Little Jane's Ruined Tea

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Its the begining of a story about a little girls ruined tea which leads to bigger things

It's time for war. Faces are painted with mud to ensure full camouflage, uniforms are grubby to ensure they blend into the surroundings. There are no boots these soldiers are tough and ready to fight, shiny boots is for sissies. They are out in the heat feet tough even thorns are just an annoyance nothing to cry about. They have a job to do and boots or not it will be done.


“I want to be captain,” shrieks John. “no its my turn,” yells Billy. Sarah smacks them both upside the head. “Uh hum, remember me” and ask quick as a fly flaps its wings the fight is over. Sarah is bigger than the boys even though she is the same age as them. She is rough and can tumble harder than any boy in the hood. She is a mean shot with a BB gun and John remembers being terrified as Sarah shot around his feet proving her point.


The boys dint like Sarah but she knew how to terrify them into doing her will and so no one was going to challenge her authority. She never wore dresses only jeans and one strange thing she wore pretty frilly blouses which were never ever spattered with mud despite crawling around in the dirt and mud. If you dared to mess anything on a blouse your ears would be ringing for a week after the smack you would get along the ear hole. Billy was witness to this, one day he opened his soda and it sprayed all over her. It was the one and only girlie thing about her and no one every bothered to ask her about them, or um dared to ask.


Lily came screaming along the road sobbing her heart out. Everyone froze waiting for Sarah to react. Billy ran to her side and quietly and forcefully whispered for her to stop before Sarah clouted her. This made Lily cry all the harder. “Sarah” screamed Lily “I want Sarah” No one dared to breath and Sarah cringed trying to get away from Lily. No one had ever needed her, ever and she dint know how to take it.

The Lily blurted out “Sarah, oh Sarah make them bring her back,” and she threw herself into Sarah's arms. Sarah tried to disentangle herself but Lily held on tighter. “Sarah they took my mom away in a big black car, they put her in the back she wasn’t breathing. They said the under ma bobs took her help me.” Sarah quickly dropped to her knees hugged Lily tight and dried her tears which just spilled out again. “Lily listen to me they won't bring her back again ever, you have to be strong now you are the lady of the house. Crying wont help” “But Sarah I don’t want to be in charge I need my mommy.


Sarah's look shocked Lily into being quiet and she stared back at Sarah blank eyed and began to scream. Sarah held her close then stood her away from herself, took her hand and began to walk her home. Lily looked so tiny walking next to Sarah. Once at her house Sarah washed Lily's face lay on the bed with her and just held her letting her cry until she fell asleep.


Jane stared open mouth as Sarah left them, she had never ever seen Sarah be nice to anyone what just happened. “Dab's, being in charge” yelled Billy. “You can't I am second in charge and so I am in charge.” Billy was about to fight but could see that John needed to be distracted so he dint argue. This made Jane uneasy, Billy never backed down. She was only 4 and dint understand what undertakers were and why Lily was crying. The worst was Sarah had been nice to a child who had been crying hysterically.


This wasn’t how things in her life worked and she dint like it, and so decided to go home where it was safe. Billy and John were shouting for her to come back but she dint care her mom was what she needed right now and so home was where she was going. When she got home mom was watching TV and so she climbed onto her lap and nestled there. This was safe and normal and everything would be fine, tomorrow she was going to see Aunty B and Lily and have a grown up tea with them.


Her mom just held her knowing that she would talk when she was ready. “Mom what are undertakers.” Shocked her mom stuttered and said its people that take care of the dead body. Jane stiffened how was that possible Aunty B wasn’t dead. Mom felt her stiffen and asked what was wrong. “Well Lily came screaming looking for Sarah asking Sarah to tell the undertakers to bring her mom back. Mom went stiff, what on earth this couldn't be she had just spoken to B this morning and everything was fine. “Jane don't make up stories like that it is not good,” said mom a little roughly. “but mom its true ask Billy and John.”


Suddenly Jane was tumbling to the floor as her mom dropped her and ran to the phone to call B. It was confirmed that B had, had a heart attack and died that afternoon. Jane's mom sank to the floor and began to weep and sob uncontrollably. Jane crept up to her and tried to get close but her mom wasn’t allowing her in. Now she was frightened mom never cried what was going on.


Mom finally realised she needed to explain it to Jane. “huny, Aunt B has died that is why the undertakers took her away.” Jane's head was bursting how could this be tomorrow was her tea date with Aunt B who was going to give her a grown up tea now. She was sure it was all a mistake and Aunt B would be fine tomorrow. But just in case there was going to be no tear Jane began to sob she dint actually know what dead meant but it dint seem good with all the crying going on.

Mom not realising why Jane was crying scooped her up and they lay on the bed sobbing until Jane fell asleep.


Sarah fell asleep thinking of the grown up tea, scones and cream with cucumber sandwiches. They drank out of the proper china cups making them feel so special. They dressed up with hats and gloves it was a real grand affair. She jumped awake and began to sob again wondering who was going to make her feel so special now. Mom tried to cuddle her but nothing helped.


Mom asked if she was hungry and she nodded, they went to the kitchen for dinner but she wanted tea with Aunt B. She could see mom was just as upset so she just quietly ate her dinner. When Daddy came home mom fell into his arms sobbing and Daddy just held mom. Hey what was happening he was igoniringher and she dint like it.


Finally mom untangled herself and Jane jumped into his arms. She nestled into his neck holding on tight and she noticed mom quietly sneak out the door. “daddy will aunt B be fine by tomorrow for tea she quietly whispered. Daddy had no words so he just held her tight cradling her as she sobbed.


Annie was shocked to see Sarah sitting with Lily as she slept, Sarah never showed compassion. Jack was huddled in a corner sobbing and this made Annie furious. How dare he, he was about to walk out on her sister and now here he was sobbing away as if he was sorry. Annie began to yell “don’t you dare Jack you dint even love her any more you were going to leave her.” She tried to slap him to make him feel her pain and anger. He grabbed her hand and just then Lily appeared next to them. Annie scooped Lily up and and held her tight then she tried to get out the door with her. Jack grabbed Lily as Lily tried to jump into his arms. He ripped Lily out of her arms and asked if they could please talk it out.


Annie said to Lily “come Lily he doesn’t love you, or your mom he was going to walk out on you.” Lily clung harder to her dad she had lost one parent and dint want to lose another. Sarah came in and screamed at them. “Grow up you idiots you are upsetting Lily.” The authority was so overwhelming they obeyed. Sarah gently pried Lily away promising to take her to the park to think.


The minute they left Annie leapt at Jack but he dodged her, “we reconciled Annie I was going to stay I dint love Mandy after all, you got to believe me.” Annie hesitated she was angry and if she couldn’t direct the anger at Jack what would she do with it. She felt deflated and she sank to the floor. Jack sat next to her and asked “what am I going to do Annie I loved her and what about Lily.

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