Two teenagers left the por... Read Chapter


I’ll give you a brief overview about me. I was a normal boy back then, until F.A.U.S.T found me and used me for their experiments. They... Read Chapter


Casey frowned, keeping his sights on the massive dome. He had been lying there for a few hours now and he h... Read Chapter


  “Long time no see, old friend!” Faust grinned, a maniacal look on his face as Erick grunted. “Oh man, what a great time!... Read Chapter

A Much Needed Explanation

“I want to start this off by saying: you have every right to hate me” Steve spoke, standing in front of everyone ... Read Chapter

A Good Friend

The next day came, no one was around the class say for one brown-skinned boy sitting at the very back. He had jet black hair an... Read Chapter

A Rival in Hell

  The next day   “well I’ll be!” Luke said, smashing his hand in Ben’s table. “I thought you’... Read Chapter

The Nine Circles

Morning came, all the students that wanted to help Ben were present. Since it was summer, they all changed to appropr... Read Chapter

Amon's Castle

They all stood with shock as Jackson stood there, an angered look on his face as he threw the heads of demons away. ... Read Chapter


  While the other students went with Ben on his mission in Hell, the other students had a normal day in school.   T... Read Chapter


Thunder cracked loudly as lightning strike somewhere, leaving a light as it hit somewhere. Soon after the lightning, tiny drops... Read Chapter


A few minutes earlier   Lydia landed a punch at Freya’s cheeks, her feet skidding through the ground as she resi... Read Chapter


“I know I don’t talk too much but since it’s my mission, I now have to talk” Keith spoke. He was standing in front of e... Read Chapter


Massive dark grey clouds began to move slowly, covering the blue sky and the sun. As the clouds made the sky dark, small drops of water b... Read Chapter

Virgil Returns

Virgil took slow steps towards his prey, to maximize fear and to show to Luke that there was nothing he could do to save the one he loved... Read Chapter

The Miracle Angel

  War waged in the city of Heaven. Millions of Corrupted Angel fell from the sky to attack the thousands of angels def... Read Chapter


  Purgatory. What was once a humble and peaceful bar that provided shelters for the souls that have not ascended or descended in... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

S. Rasmussen

Ok, what a HILLARIOUS chapter. Possibly one of your best ones. I felt like I was there, connecting with the characters again. What a fun and playful chapter.

A couple of things
What was that food? With the letter s?

Also, a gay couple. How exciting!

Wed, April 18th, 2018 4:10pm

Kathrina Csernis

ermergerd like I was laughing a lot here hahahahahaha like erg I just got interrupted by a skype call lmao so this comment ain't gonna be so great, I'm also tired af lol anyways, all of the characters are here (well.... you know what I mean) - still cri for Audrey.

Hmmm inerwesting ship as well... sorry for the crap comment, I need to sleep but I'm hyped for later chapters cx

Sat, April 21st, 2018 12:31am


ah, it was so nice to be back isn't it hahaha. Although I love the craziness at the second half of the first book, I really missed this chill life of them in a normal high school as students hahaha. Missed those days when they are all...well...normal, well, atleast in my eyes haahha. But yeah, fun seeing them chill and all but the thought that five of them are gone and that nobody remembers them is just sad...

YEah, back at the missions hahaha, naisu.

No Steve, no. Bad. What the fuck? Like literally what the fuck? ISnt that also the same bitch who used to bully Isabella. NO! Fuck Steve. I won't be mad if you kill him. YOu know what, I sacrifice Steve for any of the five. Its only been like days since Isabella died then Steve is already fucking around with someone, and not just someone but the person that...ugh. Fuck that.

Well, are you sinking my ship and Coco and letting Luke and Coco rise just because Luke X Emerald died. NO, not because Coco is mine but because, well, Emerald. I trust Look! He wont replace Emerald! hahahaha.

Sun, April 29th, 2018 2:25am


Yeah you lot seem to miss those days so I brought them back. Well I did plan to bring it back before so yeah lol what am I saying? Idk hahahaha.

I knew you'd hate that lol, yeah I hate it too but he's Steve. No one really knows much aboutbhim so maybe he does that, cheating or whatever you call it.

Nope, not sinking it. I guess Luke can't sleep properly cuz of Em's death so he needs Coco to sing him to sleep, like a kid cuz Luke's kinda a kid hahahahaha basta hndi ko pinapalit yung unang ship

Sat, April 28th, 2018 8:59pm

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