Five Star.

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Submitted: April 16, 2018

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Submitted: April 16, 2018



On the surface it was merely a conglomerate of meticulously assembled stone and colossal pillars; extruding boundless feet from the trajectory of congenially moist soil,
But what made the castle stupendously FIVE STAR; was the majestic King; Queen and princess philandering inside; the ambience of unconquerable royalty that profusely perpetuated the air from all sides.

On the surface it was an insipid amalgamation of dry twig; streams; and fathomless kilometers of insatiably untamed wilderness,
But what made the forest irrefutably FIVE STAR; was the melodiously harmonious chirping of the spell binding nightingale; the poignantly enamoring trails of the regally mischievous lion and kin.

On the surface it was a macabre view of countless stray bones; agglutinated in articulate tandem and disdainfully abhorring every sensitive entity around,
But what made the brain Omnisciently FIVE STAR; was its unsurpassable entrenchment of compassionate fantasy; its unrelenting ability to conceive beyond the realms of the infinite infinity.

On the surface they were just overwhelmingly lanky poles of inconspicuously coagulated mud; pompously protruding towards the Mid-Day Sun,
But what made the mountains invincibly FIVE STAR; was their unflinchingly intrepid ability to confront the most acrimoniously mightiest of storm; uninhibitedly sequester one and all in swirl of gregarious belonging;
handsomely alike.

On the surface it was just a flabbily gargantuan assemblage of foaming water; nervously rising and falling umpteenth number of times in a singleton minute; under the most evanescent rays of the Sun,
But what made the sea ravishingly FIVE STAR; was its miraculously rejuvenating froth; the fountains of voluptuously tangy salt that it vibrantly diffused; after clashing against the seductive rocks.

On the surface it was just a frigidly sticky and pugnaciously dribbling liquid; shabbily corrupting all thoroughly synchronized space around,
But what made the hive enchantingly FIVE STAR; was its beautifully holistic scores of rambunctious bees; symbiotically melanging with the spirit of effusive
existence; to disseminate ubiquitous sweetness all around.

On the surface it was just a parsimoniously molded cauldron of wax; obnoxiously infiltrating the blissful atmosphere with its snobbishly  inflated stench,
But what made the candle Omnipresently FIVE STAR; was its heavenly ability to illuminate even the most horrendously sinister darkness; impregnate a spell of optimistic enlightenment in the lives of those treacherously deprived….

On the surface it was just a ferocious looking fireball of blistering gases; gruesomely charring even the most Herculean entity who dared to trespass by
its belligerently flaming side,
But what made the Sun Omnipresently FIVE STAR; was its rays of perpetually triumphant happiness; its endless cradle of celestial light which unassailably embraced every organism; irrespective of caste; creed or spurious rites.

On the surface he was just a haphazard synchronization of flesh and bones; with everything being savagely engulfed by unruly hair; hair and capriciously mangled
But what made Man unchallengably FIVE STAR; was the wave of Godly philanthropism in his commiserating eyes; the apostle of Universal benevolence
wholeheartedly pouring from his amiable palms.

On the surface it was just a disconcerting mass of mucus and derogatory darkness; ghoulishly scaring the wits of anybody who witnessed it for the very first time,
But what made the nostril Omnipotently FIVE STAR; was its essence of timelessness; the tireless paradise of air that it synergistically inhaled and  exhaled; to astoundingly procreate the chapters of sacred survival.

And on the surface it was just a morbidly bubbling river of blood and infinite nerves; thundering uncertainly into the aisles of nothingness; as each instant unveiled,
But what made the heart perpetually FIVE STAR; was its exotically fascinating string of humanitarian beats; immortalizing forever and ever; the spirit of God's
most priceless gift called; EXISTENCE.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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