breaking the chain

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We should be solid like bills but we're split up like change.
On my neck is a burden of pain which are the links of my invisible chain.
Life is strange.
So lets keep it moving cause nothing shall remain the same.
Terrified on Judgement Day cause I'm next in line....
Drunk out America's cup, yup, I drank from her sinful wine.
Lets have a flashback, evil deeds are the still pictures of time.
My attitude was stuck on me and mines.
I didn't watch my step in a field full of mines.
It takes skills to be a truthteller with his rhymes.
I ran away with a fantasy of finding my mom.
Now I call her daily to keep her alive i'd cover a bomb.
Its hard to see it as a whole cause all I'm seeing are pieces.
Family I love you proud to be a dad, cousin, and uncle to my nephews and nieces.
Point of views maybe different that shouldn't stop the love.
My poetry is going to get ya
Just like OJ being locked up while being found not guilty after not fitting the glove.
We become what they feed us.
The truth is they don't need us
They laugh when we have our hands out
Get on their level is what they doubt
More would become positive if they taught positive but instead they teach us negative.
To beat the system of corruption we must be competitive.
Movies, videos, portraying men beating up women, lust and murder.
For the responsibility to change it we have become a deserter
Trust no one and we become strangers in these communities
With all that bickering we're missing out on peaceful opportunities.
If we were invaded there would be few helping each other out in the crisis.
If we never complain then they'll continue raising prices.
I refuse to let these sellouts destroy what they didn't help build.
I dont want to leave here, destiny being unfulfilled.
My goals must be accomplished while raising these kids.
Instead of trying to change the cycle, folks are comfortable, and would rather leave it the way it is.
Turn off that awful songs young sisters and brothers and read a book.
When they throw us a line we our captured every time like a fish on a hook.
Video games aren't going anywhere educate yourself.
Instead of being a good Samaritan people are all about self.
Women do you want to be just known for your body?
A caring person is what you need to embody.
Why is our brothers saggin so much that we see their drawers?
Dressing like that you don't need to come out doors.
It should be against the law to disrespect your ownself like that.
Hip hop doesn't teach me how to think, what to wear and how to act.
Lower than dirt has became our self-esteem.
Know matter how hard it may seem never give up on your dream.
We don't get praised enough but quickly we are scolded.
Keep thinking down and down you'll be bolted.
Not just you but help as many as you can gain.
We must find a way to escape the loop, or at least break the chain.

~KinG WeBStaR

Submitted: April 16, 2018

© Copyright 2023 KinG WeBStaR. All rights reserved.

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