The pill

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My first & last writing I'm ever going to do. English is not my mother tongue, and writing is not a hobby. It was just for fun, & for myself, but I decided to post it. Hope you enjoy, no matter how
stupid & silly the story sounds. :)

Submitted: April 15, 2018

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Submitted: April 15, 2018



“ Pour me another, would you ?

- What would you like ?

- Same drink please ! “

?As Kairo was enjoying his drink, a tall and old-looking man entered the place followed by his assistant. Mr.Lamar started walking towards him, shook his hand and congratulated him on his recent progress. He introduced his assistant to Kairo, although he already knew who she was very well. Following this encounter, he was introduced to many people who also congratulated him. Kairo had somewhat reached the edge of his career as a civil engineer. Although he was the center of the attention that night, someone outshined everyone else and stole his attention. Her long black wavy hair falling down her back, her mysterious gaze, her latin vibe, he loved every bit of her : Maria Angela Delgada, Mr.Lamar’s assistant.

Their conversation was intense, she showed her interest for this tall, dark featured, and very sultry man. As Kairo was looking away for a moment, she slipped what happened to be a pill in his drink.
A few moments later, he started feeling somewhat dizzy, the room was revolving around itself; he felt his tension peaking, his vision getting blurry, his hand getting shaky, his whole body trembling, and he fainted .

He felt even more confused when he woke up.
When he finally opened his eyes, he was lying down in a very comfortable bed, with smooth feeling sheets, and a heavy velvety blanket. He lifted his head from the pillow, and finally his upper body.
He was wearing pajamas. He got up and got out of the room. As he tried to understand where he was, he entered everysingle room of the house, to finally land in the main one : the living room.
At that moment, a woman entered the house and saw him.
He reconized her, it was Maria, Mr Lamar’s assistant.


“Oh dear, you have only just gotten out of bed ?!, she said in disbelief.

- Uhm, he tried to speak, but she did before he even had the chance to ask


- Honey, would you help me bring the bags from the car ? They’re quite heavy.?


Why was she calling him honey ? And why in the world was she acting so comfortable around him ? What situation had he gotten himself in ? He kept pondering for a few seconds before she got back at him.


“Come on, don’t stay there with that blank look on your face, start moving !,

- Uhm ... What kind of role play is that ? Did I agree to this while being drunk yesterday ?

Uh oh, So you think you are exempted from doing some house chores just because you have caught a tiny cold ?

- No I mean, why am I even here ?

- Why are we all here... Anyways, are you ok ?

- Are we married ?, Maria burst into laughter , Oh lord what has gotten into you this morning ? Should I take you to your doc’ ?

- Eh no, I’m fine, thank’s “

Definitely, he couldn’t understand a single part of what was happening to him. As he went out to help her, he saw the date on the electronic calendar :
that is to say 10 years later.
The first year he spent living with Maria, he looked for answers everywhere, trying to understand what had happened that night for him to skip ten years of his life.
After that year, he gave up on it, caught up with his life, and started living the most normal life possible.
He actually had gotten used to it and was enjoying his mariage to the fullest. One night during a calm and mild winter, Maria noticed his recurring nosebleeds :

“You might want to see a doctor for this, it’s been like this for weeks now, should I call tomorrow ?

- Uhm, sure my love,”

A few days later he went to see the doctor. Maria stayed in the corridor as he got his annual check up in the doctor’s office. The doctor looked familiar to him, but he couldn’t recall why.
After a while, Kairo asks the doctor :

“How much longer is it going to take ? I have left my wife in the corridor waiting for quite a long time now,

- Your wife ?

- Yes, my wife, Maria.

- Maria would you come in ?

- Yes Doctor Lamar, may I help you ?

- Yes, could you bring Mr. Kairo’s Pillbox ?

- Yes sure, “

- So, your wife huh ?

- I don’t understand, why was she dressed like that ?

- You don’t really think you are married to her right, do you ?

- Well, I do.

- Do I really have to remind you that you lost your wife five years into your mariage Kairo ... And that is why you are here, twenty years later. We still have hope for you Kairo, you are on the right track, but please, stop throwing away your pills, you have to take them everyday. Here, take the pill you should have taken this morning.”

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