A Trip to Gilgit

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it was a memorable trip to my home town from Islamabad.

Submitted: April 15, 2018

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Submitted: April 15, 2018



A Trip to Gilgit

In August 2017, I was a trainee at National Officer Academy Rawalpindi. It was a clear, hot, summer day. The Google forecasted that there is little chance of drizzle in the coming days. It was hot out there. The temperature has reached 50?C. My friends and I realized to go back to Gilgit. So, we planned our journey. I had a contact number of a driver of a rent-a- car service. So, I called him and told him that I didn’t want to argue with you. Just did it what I told you yesterday. After some heated arguments about the rent, he became ready to arrange to hire a car for us. He asked us to try out his car. We went to the rent-a-car office and met with the driver. After some discussion, he told us that he was ready to go with us. We planned our journey at 6:00 am. The driver agreed with us and promised to come on time.

After that, we came back to the hostel and packed up our luggage. The night was so hot as usual. We couldn’t sleep the whole night. Early in the morning, we took a bath and became ready for our journey. One of our friends made a cup of tea for us. After having a cup of tea, we were waiting for the driver. In the meanwhile, my cell phone rang. I picked up the cell. It was the driver, who was waiting for us at the door step of our hostel. We were excited and I rushed to the downstairs with our luggage and burst into the car. We said goodbye to some of our hostel fellows and then set out.

Early in the morning, when the wheels of the car began to turn to the motorway, our senses came to adjust to the location and the things besides the motorway. I was no longer with the surroundings; but, simply I tried to remain me the whole nature. After some hours of our journey, we reached Texila. We stopped in a Petrol pump to fill the car up with petrol. In the mean while, the other driver also joined us. After filling the car, we started our journey again. Now, we left the motorway and the driver turned the wheels sharply to Hasanabdal section, which goes through a lush green countryside. It was pleasant to be alone. The blue sky seemed enjoyable to watch; but, I didn’t go outside, I only saw it from inside the car. The land was green with new growth. The view of the Hazara plateau’s landscape looked like the painted desert.  Meanwhile, the driver turned on the music player and amused us with an intoxicated Ghazal. it burst the banks of my excitement and flooded my aesthetic and independent ideas.

 After two hours of journey, we reached where the hills stretched across the brown moorland. The sun was rising above the horizon. In the mean while, we reached Abbottabad early in the morning. The schoolchildren were going to their schools and colleges. My friend marked the coniferous trees that stretched across the houses wherefrom the houses looked blue-brown. The drive was through the mountains. At the very moment, we reached near Balakot where the KKH is joined to the Babusar section by an alternate section. We asked the car driver to drive us the Babusar road. He agreed with us at once. So, the driver drove along the Babusar road. Soon after we reached Balakot and stopped there for breakfast. After taking our breakfast, we saw a couple of tourists there. The beautiful weather of the valley made the tourists excited and overjoyed. On the way long, our driver showed many historical places especially the mountain huts. The architecture of these huts was fascinating to watch. The terraced hillside for farming in the lush green valley attracts tourists there. It was an immense pleasure to see a peaceful area with the ethnic diversity. We saw Pashtoons, Hazarawals, Punjabis and Kohistanis on the way long.

We stopped there near a waterfall. The water was coming from a nearby glacier. The magnificent scene of the waterfall was a perfect delight to all eyes. There is a hidden message lies behind every waterfall. It manifests if you are flexibly falling down, falling from the height will not hurt you.  When the sun shined through waterfall, different colors appeared on us. The water has gone cold. First time, I felt cold in the last two months. We drank the fresh cold water and filled our bottles too.

We started our journey again and after an hour, we reached Kaghan valley. The valley was as vast as the sky, and both were stretching until they met a second range of mountains in the distance.  In the meanwhile my mobile rang. It was my mother. She was asking me about our journey and prayed for us a safe journey. After some hours of the journey, we reached near Babusur top. We stopped there for the launch in a nearby inn. We took a heavy launch. We did our lunch alongside the car driver. We became fresh for the rest of the journey. The driver told us that he drove us home before it got dark. We became so happy. We got into the car and drove off.

On the way long, we saw Lalusar Lake; the lake is some 5-6 km long. We also stopped there for a while. The lake water was of crystalline purity and was as transparent as quartz, where one could easily see his image in the water. The sun was blazing hot but shone gaily on the water. The image of the sun was just like a wrecked boat without a sailor in the lake. Many tourists were enjoying that breathtaking view of the lake. Some of them were busy in fishing. We did not have rod and line to catch the fish. In the lake, we could see silvery fish darting around. We could just capture some photographs of fish and fishermen during their fishing.

