Eyes of color.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a world where everything is black and white, the only way to see color is to find your soulmate. Alexandra, a 16-year-old girl is sick of searching every single day to try and find the right
person, but her disapproving mother dampens her spirit. Her hope and happiness are draining out, and there is only one way to get it back.

When life seems like it has no point, what would you do?

Submitted: April 16, 2018

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Submitted: April 16, 2018




My mother was angry, she is always angry. She was angry when I went to a private school, she was angry when my father left us, she was angry if we did something wrong. My brother and I know what to do when mother gets angry, we leave the house.  There is no controlling a force of nature.

“Why I am the only one in this house who does anything!” She screeched. My brother and I were already out of the house.

It was a quick jog over the road, jump over a fence and then I was at the park. At the park, I wandered around, taking in the surroundings. I have been here hundreds of times, yet one thing stayed the same. I have seen the park benches, the trees, the swings, but never in colour. My brother cannot see colour yet either. Father and mother used to see colour, but he told me that, day by day, the colour was slowly draining away. That is why he left. Now mother cannot see colour either.

 We have been told, that one day, when we are older, we will find our other half, we will lock eyes, and our world will suddenly come into colour. By I do not know if I can wait that long. Mother says 16 is not old enough to find him yet, but here I wait. Apparently, babies have had their world in colour, but why can’t I? I wish I could see the colour of sunset, the blues of the ocean, and the green of the trees. But no, my world is in black and white. Every day, at this time, I come to the park, and look for him. No one stops me, but no one helps. I lock eyes with every person who walks past, but for 16 years, no luck.

When my brother and I get home, mother still has not cooled off.

“Where were you? Do you understand how worried I’ve been?”

I tried my best to answer without yelling, “I go out every day at this time, you should know by now!” Unfortunately, it made mother even angrier.

“Do not yell at me! Go to your room now!” My brother had run off, he hates it when mother yells.

“No.” I stated, “I am going out, right now.” Mother knew what I was doing. As usual, it made her angrier, as it does every day.

“No you are not! Do you know how unlikely it is for you to find him? I don’t even see in colour! You will never find him! Never! You are-“

But I had tuned her out, I have had enough of her telling me that I will not find him, it was the same every day. I snapped.

“You don’t understand! I’m sick of this, every day we fight, and you always tell me how I’m worthless, and how it won’t matter if I find him or not. I am not you doll to play with. I will prove you wrong! I HATE YOU!”

I ran out the door, towards the main street. I was frantic. Searching, searching, looking, and wondering. I nearly turned back twice, but I had to find him, to prove mother wrong. I was looking for hours, with no luck. I locked eyes with countless people, I locked eyes with one more and then, someone screamed.

“Colour! Colour!” I froze, could this be the moment I have been waiting for, was I finally free? I was searching for the voice, without any reason. Then I found him, a beautiful boy, about my age, jumping up and down. I ran up to him, hiding my nerves.

“Did your world just change?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“Yes!” I wish I sounded that happy.

“Who was it? Was it, me?” I know that the question was hopeful and far-fetched, but I had to ask.

“Um, actually, no. It was her.” He pointed towards a girl who was pretty, but would be even prettier with colour. The girl was still, as she had been since the boys scream. Then she ran at him, and jumped into his arms. I could not watch any more. Then I was running.

Why couldn’t it be me? Why did nothing ever happen to me? I screamed in frustration as I was running. That was it, if I could not have him, then there was no point to anything, no point to life! 16 years of life, wasted, looking for the perfect person. Tears burned into my eyes, I could not see, I could not think, I just ran. I slammed into the side of a building, right next to a ladder, perfect. I started to climb it. Up and up, seven stories high. I reached the top and collapsed onto the roof, sobbing. My mother’s voice came into my head, yelling. That’s what made the decision. I was sick of this, no happiness, no love, and I was ending it, right now.

I stepped up to the side of the building, I did not look down. I took a deep breath. This was it, the end. However, weirdly, I was not dreading it; I was embracing it, looking forward to it. My mother can cry over my dead body, I thought. I bent my legs, 3, 2, 1…


I froze, listening.

“Don’t jump, please.”

I span around, there standing behind me was a boy who I had never met him before. Why would I listen to him, he wasn’t going to change anything?

“I thought about jumping too,” he said, our eyes locked,

Suddenly the world came alive. I was like the world had exploded, colours swishing down, swirling all around me, the whole world was moving, changing. I felt dizzy, but I was still staring into his eyes. Then everything stopped moving, and my eyes were full of colour.

So this is what the world looks like. I hold my hand up in front of my face; it is a weird colour, nothing like I have ever seen before. I looked up at the sky; I have been told it is blue, so the blue colour pierces my eyes, shocking my mind with the new colours. I can see all the colours, but I do not know which is which. The colours of the building I recognise, a dull grey, but what colour is the one that covers the grass, and the sun, and the colours of the cars that are driving past. Then I remember my companion, my soulmate.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Noah.” He replied, happiness dripping through his words. I ran at him, a stranger, and threw myself into his arms. I could feeling my heart thumping in my chest, finally it was my time.

“Thank you,” I said, “You saved me.”

He took my face in his hands, and in that moment, it felt like I was soaring, flying free with the clouds. Although I had just met him, it felt like I had known him forever, and I didn’t protest as he lowered his face to mine.

At the first touch of his lips, I seemed to lose control, wrapping my hands in his hair and pulling him closer to me. It was as if the bond had properly sealed, tying me to him forever. His mouth was still on mine and I nearly died of happiness. I had proved my mother wrong, I had saved myself.  When we broke away, he smiled adorably, and that made my heart beat twice as fast. There was one more thing I needed to do.

I took him home to show mother that I had found him, I had proved her wrong. When we entered through the back door and no one was there. I stared, I had never seen the eccentric designs in colour, I was so happy, I could finally see the world as it is.

“Alexandra, is that you?” My mother called.

“Yes mother,” I replied, “Can you come down? I have someone to show you.”

I could hear her footsteps plodding down the stairs, I waited nervously.  My mothers head poked around the corner.

“Hi sweetie,” she said, “I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier, are you feeling better?”

“Yes thanks mother, and I have someone to show you. Will you come out now Noah?”

Noah walked around the corner.  I looked at my mother’s face, she looked shocked, but I saw a hint of recognition flicker across her face.

“Noah?” Mother said, “I saved your life.”

I stared at her, how could this be true? I looked at Noah, he was staring at me, and he nodded.

“When I first met you,” he explained, “I said ‘I thought about jumping too.’ That was true, I was on the exact same building as you, just a week before, prepared to jump. I would have too, if your mother were not there. She convinced me not to jump, she saved my life.”

I was silent; the news came as a shock. Then gratitude surged through my body, my mother, the one who hated the thought of me with my soulmate, was the one who help me find him. Then I hugged her. My mother tensed up, as if she had forgotten what a hug was, then, hesitantly she place her arms around me, and hugged me back.

“Thank you mother.” 



I hope you enjoyed this short story! :)

© Copyright 2020 georgia745. All rights reserved.

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