IT will end

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When a gigantic alien named 'IT' comes to earth for revenge, a lot of destruction and death happens. What will stop 'IT'?


The streetlights were now pulsing in unison as the green glow covered the city. IT could hear people screaming from the tall skyscrapers, IT felt no mercy. A young man stumbled down a deserted street, and stopped at a flashing light, he started dancing.

‘Stupid drunk,’ IT thought and turned all the lights red, even the moon. As the town clock struck 3:33 am, IT spoke, casting its voice over the city.

“It’s all mine now. Have a pleasant, painful life.”

Chicago looks nice in panic, IT thought, as IT watched more screaming and hiding. IT knew that it could find and kill everyone in Chicago in minutes. The thought put a smile on IT’s face. Then IT set off to find ITs first victim.

The ground rumbled as IT stomped down narrow streets effortlessly knocking over trees and streetlights. IT stopped at a tall brown brick building and leaned down until its oversized eyes were peering through the dirty window. A man was crouched under a desk shaking, his dirty clothes covered in debris. Perfect. IT reached up, smashed the window, and grabbed him. IT raised the man until his hazel eyes were level with IT. A tear leaked down his face, but he showed no protest as if he already knew his fate. IT placed him on the ground where he sunk to his knees.

”Humans 2124,” IT growled, “You will be the first victim tonight. I will send your body back to my planet to prove I have taken over.” IT laughed loudly, causing flowers to wilt.

“Why are you doing this?” the man asked.

IT thought for a moment before answering.

“You humans are wrecking the world. Killing each other and the planet. It needs to stop!” The man opened his mouth again, but before he could speak, IT took his voice from his body. How IT did that, no one is quite sure. The man was still, his mouth gaping like a fish out of water. In a split second, IT had torn the man’s body in half, leaving him bleeding on the pavement, dead.

‘What fun,’ IT thought, ‘what’s next?’

In only five minutes, the fatalities had gone from 1 to 50. There were no more screams, everyone had the sense to hide and be quiet. But the citizens didn’t know that IT could sense them; for example, human 6108 was hiding in that filing cabinet. Not for long he wasn’t. A scream filled the air, then was replaced by a gurgling noise. Before IT even had a chance to celebrate, a siren approached. In a couple of seconds, there were one hundred guns pointed at IT’s head. The police had come to stop IT. Good luck with that.

“Put your hands up!” The police commanded. Surprisingly, IT did, its hands went up slowly, and IT took a small step forward. Everyone seemed to hold their breaths as they watched, waiting. Even IT took a deep breath, and just as the police thought they had won, IT exploded. A wave of freezing red air blasted out of IT, expanding outwards, reaching the police in seconds. The air forced through them, and the sound of their ripping flesh reach IT before their screams did. They were all dead in seconds. Laughing, IT strolled away carelessly.

It stumbled down empty streets, searching. The streets were silent. Not the silence of hiding, but the silence of nothing. Emptiness. IT could not sense anything, as if there was nothing left to sense. IT was just about to turn around when IT felt something. Just a pinprick, but that pinprick was drawing IT to someone. Perhaps they were the last. It turned the corner to see more destruction, more emptiness. Disappointed, IT began to turn down the next street, but something caught its eye. Sitting in the middle of the road, completely oblivious to what happening around her, was a little girl.

The girl was about 6, and she was wearing a polka dot dress that matched her shoes. She seemed to be crying quietly. IT took a step towards her, and the girls head snapped up. When she saw IT, she stood up and walked closer. It was interesting, a tiny girl, not even a little scared of the mountain towering over her.

“Do you want to play with me?” she asked.

IT was shocked, never has a person, especially not a child, not be scared of IT.

“I’m Emily,” she introduced herself, “And you will be Rupert.” As she spoke, she walked closer to IT. “Pick me up please.”

IT, Rupert, lowered his hands and gently lifted her up. How could he kill her?

“Why are you doing this?” Emily asked.

“Humans, they’re destroying everything. Killing everything.” Rupert responded.

“Oh Rupert,” Emily sighed, “You’re doing the exact same thing, worse. You killed Mama and Papa.”

Rupert was silent as he watched tears cascade down her face. She was right. He was destroying everything, killing everyone, he didn’t even care about all the death. He looked around at the smoldering mess he had made, the smell of blood still heavy in the air. He had done this, he was the monster, not the humans. A bucket sized tear fell to the ground, and Rupert remembered the little girl in his hand.

“You were right,” he whispered, “I’m sorry. Now it’s late, let’s go home.”

With the moon shining upon them, Rupert knelt, staring at the little girl who had fallen asleep in his hand, the unknowing savior of her home.

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This could actually make a great picture-book. Good work!

Mon, April 16th, 2018 9:14pm

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