It was about to 12.30 pm, we realized that it was the time to start our journey again. So, we started our journey. In the mean while, we reached near a Police check post. There was a long queue of vehicles. The police set up blockades on the highway. A policeman came to us in a jiffy and told that the vehicles were not allowed to go beyond this point because the road was blocked in many areas. We sat patiently waiting for reopening of the road. I made me content thinking that there was no blockade to wear thin my Patience. We seemed to know that it took hours to clear the blocks. So, we requested the authorities to allow our car to go. They refused our request and denied responsibility for what would occur. At last, going back was not an option for us while we took an easy option to wait until the road was clear of blocks.

In the meanwhile before it got too late, a man who was from Diamer came to us and suggested us to follow Bottogah road. His new proposal followed on from discussion and we became ready to follow him. He had his car too. He advised us to follow him until we would reach Chilas. We chased after the man for half an hour. The road was roughed and bumpy. While crossing a stream, one of the wheels of other car burst. We stopped to help them. The other driver had no step-ney in his car. So, we decided to give him our step-ney. After a delay of half an hour, we were ready to drive again. We were watching the car ahead until the car disappeared from view. However, we continued our journey. Unfortunately, ten minutes later, other car’s backside wheel burst again. We became sad, because we left waiting outside in a cold desert. The cell phone signals were dead; there was no sign of life in the cold desert. The road climbed steeply upwards at a height of 6000 meters. We had been on our feet because a sick child alongside a little girl, two young boys and their grandfather travelled to Chilas in another car. So, we left them our car. Our driver drove the sick boy alongside the little girl and the old man Babusar pass.

My friends, alongside the two young boys and I had been on feet. Our primary end was to reach the top of Babusar pass. After a few minutes of climb, the two young boys took some rest because we were at a height of about 15000 feet. However, the height of the mountain did not discourage us and we continued our walk. When we reached in the middle of the mountain, Zahid and Maqsood were coming close behind me. They shouted at me to try to climb as quickly as possible to seek some help. I walked slowly away from them. The top was within easy walking distance of the pass. A mood of melancholy  was broken by a scratching sound of a jeep. I came running to the jeep and waved to stop. But they didn’t stop. I felt angry at the driver. I was angry with myself too for making such a stupid mistake. However, I did not lose hope in Allah Almighty and continued my walking. Finally, I came over the top of the pass. Luckily, there were some people from Diamer. I met them and I introduced myself to them.. They were very friendly people and warmly welcomed me. I didn’t ask for their help instead I preferred to wait for Maqsood and Zahid to come. After half an hour, they also reached there and joined me. It was about half past three in the afternoon. By the time now we were so tired and hungry. We took a rest and waited for the other two boys. After few minutes, the car driver came back. We denied sitting in the car. Instead, we asked the driver to help the two boys, who came close behind us. The driver agreed and went to search them. After half an hour, luckily the driver came up with the two boys. Then we sat back in the car. There were Some local people who lived in their mountain huts offered a cup of tea and insisted us to be their guest. We thanked them and continued our journey. At last, we reached a village where the sick boy, the little girl and the old man got off. The two boys also got off because there was no place for eight people in the car. So, they decided to go with a local man who was their relative. We said good bye to them.

By the time, we were at a snow covered mountain. Where a cold breeze whispered through the snow clad mountains and seemed that, the clouds were akin to worship the mighty mountains. Where, I could easily hear the language of nature. The sun soon dipped below the horizon. It started to grow dark. It was a summer night and there were grey clouds in the sky, We started our journey again. The moon went behind the clouds. We continued our journey and reached Chilas at 10 pm. We stopped there for the dinner. After a hectic and adventurous journey, I was so tired and didn’t want to take my dinner. I just sip a cup of tea.  

After having the dinner, we set out on the last stage of our journey. On the way long, my mother called me again. I picked up the call. She was worried because our journey was five hours late. She asked, “why are we so late and didn’t pick up her calls?” As far as I could tell, we faced those happenings unexpected occurred. She prayed for our safe journey.  Soon, after two hours of journey, we reached Gilgit city. Zahid got off at his door. He offered us to stay with him. We thanked him and went straight to our home. It was 1:00 am late in the night. I met my family. I took a shower and went straightly to the bed.

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