The last wish

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a soon to be king ventures off to a quest he has been told his whole life will gain him respect and nobility. in order to complete his quest he must defy his morals in order to survive.

He tied his boat off to a near by trees stump and started to climb the cliffs. He knew no one had lived to tell what was behind the clouds, but still he climbed. He climbed until his fingers were bloody and raw and his feet were turning a sickly blue colour. The hefty armour and swords, strapped to his back, was starting to dig into his spine. Everything ached. He was beginning to fade in and out of consciousness. Although he was drained and fatigued he refused to let any hideous creature get the better of him. He had trekked for hours, maybe days, he didn’t know how long he had to hike, all he knew was that he had to make it to the top.

It was his childhood dream, his mother had always told him that if he made it to the top of the mountain he was to face vicious beasts, that would taunt him for life. Although she was warned not to tell him that the mountain was dangerous, she didn’t want his life to be taken along with her other two sons. She told him that only the noble men of his family had completed this task and in order to inherit the crown from his farther he must navigate the labyrinth, and return home. This thought passed through his mind, he wanted to prove his mother wrong, that he could be deemed worthy.

It felt like an eternity had past but slowly the prince began to catch sight of the faint outline of the summit of the mountain. He quickened his pace and reached for his sword resting at his hipbone. Raising his sword above his head, he stood tall.

“Am I in hell?” he muttered under his breath. Pits of lava and volcanic ash covered the ground; ghastly beasts snarled and began to stampede away from him. Soft footsteps behind him crunched the soil beneath. Something was behind him scaring away the creatures. With a swift turning motion of the hips, he had his sword at the creature’s neck.

A scared boy stared back at him, his eyes full of fear. He lowered his sword and stared.“How did you-“ He mumbled but quickly got cut off by the little boy.

“DUCK!” the boy screeched. With a swift and uncannily fast motion, Jonathan had beheaded the now dead creature laying at his feet. The human like thing lay on the ground covered with dead leaves now shaking and foaming at the mouth. He turned back to the boy and glared.

“How do I get out?” he growled.

“L-l-labyrinth,” the boy cleared his throat and began. “It’s a maze, you have to successfully make it through, and then, only then you will be able to make a wish from Azai.” Quoted the boy. Jonathan rose from his knees into a crouching stand.

“Our journey at foot begins now.” He instructed. With that the two began to trek through the swaying woods into the darkness. The vicious wind had blown all his hair to one side of his face. He glimpsed back at the boy.

They had been trekking for at least a day, when they came to a halt. The trees seemed to carve out two directions, east and west. The boy immediately followed the west road. Although curious, Jonathan never questioned the boys abrupt decision.

The light peered through the top of the trees, as the two came to a stop. Clouds formed in the once clear sky. Time to rest.

“I’ll take first shift to make sure no one gets hurt,” Jonathan huffed as he grabbed his sword. Olly nervously shifted and began to mutter,

“No, no, no, first shifts mine.”

After lots of persuasions, the prince had lay arrest on the oak tree trying to fall into slumber. After hours of tossing and turning Jonathan had decided to leave Olly behind. He didn’t want to endanger him anymore. Quietly he stood and reached for his sword. Olly was nowhere to be found. Silently turning on the balls of his feet, Olly was charging at him with a sharpened piece of timber. Swiftly flipping the boy onto his back he managed to quickly grab hold of the rope deep down in his bag, he tied the boy to the tree. He ran.

He ran until his muscles ached, his eyes were bloodshot and wide with fear. In the distance a glow was coming from afar. He was half limping, running to follow the strange glow in the woods. As he grew closer, the glow turned into a man with a pale angelic face.

The man boomed.

“I am Azai, I have lived here for thousands upon thousands of years. As your reward for finishing the labyrinth you are granted one wish.” His voice echoed through the trees and down the mountain.

“I wish that-“ Jonathan stuttered. Azai’s voice boomed over his.

“Your business here is done, you have already made your wish,” he stated “In the past you wished to ‘forget’ this trek. Yet here you are.”

Jonathan dropped to his knees and trembled as past memories flooded back to him.

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