My Head Held Up High

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This peom/ song lyrics i wrote because I used to be a very strong person but now because of everything i am going through i feel weak and everything around me feels like it's crashing down- some
people say i'm brave for what i have been through and that i am strong but i don't feel that way because all i see is my pain. My work is mostly negitive and heart wrenching for me, I'm not a
positive person because of what i've witnessed through my life. So don't ask me to be.

My Head Held Up High

Every time my tears come falling down,

Every time i break down.

Every time my tears come crashing down,

I'm reminded of the pain that i hold within.


I try and i try to keep my head held up high,

I try and i try to keep moving with a smile on my face,

Never letting myself give up, Never letting myself walk away.


I'm always reminded of the pain that i hold within,

Of everything i've been put through.

Of all the years i've been put through pain.

It reminds me of my weaknesses,

It reminds me of my pain.

It's a reminder of the things that will never go away.


It always lingers around like a dark cloud hanging over my head,

Darkness is looming all around me.

It follows me every where i go,

Never leaving me all alone.


I try and i try to keep on going,

I try and keep my head held up high,

To keep it up off the ground.


I try to stay positive but it's hard at times,

When you've nothing to be positive for,

When you've nothing to look forward to in your life.

Darkness it looms all around me,

It never goes away no matter how hard i pray.

It never leaves me alone,

It follows me causing havoc everywhere it seeks.


I try and i try to keep my head held up high,

But some days it's not always easy.

Every time i break down i push away those i love.

I push them away so they don't have to see my pain.

I push them all away until i'm alone,

Then no one can see me suffer.


Every time i break down afraid to love again,

I'm reminded of my weakness.

Every time i look inside the mirror,

I'm reminded of my pain that i hold with in.

Pain i never put on show,

Pain i hide every so well.


I hold my head up high despite all the pain i feel,

Never allowing myself break down,

Never allowing myself to give in.

One good trait i've always had,

Is holding my head up high at any point in my life.

Submitted: April 16, 2018

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WOW!! This is so beautiful!!! Very well written! Good job

Thu, April 26th, 2018 8:41pm


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ~Anniebirnie~

Fri, April 27th, 2018 10:53am

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